Chapter 534: Simply Formidable!

Chapter 534: Simply Formidable!

Twenty minutes was not long. After preparing everything he could think of, Bai Xiaofei arrived at the academy entrance right on the dot. Everyone else was already waiting there.

“Let’s go.” Coldly shooting a glance at Bai Xiaofei, who stepped in right at the limit, Xiong Shou didn’t say anything more. After all, the brat was on time.

The group followed Xiong Shou towards the Infinite Mountain Range. Compared with the other groups, they started quite late.

“Boss, why were you so late? The magical beasts in the vicinity must have been cleaned up by now. At least a few hundred people have set out so far!” Chu Tianyi walked next to Bai Xiaofei and asked softly for fear that Xiong Shou might hear.

“Can’t help it. I have been too busy recently and had no time to prepare for myself at all. I even already set quite a few things aside, or else you wouldn’t be seeing me at all.” Bai Xiaofei shrugged with a wry smile. He was telling the truth. “But it doesn’t matter, the beasts around the academy are only low-level ones and aren’t worth many points. They won’t help us by much.”

Giving Chu Tianyi some reassurance, Bai Xiaofei gestured to him to concentrate on the road. Xiong Shou had begun to speed up!

This was his first test for the students. If they couldn’t keep up, then he had nothing else to say to them except persuade them to just withdraw from the competition.

Xiong Shou had no plans to dally in the periphery at all. Unknown whether it was because the outer ring had been cleaned out by the other groups, their group rushed all the way to the middle ring without spotting a magical beast.

“Two Wolfrhinoceros!”

Suddenly stopping, Xiong Shou uttered two precise words. Then, with a slam of his feet against the ground, he leaped into the trees. Less than a few seconds after, two tragic animal screams echoed. Then, everyone saw two shadows flying out of the dense trees and hitting the ground with heavy thuds.

Looking closely, several people sucked in a mouthful of air at the same time.

Lying on the ground were the two Wolfrhinoceros that Xiong Shou had just spotted. They were Enlightened Rank magical beasts that possessed the craftiness of wolves and the enormous strength and tenacity of rhinoceros.

Yet, this kind of magical beast that people normally avoided didn’t even last for two seconds at Xiong Shou’s hands…

How on earth did he do this?! Is the Exquisite Rank really so strong?!

The same horror rose from the hearts of the six, but Xiong Shou would not explain anything.

“Collect the useful materials and save the meat. This will be our food for the next one month,” Xiong Shou commanded as soon as he reappeared.

The rest was briefly stunned before looking around at each other. They sure couldn’t make Luo Han do this kind of work, so the boys were waiting for someone to make the first move.

“Senior Tianyi, let’s get this,” Bai Xiaofei responded and called Chu Tianyi to help as well. He knew that if he kept standing around, the rest wouldn’t move.

Sure enough, after Bai Xiaofei started working on a Wolfrhinoceros, the remaining three guys immediately surrounded the other.

Soon, the two Wolfrhinoceros were handled and sorted. Although the students weren’t as fast as the veterans of his mercenary group, Xiong Shou was still very pleased.

“We’ll proceed deeper, straight into the inner circle. From now on, be extremely careful. There are some magical beasts that even I can’t detect,” Xiong Shou solemnly warned.

The group tensed and instantly put up their guard.

The inner layer, the paradise of advanced magical beasts!

However, Bai Xiaofei was very clear that the inner layer of this activity’s scope only involved the edge of the Infinite Mountain Range’s inner ring and wouldn’t violate the territory of the powerful bosses, or else with Xiong Shou being their only Exquisite Rank, their seven-person squad would be annihilated.

However, the others didn’t know this. Therefore, everyone’s nerves were stretched to the tightest except Bai Xiaofei. Just like that, they advanced quickly. At the point where they couldn’t see any other teams around, Xiong Shou slowed down.

Unless one reached Lei Shan’s level, they must always be careful in the Infinite Mountain Range!

“There is a large group of magical beasts approaching!” Before long, the cautious Sima Ye suddenly stunned everyone as his face abruptly changed.

“You have detection abilities?” Xiong Shou turned around and asked in slight surprise. Sima Ye’s information provided on the card was only a Master Rank puppet master of the Energy Stream. Normally, puppet masters of this stream were strong attackers and wouldn’t have any detection abilities.

“I can judge the surroundings by sensing the flow of air.” Sima Ye’s explanation was simple and Xiong Shou didn’t delve into this.

“Do you know what type of magical beasts they are?” Xiong Shou sounded serious. They couldn’t afford to be even one bit careless in a place like this. If it was an Enlightened herd, he was confident to kill them all if given enough time, but he wouldn’t be able to protect the group.

“I can only judge the quantity and direction. I can’t tell their type and rank.”

At Sima Ye’s reply, everyone tensed up, including Xiong Shou.

However, Bai Xiaofei, on the other hand, actually relaxed. There weren’t many herds around this area. Unless this was some Emperor Rank coming out from the inner layer in response to their academy raid, there were only two kinds of magical beasts that would frequent here in groups – Spiritual Rank Mad Rabbits or Enlightened Rank Bell Bulls.

No matter which one, it wasn’t enough to threaten their lives. They could easily run if they couldn’t beat them.

“Take cover on the spot, no one is allowed to act unless I tell you to!” Xiong Shou quickly commanded after assessing the situation.

The rest was also quick to respond. They jumped to hide in the surrounding giant trees, even Fei Gou was clean and agile. The only one that didn’t move was Xiong Shou. To be exact, he didn’t intend to move at all. Before long, everyone distinctly felt the ground shaking, and Xiong Shou just stood there; not only was he not nervous, but there was even a hint of excitement on his face!

Finally, with the first magical beast rushing out of the trees, the beast group made its official appearance: Bell Bulls. This was a kind of cattle-like beast capable of launching sonic attacks from the sack on its neck, looking quite terrifying with its dark fur and strong, huge body.

At this point, Xiong Shou’s eyes basically glowed in his thrill. The sack hanging under the neck of a Bell Bull was an advanced forging material. Therefore, this group of Bell Bulls, in Xiongshou’s view, was nothing more than moving points!

“Bloodthirsty Bear!” he roared. Instantly entering the state of being possessed by a beast soul, he rushed towards the herd of Bell Bulls with crushing momentum.

And he alone broke the momentum of an entire Enlightened Rank magical beast group!

Simply formidable!

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