Chapter 536: Domineering Xiong Shou!

Chapter 536: Domineering Xiong Shou!

Because of Bloodthirsty Strike’s suction effect, the head of Bell Bull leader had begun to pull towards Xiong Shou’s palm, but the moment they were about to meet, the Bell Bull leader disappeared!

Recovering from his surprise, Xiong Shou hurriedly spread his consciousness to scan the surroundings, only to find that the Bell Bull leader was now far behind him, and between them was the big herd of Bell Bulls who looked ready to defend their leader with their lives.

The Bell Bull leader’s ultimate innate skill – Phantom Charge: releases a phantom in the specified direction in which the phantom sprints toward at super speed and cannot be stopped. The user can then appear at the phantom’s position at any time and even gain the phantom’s speed!

The Bell Bull leader was determined to flee and had managed to create a huge distance between them. While Xiong Shou was powerful, he was far inferior in terms of speed.

However, this did not mean that he intended to stop here. Even if the King Rank had slipped away, the remaining Enlightened Ranks were still worth a lot of points!

“Everyone, go!” shouted Xiong Shou at the top of his lungs as he rushed into the bull herd.

The rest of the group hiding in the dark responded quickly. When Xiong Shou had approached the Bell Bull leader, the herd’s sonic attack finished, so everyone was currently in good condition.

The fastest to react was Chu Tianyi. The king of one-strike KO lived up to his title. In a flash, he was standing on a Bell Bull and his One Heaven sword had already pierced its head. Pulling out the sword, Chu Tianyi circulated his origin energy in preparation for the next attack.

The second fastest was Sima Ye. Swallowing a pill that continuously replenished origin energy, he raised both hands and a black tornado rose in the middle of the bull herd. The tornado grew bigger and bigger, but Sima Ye’s face also turned pale.

The consumption of this skill was exceptional, but so was its effect. Any bull near the tornado was forced to stop and its fur was eroded at the speed visible to the naked eye. Then, the exposed skin began to dry up and crack.

Next was Wu Xizhao, who was jumping around chaotically like a flea, landing atop them and stabbing his strange-looking short sword into their eyes. He was well aware of his own ability. He could handle one Bell Bull, but in a group of them, he would die the moment he stopped moving. Therefore, he chose to irritate them so that they would be too panicky to run. After all, they had Xiong Shou in charge of the killing!

The sound of painful whining kept echoing from the Bell Bulls. At the same time, Xiong Shou had approached the herd. As he constantly shuttled among them, the bulls would collapse in the blink of an eye from a single paw slap from him.

So far, only three people hadn’t moved. In addition to Luo Han and Fei Gou, who had no fighting power, there was Bai Xiaofei, who had no intention to join the fighting at all.

“Will it be okay if you don’t do anything?” hiding behind Bai Xiaofei, Luo Han asked softly. There was a hint of hesitation in her tone as she didn’t know if she was right to ask this question.

“Didn’t you notice? He judged our strength according to the information on the card. It says I’m an Illusion Stream puppet master, so he didn’t take me seriously at all. Moreover, we won’t get any points if we join anyway, so why bother wasting the effort? Isn’t watching the show better?” explained Bai Xiaofei, claiming to be an audience while secretly taking notes of everyone’s performance.

This team was not a solid, one-heart team. Moreover, Xiong Shou seemed to have no intention to solidify it either. Something would go wrong sooner or later if everyone kept minding their own business like this. Bai Xiaofei needed to ensure that he wouldn’t be duped by this group of people at a critical moment.

The slaughter lasted about ten minutes. When Sima Ye ran out of energy and they lost the best means of restraining the opponents, the remaining eight or nine Bell Bulls ran into the deep forest after their leader.

Looking at the disappearing Bell Bulls, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Although there was no life-threatening danger, this kind of high-intensity battle consumed no less than a life-or-death one. All the people that participated in the combat plopped on the ground. Of course, this excluded Xiong Shou, who looked like he didn’t break a sweat.

“How long are you three going to keep hiding?” asked Xiong Shou as he looked at Bai Xiaofei’s hiding place. There was not a trace of anger on his face. He didn’t care. If this was in his mercenary group, people with such a passive attitude like those three could already pack up and leave.

Fei Gou hurriedly ran out, while Bai Xiaofei slowly walked behind with Luo Han.

“Leader, please don’t be angry, I really don’t have any combat capability…” Fei Gou came over with an ingratiating smile for fear that Xiong Shou would make him go back.

“Don’t call me leader, I can’t afford a member like you. Go clean up the battlefield!” Xiong Shou coldly said, then looked at the sleazy Bai Xiaofei and the fragile Luo Han. “Didn’t you two hear? Or do you have a problem with my orders?”

Already annoyed with Bai Xiaofei, Xiong Shou seized this opportunity to berate them, his tone full of threats.

“I have no problem. But her? Forget it, she is a girl after all.” Bai Xiaofei looked straight at Xiong Shou with no fear at all. He had seen many big bosses, and Xiong Shou wasn’t the most terrifying one. Even Bai Xiaofei had the confidence to get away from a fight with him.

Bai Xiaofei had no fear at all of a puppet master who was only good at melee combat. As long as it wasn’t a fatal attack to his weak points, he even had the confidence to resist Xiong Shou’s attack with his body.

“Why? Are girls exempt from death on the battlefield? The enemy will show mercy because she is a girl? Picking on the weaker ones is a consensus of traveling on the road. Make her a weak target in the future or let her work now, pick one,” Xiong Shou blurted several questions in a row. It seemed that he had prepared them in advance to deal with Bai Xiaofei.

Hearing this, Luo Han hurriedly tugged at Bai Xiaofei.

“I can…” she whispered. She didn’t want Bai Xiaofei to quarrel with Xiong Shou because of her.

However, Bai Xiaofei refused to back down!

“Cleaning up the battlefield means that one is no longer weak? If doing chores can produce a powerful fighter, wouldn’t this continent be a land of workers already? Luo Han is a Support Stream, but she is definitely not a weak person!” refuted Bai Xiaofei without holding back as he stared at Xiong Shou.

This made Xiong Shou so furious that he wanted to slap him to death. When had he ever had to stand this kind of disrespect ever since he became the leader of the Berserk Bear Mercenary Group? What’s more, the one confronting him was but a Master Rank trash of the Illusion Stream!

“So, you mean you are not going to listen to me?” His tone was full of ill intent and his eyes wide.

“I will listen, but when it’s entirely just to establish your authority, then I will make my own choice!”

As soon as the words dropped, the rest swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Anyone who wasn't a fool could see that these two were going to go at it!

The atmosphere grew colder and colder…

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