Chapter 533: Activity Begins; Domineering Xiong Shou!

Chapter 533: Activity Begins; Domineering Xiong Shou!

Nursing an uneasy and helpless mood, Bai Xiaofei met up with a huge, burly Xiong Shou. The man emitted an aura accumulated from years of fighting and killing in the outside world that rendered him unable to breathe.

In the end, Bai Xiaofei was still too weak. Between the Master Rank peak-grade and the Exquisite Rank was an insurmountable gap. However, with the Endless State activated, Bai Xiaofei was constantly growing stronger and had now reached the edge of the Grandmaster Rank, waiting to take that last step. Once he did, he would enter a whole new world.

It didn’t take long for the remaining people to arrive. Upon seeing Xiong Shou, they all had the same reaction as Bai Xiaofei, trying to be as quiet as a mouse as if fearing they’d offend this scary-looking man.

“Although our information is already on the card, I will still make a simple introduction. Xiong Shou, a graduate of the 117th generation of students, currently the leader of the Berserk Bear Mercenary Group. My puppet is a Bloodthirsty Bear of the Transformation Stream, I’m good at close combat.”

After introducing himself, Xiong Shou scanned the group. Only one glance and he already had a rough idea of their strength.

Calling people like Xiong Shou big bosses wasn’t just talk. How could the leader of one of the most famous mercenary groups be a simple person?

“In the next month, I have only one request for you all: follow my orders. So that I can ensure that you all come out of the Infinite Mountain Range safely. If you can’t, then I say you should pray for your own luck!”

One month was the duration of the celebration, not long but not short either, considering that it was the Infinite Mountain Range they were going to live in during this time.

Everyone thought Xiong Shou would let them introduce themselves, but it turned out the guy had no interest in getting to know them at all. As far as Xiong Shou was concerned, they were of little help.

In the face of his domineering manner, Bai Xiaofei chose to keep silent. Seeing Bai Xiaofei keep silent, Sima Ye also didn’t say anything. Chu Tianyi had a similar idea to Sima Ye and tried not to stand out. As for the rest, Fei Gou didn’t even dare not look straight at Xiong Shou, while Luo Han only had Bai Xiaofei in her eyes and hid behind him all the time.

Only Wu Xizhao moved closer to Xiong Shou with a face full of smiles.

“Leader Xiong, my name is Wu Xizhao. I admire you very much. I wonder if I’d have a chance to become a member of your mercenary group?”

In the face of Wu Xizhao’s attention, Xiong Shou was rather lukewarm. He had met too many people like Wu Xizhao during the past several days in Starnet.

“An assassin puppet master like you can be a scout, but if you want to join my mercenary group, you must learn one thing first.” Xiong Shou’s voice was cold as ice. Wu Xizhao’s heart turned cold as he got a bad premonition.

“Learn… what?” asked Wu Xizhao softly and nervously.

“Learn to shut up!” said Xiong Shou with a hint of disgust and a cold snort. As an authentic tough guy, what he hated most was this kind of opportunistic person.

Seeing Wu Xizhao eat a loss, the rest quietly learned from his lesson, while Bai Xiaofei burst out laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” Xiong Shou glanced at Bai Xiaofei, his ferocious face looking particularly scary.

“I’m in a good mood, so I can’t control myself from laughing,” replied Bai Xiaofei in a neither overbearing nor servile manner as he cupped his hands towards Xiong Shou.

“In a good mood?” Frowning slightly, Xiong Shou’s displeasure deepened.

“Yes, I’m in a good mood. I’ve had dealings with Wu Xizhao before and we’re on very bad terms, so I’m naturally happy to see him suffer. Moreover, I can see that you are very confident about this activity, so I feel like the big reward is not far from me and therefore I got even happier,” Bai Xiaofei said straightforwardly.

Xiong Shou showed no change in his attitude.

“Humph, so you mean you’re just gonna sit around doing nothing and just wait for the reward?” Besides opportunistic people, Xiong Shou also disliked those who wanted to reap without sowing.

“Although I want to do something, but isn’t this what you just meant, Senior? Or did I understand it wrong?” Bai Xiaofei asked back, rendering Xiong Shou speechless.

Because he really did think so!

But he couldn’t admit it now, or else he’d basically be telling everyone that he picked up a stone and smashed it on his own feet…

“Talk less and I can make you live longer!” With another cold snort, Xiong Shou decided to skip this topic. He had realized that this brat Bai Xiaofei was not easy to deal with. “You lot have 20 minutes to prepare. After 20 minutes, we gather at the academy entrance. Those who exceed this time can withdraw from this activity. I will not wait a second!”

After finishing his announcement, Xiong Shou walked straight away without caring if the rest had any opinions, leaving them there staring blankly at each other.

Wu Xizhao was the first to leave. What Bai Xiaofei had said just now was heard very clearly and Wu Xizhao knew it would be very difficult for him to get along with this small group…

Meanwhile, Fei Gou inched closer to Bai Xiaofei with an ingratiating smile.

“Erm… Junior Brother, I have offended you before, but I know you are a great and generous person, so you wouldn’t hold it against me, right…?” Fei Gou anxiously probed. If Bai Xiaofei really held it against him, his situation might not even be as good as Wu Xizhao’s. At least Wu Xizhao could protect himself to a certain extent, while Fei Gou, an alchemist, was really no different from fodder in combat.

“What happened before? I have no impression, Senior. You must have remembered it wrong.” Bai Xiaofei smiled.

These words struck Fei Gou dumb, but as someone who had three years of experience in Starnet, he quickly reacted.

“Yes, yes, indeed! Nothing happened. What bad memory I have!” Donning a big smile, Fei Gou took out a jade bottle from his storage ring. “Inside are grade-four pills that can speed up origin energy recovery. Each pill can last for 30 minutes, and there are a total of ten pills. They should be helpful to you during this activity.”

Only grade-four pills, very meager as Bai Xiaofei deemed it, but who would refuse free stuff? He wasn’t slow at all to receive the bottle.

“Thank you for your care, Senior. With you supporting our back, it seems that our team can collect points without worries.”

The instant these words dropped, Fei Gou’s smile froze on his face. You mean I have to continue supplying pills for you all?!

As much as his heart resisted this idea, Fei Gou didn’t dare to say no, otherwise, there would be no room for him in this small group.

“No problem, as long as you guys keep me safe, I will take care of all the supporting jobs. I’m going to get prepared now!” Fei Gou magnanimously patted his chest. His only hope now was that his teammates would get as many points as possible so that he wouldn’t lose out…

“I still have something to prepare. Our team leader didn’t give us much time, so I won’t chat with you.” Bai Xiaofei pulled a random reason and left, taking Luo Han with him.

And as soon as he left, the rest had nothing to talk about and quickly scattered. Xiong Shou’s reminder woke them up. The place they were going to required thorough preparation!

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