Chapter 535: Berserk Bear!

Chapter 535: Berserk Bear!

Xiong Shou and the frontmost Bell Bull collided with a rumble. Judging from their sizes, Xiong Shou should have been the one completely overwhelmed, but the result proved otherwise!

The charging Bell Bull was stopped dead in its tracks as he gripped it by the horns with both hands. The next second, Xiong Shou abruptly jerked, and the tank-like Bell Bull was flung up from the ground towards its companions behind.

The whole herd’s momentum was disrupted just like that. However, while the Bell Bulls had to screech to a halt in order to avoid getting hurt, Enlightened Rank magical beasts weren’t so simple to deal with. Their offensive pace being broken didn’t mean that their coordination was scrapped.

In just a blink of an eye, all the Bell Bulls that were still standing moved into a formation that tightly surrounded Xiong Shou, their huge eyes staring intently at him. They felt threatened by him, so they didn’t rashly make the first move.

“Human, the Infinite Mountain Range is the home of magical beasts. You still have a chance to flee now, or this mountain will become your burial ground!” A Bell Bull that was much bigger than the rest trotted out slowly from the herd. The fact that it could speak human language showed not only its King Rank but also its identity as the herd leader.

“Even if this is to be my burial ground, I will not die at your hands!” Xiong Shou cut to the chase and rushed straight towards the Bell Bull leader.

However, attacking the head of this group was not so easy. The instant he rushed out, the Bell Bulls also moved. The ones at the peripheral launched attacks in unison as the sacks under their necks vibrated, releasing layers upon layers of sound waves.

This was the same tactic as the collective sound attack of Roar Boars, but the rank of the Bell Bulls was far above! This sonic attack obviously affected Xiong Shou, which could be seen from the troubled look on his face and the slowing of his advance. And yet, this was only the beginning.

Bell Bulls were completely immune to all sonic attacks, so they weren’t affected at all by their own attacks. They approached Xiong Shou while maintaining the attack and started cross-charging, obviously planning to hook and throw him to death!

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei and the others hiding in the trees were feeling very uncomfortable. The Bell Bulls’ sonic attack was an AoE, and they were within the attack range!

Bai Xiaofei had prepared for this as he used his origin energy to wrap around himself and Luo Han in advance, so fending off the sound waves was only a matter of consuming energy for him. However, the rest suffered a different fate. To a certain extent, Bell Bulls’ sonic attacks disrupted the circulation of energy. Once they failed to shield from the sound waves in advance, they would have to bear the following constant impacts!

And Xiong Shou had moved too fast, so fast that the rest didn’t have enough time to react. As a result, everyone except for Bai Xiaofei and Luo Han was resisting, and they would only be able to last for a short time before collapsing. In other words, whether they could hold on depended on how fast Xiong Shou could end this battle.

Back to Xiong Shou, who had now collided with the first batch of Bell Bulls. At that moment, there was a dramatic change in his expression!

As the person who initiated the battle, how could he not be prepared? His troubled look just now was only acting. At the end of the day, Enlightened magical beasts were still magical beasts. Having zero contact with humans for a long time, they already lost their knowledge about humans, a race that excelled at pretending.


With a roar, Xiong Shou activated pseudo Divine Beast Transformation. He turned into a smaller version of a Bloodthirsty Bear, but even this smaller version was already the size of a Bell Bull. And his size wasn’t the only thing that changed. A paw slap on the head of the nearest Bell Bull sent it flying without any suspense. Unlike the first one that had been flung, this one could not get up again!

“Blood Rage!” Xiong Shou didn’t stop after the successful blow. The next skill activated turned the long fur on his body blood red. At the same time, his speed and strength soared.

At this time, Xiong Shou was only a dozen meters away from the Bell Bull leader.

A dozen meters was only a matter of a simple rush for Bai Xiaofei, not to mention someone like Xiong Shou. The Bell Bull leader hadn’t even reacted when he already appeared in front of it, clashing with its two guards.

The two Bell Bull guards immediately attacked. Their sacks suddenly expanded and two sonic waves shot at Xiong Shou at point-blank range.

High-level Bell Bulls were capable of forcibly raising the intensity of their sound attacks by several dozen times, at the cost of their sacks being disabled for an extended period of time. This super powerful ability allowed them to insta-kill any existence of the same rank, but unfortunately for them, the attacks hit Xiong Shou without making him pause at all!

The Bloodthirsty Bear’s Blood Rage state explosively enhanced the body and absorbed all the energy attacks it received, burning his vitality instead. In other words, it forcefully transformed any incoming energy damage into physical damage! And not only that, the Bloodthirsty Bear’s most perverse feature was its heaven-defying physical resistance and vitality recovery speed!

Of course, Xiong Shou wouldn’t brag about his abilities to the Bell Bulls. He wanted to end the battle as soon as possible.

“Bloodthirsty Strike! Die!”

Xiong Shou’s thick bear paws shone as he gave the two bull guards a slap each. With the Bloodthirsty Strike that had a strong adsorption effect, the two bull guards looked like they actively leaned their heads over to be beaten.

There was no delay about the result of Enlightened Rank beasts’ weak points taking a full blow from an Exquisite Rank transformed puppet master. They died and couldn’t be any deader.

With the Bell Bull guards dead, there was no longer any obstacle before Xiong Shou.

However, the Bell Bull leader was not stupid. What happened before its eyes had made it realize one thing: its bull clan wasn’t enough for this guy’s slaughter!

Aware of this, the Bell Bull leader simply abandoned all resistance. It activated the energy in its magic core, launching the ultimate innate skill that it had gained upon reaching the King Rank. An illusion shot through Xiong Shou but didn’t cause him any harm. It just went through him.

This sudden scene put Xiong Shou at a loss because there was no way to predict a magical beast’s ultimate innate skill.

Every magical beast gained an ultimate innate skill when reaching the King Rank, which could range from super strong to super weak as it was like a gift from Heaven, completely random. Even the magical beasts themselves didn’t know what ultimate innate skill would be awakened in them.

However, this small incident didn’t affect Xiong Shou’s momentum for his final attack. He raised his right paw, and the light that represented Bloodthirsty Strike surged as the paw smashed straight towards the head of the Bell Bull leader!

If this strike hit, the battle would basically be over!

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