Chapter 538: Chaos in the Infinite Mountain Range!

Chapter 538: Chaos in the Infinite Mountain Range!

How powerful was Starnet? This grand celebration fully demonstrated it.

All the previously inaccessible, restricted areas could now be described as ‘haywire,’ all because of an idea from Lei Shan!

“Southeast, 5 o’clock, two Enlightened Rank magical beasts!” reported a student who was good at scouting.

The next second, two energy arrows quietly shot out from the hand of a white-clad elder. Moments later, two magical beasts fell to the ground with a thud…

“Don’t let a single one go! Light of Protection, pay attention to healing!“ Somewhere else, a mustached man swung the long blade in his hand, and two leaders of the scale-armored magical beasts collapsed at his feet. Then, the rest of his team members began to frantically reap the scattered herds…

“Clean the battlefield and build a camp here!” Somewhere else, a battle had just ended as well. Although the energy consumption had been huge for them, everyone was full of smiles as they looked at the corpses of magical beasts all over the ground…

As Lei Shan had said, the team leaders had gradually discovered the strength of the students and made use of that, which resulted in an increase in their efficiency. In contrast were the magical beasts in the Infinite Mountain Range who had met a calamity.

In the area designated by Bai Xiaofei, it was now nearly impossible to find any magical beasts, and even the middle layer was almost swept clean. The more powerful teams had successively poured into the inner circle and came across magical beasts several times there. And this activity had only started for five days!

What was more amazing was that Starnet had only paid a very small price for this achievement. The number of people who had quit until now was less than three digits, and none of them died. All teams suffered minor injuries, but this didn’t affect anything at all as they could handle it themselves.

However, one thing to be acknowledged was that after entering the inner circle, everyone’s pace slowed down. No matter who the team leader was, no one dared to be as rampant as they would be in the outer or middle layer. Even Xiong Shou, who had ‘berserk’ in his title, toned it down a lot.

Moreover, what Xiong Shou currently wanted wasn’t just as simple as stopping. He wanted to withdraw from this activity.


Because he was furious yet could not vent this suffocating anger!

Bai Xiaofei had become an outsider of this team ever since their confrontation. Except for being with everyone at rest time, he didn’t follow Xiong Shou’s orders for the remainder of the time. Not only so, he took Luo Han with him, while Chu Tianyi was also determined to follow him as well. Therefore, Xiong Shou was cut short of three members.

Recently, Sima Ye also showed slight defiance as he found Xiong Shou’s style the extreme opposite of his. In Sima Ye’s view, Xiong Shou’s strategic planning couldn’t even compare to that of an ordinary ranker on the Command Ranking.

In addition, Bai Xiaofei was able to move freely. Sima Ye subconsciously compared himself to him and over time, he also wanted to be his own boss!

In other words, the only people who Xiong Shou could command now were Fei Gou and Wu Xizhao. Only that there was nothing worth commanding about these two. Just like his ‘Fat Dog’ nickname, Fei Gou was almost useless in the Infinite Mountain Range. Just entering the inner layer had already scared him awake at night. Meanwhile, Wu Xizhao didn’t have any outstanding ability. An Assassin Stream puppet master couldn’t provide Xiong Shou any help in a head-on battle.

Therefore, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Xiong Shou was now fighting alone.

Yet despite this, the groups’ score still wasn’t behind the other groups! Xiong Shou’s competitiveness and energy were truly praiseworthy.

“Boss, are we going to be like this all the way in? Next is the inner layer…” asked Chu Tianyi hesitantly.

Luo Han, who harbored similar concern, perked up her ears. They all knew of Bai Xiaofei’s true strength. If he had acted, their points wouldn’t be like this.

“It has just begun. It won’t be too late for us to start moving when the powerful ones come out later. You know, the points of a Monarch Rank are several times of a King Rank,” said Bai Xiaofei with a smile, his words striking the other two dumb.

Monarch Rank magical beasts?! They will appear in this activity?! Bai Xiaofei has a way to control their self-explosion?!

Gulping, Chu Tianyi and Luo Han were a little afraid to keep guessing… Maybe even they had underestimated Bai Xiaofei!

“There is one more thing.” After being speechless for half a day, Chu Tianyi returned to his wits and changed the subject. “I remember quite many of your people are also participating in this event. What are you going to do about them? I mean, do you plan to take care of them?”

This question was very realistic. No matter what, Bai Xiaofei and his group had formed a small community of mutual interests. However, outside this small community, he had a deeper relationship with some others and now it was up to him to choose between the two.

“Of course I will. This activity is only temporary while their help to me is long-lasting. I can’t let go of this opportunity to make them stronger, and I will definitely gather them together later!” replied Bai Xiaofei with a firm look.

His goal this time wasn’t just a simple grand celebration. He wanted to help Hu Xian’er clear her obstacles, and this could not be done with just several of them alone!

“Boss, are you planning something big?” Chu Tianyi swallowed several mouthfuls as he smelled something huge coming.

“It depends on what you think. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just averagely big, not that big.” Chuckling, Bai Xiaofei left Chu Tianyi hanging.

Seeing this, Chu Tianyi knew he needn’t pursue any longer. Bai Xiaofei always kept them in suspense until the end.

“Let’s go, we’ll go deeper in!” Xiong Shou’s icy voice rang out. Along the way, he had been trying to win back face from Bai Xiaofei, but he had never found the opportunity.

And to create this kind of opportunity, he had to drive Bai Xiaofei to a point where he had to ask him for help. Therefore, going further in was the only method that Xiong Shou could think of.

You will have no other way against advanced magical beasts! Thought Xiong Shou…

Bai Xiaofei naturally knew what Xiong Shou was thinking, but this situation was exactly what he wanted.

Just like that, each with their own plans, they advanced deeper into the inner circle.

At the same time, in the depths of the mountains where Bai Xiaofei couldn’t see, one person and one beast were conducting dynamic communications that could affect the entire Infinite Mountain Range!

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