Chapter 532: The Grand Opening!

Chapter 532: The Grand Opening!

In order to understand the divination, Bai Xiaofei dragged Fang Ye in for help. For several days, they met and mused on the sixteen words whenever they had spare time. But the more they pondered, the more confused they were. In the end, the grand celebration arrived without them figuring out anything!

From the area reported by Bai Xiaofei, Lei Shan had chosen the activity area for the celebration, and it perfectly covered the territory of Yelu and Kuang Ta!

However, there was one thing that didn’t follow Bai Xiaofei’s plot. He didn’t get to take a part in the grouping as Lei Shan chose a random grouping method…

Since this anniversary also included the freshmen assessments, for the sake of fairness to a certain extent, Lei Shan didn’t allow anyone to intervene, even Bai Xiaofei. He only let Bai Xiaofei provide the scope of activity because it had little influence.

At the behest of Lei Shan, the rewards for the celebration activity were quite abundant.

The whole celebration activity adopted an integral system where the groups would hunt and collect materials from magical beasts as well as precious herbs, thereby earning points according to the grade and quality of the materials.

However, these acquired items would be counted for points only if they were turned in, or they would be regarded as invalid kills or acquisitions.

This was a bandit-like plan equivalent to dragging back a group of big bosses on the continent to work for Starnet. After this celebration, the academy would definitely accumulate more than enough resources for the next dozen years!

However, no one raised any objections, because the reward was too generous. Each of the top three teams would be awarded a single Starnet Brilliance, which basically would go to the big boss that led the team. This alone was enough to make the bosses put in their best effort. An absolutely invincible skill that did not occupy a puppet position was simply priceless!

In addition, the top ten teams would earn the opportunity to get tailored puppets of grades that suited their status, which made the students go crazy.

Finally, all the points obtained in the event could be exchanged for various high-grade, rare items such as pills, puppet cores, puppet materials, and even puppets… Everything one could think of would be available for exchange with enough points.

Therefore, the bandit of an academy was still considered quite humane.

This day was the day to announce the groups.

In the academy square, everyone who was going to participate in the activity was standing properly in lines below. Those who were seated were alumni, and their number could only be described as terrifying considering they were all renowned people of the continent!

At the moment, those people were sitting there humbly, not one daring to display their ‘mighty boss’ vibe because on the platform in the middle of the square stood the real boss – Lei Shan, the only known Timeless Rank puppet master on the continent, the biggest pillar of Starnet Academy!

One of the main reasons why Starnet could make so many god-favored talents behave was precisely because of Lei Shan. In front of the Timeless Rank, Legend Rank was as weak as a baby. This was why Lei Shan dared to let his students openly raid the Infinite Mountain Range without fear of being disturbed by a third party. He had absolute confidence in his strength and influence.

This was not blind confidence, as it was simply unimaginable that anyone would dare to make trouble in his presence. And this was also why Bai Xiaofei couldn’t understand the divination. ‘Demon star makes appearance, turbulence arises among dragons,’ but who on earth would dare to cause trouble in the first place?!

Bai Xiaofei was still wondering, therefore he didn’t listen to what Lei Shan said on the stage. When he came to his senses, there was already thundering applause.

“Now, I officially announce the rules of this event!”

As soon as Lei Shan opened his mouth, everyone perked up their ears. The contents of the rewards were released before, but only a few people knew the specific rules of the activity, so this moment could be said to be super important for most.

After the long list of rules was announced, discussions broke out in the crowd in an instant. It wasn’t that they were disrespectful to Lei Shan, they just couldn’t control their excitement!

“The entire activity area will be fully monitored, you can enter free of worries. If there is an accident, our emergency team will be dispatched immediately. The emergency team is led by me and includes our three vice presidents, faculty directors, and deputy directors!”

Hearing this, everyone relaxed. This was equivalent to giving them reassurance. With Lei Shan out and ready, their lives would be in no danger even if they came across Emperor Rank magical beasts.

“Please keep your eyes on the activity cards previously sent to you. After three seconds, the information of your randomly assigned team members will appear on them!”

Lei Shan’s words stunned everyone. All took out the seemingly ordinary cards that they thought to be useless. Soon after, lights flashed on the cards and the information emerged.

After seeing the information on his card, Bai Xiaofei was caught between laughter and tears. All acquaintances, huh?

Bai Xiaofei’s card contained information on seven people including himself, and he was no stranger to each one.

Xiong Shou, the leader of the Berserk Bear Mercenary Group, also one of the key people on Bai Xiaofei’s list to pay attention to. He was an Exquisite Rank puppet master of the Transformation Stream and was famous for his toughness.

Luo Han, who need not be introduced. At that moment, Luo Han was extremely happy to be in a group with Bai Xiaofei. It didn’t matter to her who the rest were.

Chu Tianyi, who had just come back from a mission and dropped by to say hello to Bai Xiaofei just two days ago.

Sima Ye. Ever since he was badly battered by Bai Xiaofei previously, he had never dueled with anyone else and basically dipped. He was going to leave after graduation this year, but the celebration stayed his feet.

Fei Gou, the son of fatty Fei Guangshi. Fei Guangshi was the chairman of the new students who along with his friend group were beaten by Xue Ying in the Furnace of Agarwood, basically half-crippled…

The last one was a freshman who just had some friction with Bai Xiaofei, Wu Xizhao!

Similar to Sima Ye, Wu Xizhao seemed to behave after being educated by Bai Xiaofei. However, Bai Xiaofei got wind that the guy still bore a grudge against him, only that he didn’t have a way to pay back yet.

Fate played a trick on them and now the two became teammates instead…

In addition to providing the information of teammates, the cards could also be used for team communication, but only in texts. As soon as the information of team members came out, a message from Xiong Shou appeared on everyone’s cards.

‘Assemble at the southeast corner of the square, now!’

Although they were just words, Xiong Shou’s unassailable, dominant tone was vividly displayed.

With a long helpless sigh, Bai Xiaofei walked towards the southeast corner. It seems I will be a soldier for another this time…

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