Chapter 537: Take Three Hits from Me!

Chapter 537: Take Three Hits from Me!

“Make your own choice?” Xiong Shou burst out laughing as if this was the funniest joke he had ever heard. “An Illusion Stream puppet master wants to make his own choice when he still has trouble protecting himself?! You don’t know what the ‘dead’ character looks like?”

Xiong Shou stared ruthlessly at Bai Xiaofei, his disdain seeping out from his words.

However, this time none of the people present agreed with Xiong Shou except himself. If Bai Xiaofei had trouble protecting himself, then they all would basically be as good as dead in the Infinite Mountain Range!

“I haven’t studied what ‘dead’ looks like, but if we’re talking about self-protection, then I have confidence. At least in this Infinite Mountain Range, I can go wherever you can go!” Bai Xiaofei said lightly as he stared back into Xiong Shou’s eyes, and the ease on his face looked no different from naked provocation for Xiong Shou.

“Boy, don’t talk big, or you will die very miserably!” uttered Xiong Shou with gritted teeth. Everyone could tell from his trembling body that he was close to losing control.

“I have heard that sentence many times, but I have lived well until now.” With a smile, Bai Xiaofei continued to challenge his bottom line.

“Good! Good! Good!” Xiong Shou clenched his fist. “Since you are so confident, do you dare let me test you?!”

Hearing this, the others froze. Wow damn, are they really gonna start fighting?

“How are you going to test me, Senior?” Bai Xiaofei kept smiling. Seeing how he said this so quickly, it seemed that he had been waiting for this sentence from Xiong Shou.

Meanwhile, the rest were totally dumbfounded.

He agreed?! Dueling an Exquisite Rank?! Has he hurt his brain?!

“Take three hits from me. As long as you can still stand after taking my three hits, you win, and you can then ignore my orders in the future,” throwing out a big bait, Xiong Shou’s expression abruptly changed.
“But if you fail…”

“No need to tell me this. There is no if, Senior. I will take your three hits!” Bai Xiaofei interrupted Xiong Shou before he could finish, and at the same time, got into a ready stance. “I can use any ability, right?” he asked Xiong Shou, who looked slightly surprised.

Returning to his senses, Xiong Shou hurriedly fixed his expression. Anger rose from the bottom of his heart. Disrespectful brat! I shall teach him that there’s always a higher mountain!

“Naturally. As long as it’s your ability, you can use it!” Xiong Shou nodded without any hesitation.

He didn’t notice that the second he agreed, several of the group standing at the side shook their heads. What a joke. If you let Bai Xiaofei use any ability, not to mention an Exquisite Rank, even Lei Shan may not be able to strike him down!

“Come, let’s hurry, or the other groups will increase the point gap.” Bai Xiaofei barely managed to suppress a smile. Just like the others thought, he could take even ten hits if he could use all of his abilities, let alone three.

During his speech, Bai Xiaofei had summoned Purple Luan. Its purple feathers were particularly conspicuous under the sunlight.

Seeing this, Xiong Shou was dumbstruck.

Flying puppet?! Does he plan to fly to dodge my attack?! I won’t be courteous, then!

With a cold snort, Xiong Shou got into his fighting posture as the light that represented Bloodthirsty Strike condensed on his right hand. However, Xiong Shou didn’t dare to use full force because he was afraid of accidentally killing Bai Xiaofei.

Abruptly sprinting towards Bai Xiaofei, Xiong Shou’s palm struck out towards his chest. If the strike hit, Bai Xiaofei would be crippled if not dead.

However, Bai Xiaofei didn’t have to take it head-on at all…

A transparent barrier spread and blocked the palm strike. Xiong Shou was unable to push a single inch further!

An invincible shield?!

After realizing what the light around Bai Xiaofei was, Xiong Shou’s face was instantly covered in horror. Obviously, this skill came from the purple wings at Bai Xiaofei’s back, and Xiong Shou was surprised because he didn’t expect him to have this kind of precious puppet.

It was common knowledge that any puppet with invincible skills came with a deadly price, and they couldn’t be seen in the market!

“You won.” Although Xiong Shou didn’t want to say this sentence, he could only accept his fate. Continuous use of puppet skills consumed a lot of energy, but Xiong Shou had only three hits, and a peak-grade Master Rank certainly had enough energy to last through three hits in a row.

However, despite losing, Xiong Shou’s face still carried a hint of disdain.

“This kind of puppet is truly wasted on you!” He didn’t bother to conceal his contempt and even snorted.

“This won’t be any of your concern, Senior. I think this puppet is good with me and it helps me cope with various situations, such as the one just now.” Bai Xiaofei chose the worst possible words to say. He seemed quite interested in defying Xiong Shou to the end.

“I hope you can still be this optimistic at the end of this activity!” Xiong Shou swatted his arm and went to stand at the side.

The rest was quiet as a mouth while Fei Gou let out a long sigh.

I’m finished, now I have to clean up all these Bell Bulls by myself…

Fei Gou was clever for once this time. How could the lazy Bai Xiaofei miss this opportunity to be lazy? He led Luo Han to one side and gave her a Crystal Longing, then they started crunching.

Meanwhile, the square of Starnet Academy was bustling.

The whole square was full of floating screens that displayed the various situations in the Infinite Mountain Range. All the teachers were busy in front of the screens recording the kill counts of each team while also keeping an eye out for any possible incidents.

Lei Shan wasn’t exaggerating when he said the whole activity area would be fully monitored!

Lei Shan himself had not been idle, but he had more freedom as he could watch whoever he wanted. At the moment, he had a big smile on his face.

“I knew this smelly boy wouldn’t stop making a fuss. Poor Xiong Shou, didn’t even look deeper into his team members to understand them.” Lei Shan only cared to talk to himself.

Next to him, the three vice principals all had different expressions, but the one thing in common was that all three of them were quite a sight to look at. Bai Xiaofei really left a deep impression on them!

“Principal, perhaps something is wrong with our grouping this time. It seems that all of the teams are completely dominated by the alumni, our purpose of training students isn’t being achieved…” Jing Cheng frowned. Xiong Shou wasn’t a unique case as this similar situation was occurring in most teams.

“No hurry. This is only the first day, there’s still a month to go. Gold will shine sooner or later, the time just hasn’t come yet,” Lei Shan nonchalantly commented as if everything was within his expectation.

Indeed, there was still a month to go!

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