Chapter 526: Explaining and Probing!

Chapter 526: Explaining and Probing!

“Senior Brother Ling is truly a talent, but compared with your Dragon Croon Physique, I’m more curious about how you are able to lead the Globe Merchant Group to its current position.” Bai Xiaofei put aside his doubts for the moment and started to get down to business. This was an opportunity for him to truly understand Ling Tianxia.

“Oh? You’re planning to establish a merchant group?” asked Ling Tianxia, looking as if he had discovered something interesting.

“If I can, I will certainly try. After all, money is very useful in many cases.” Bai Xiaofei smiled and did not deny it. Of course, he wouldn’t tell them that he already owned a developing business.

“Mhm, well said, money is a good thing.” Ling Tianxia nodded, then fell into consideration. “What do you want to know? Business is a huge subject to study. It took me more than 20 years to get out of my initial misconception and slowly developed the Globe Merchant Group after.”

When it was about business, Ling Tianxia was definitely a senior whose experience even Chu Qingtian and Jing Cheng couldn’t come close.

“Misconception?” Stunned, Bai Xiaofei felt like he had discovered a valuable information point.

“That’s right, misconception. Many people’s understanding of merchant groups is to buy and sell, compete with opponents, and win over customers. Although these are indeed the foundation of a business, they can only drive it to the upper middle-level at most. Going higher is simply wishful thinking,” explained Ling Tianxia without any intention of withholding.

“There’s actually more to it?” Bai Xiaofei asked purely for the sake of learning this time.

Feng Wuhen and Lu Lingyun might have this knowledge, but Bai Xiaofei was just a blank sheet of paper. Moreover, the Illusion Demon had not developed to that point yet so they had not mentioned this to him.

“Of course!” With a proud tone, Ling Tianxia started lecturing. “A businessman is only a businessman, and what they can do is restricted. This restriction comes from all the kingdoms on this continent! For example, you carefully prepared a big plan, but when you enter the operation stage, you find that this kingdom has a policy to limit this kind of business, and then you are left with no choice but to pay your way through. Therefore, if a merchant group wants to be truly free, it must establish a good relationship with the leaders of various kingdoms. In other words, the true secret that allows a business to succeed is ‘connections’!”

Pausing, Ling Tianxia looked straight at Bai Xiaofei. Meanwhile, the latter had the feeling of being struck by enlightenment, and he thought of the Bright Road Merchant House.

It could be said that Bai Xiaofei had inadvertently helped the Bright Road Merchant House complete the final transformation that Ling Tianxia had just mentioned!

Before the Ancient Yue incident, Shang Youdao relied on reselling goods to develop his merchant group. However, with Bai Xiaofei’s help, he was matchmade with the royal family. Currently, in the Ancient Yue Kingdom, the Bright Road Merchant House had secured a bright, prosperous future.

In other words, the fate of the Bright Road Merchant House had been tied to Ancient Yue. The better the kingdom developed, the higher this business would climb; but even if the kingdom stagnated or even collapsed, the business would not go down with it.

A kingdom could vanish, but businessmen could still sell goods anywhere!

Suddenly, Bai Xiaofei had a clear idea about the future of Illusion Demon.

“Thank you so much, Senior Brother Ling!” The first thing Bai Xiaofei did upon returning to his senses was to solemnly express his gratitude to Ling Tianxia. Regardless of whether the matter in Ancient Yue was directed by Ling Tianxia or not, the guy had truly enlightened him today.

“Now that’s an exceptional power of understanding in a young man. It seems that we will have ten great merchant groups instead of nine in just a few decades!” Ling Tianxia burst out laughing, his tone full of approval. “Teacher, your vision is as accurate as ever. You have found an excellent student!”

Lei Shan was embarrassed to hear this. It wasn’t him who discovered this excellent student, but Revelation who had taken Bai Xiaofei as a disciple and sent him here before Bai Xiaofei rose and made a reputation for himself. Lei Shan only discovered Bai Xiaofei’s talent passively.

“Not at all, not at all, it’s just luck…” Lei Shan shamelessly accepted the praise, but with a hint of a troubled expression. He really feared that Bai Xiaofei would expose him. There was nothing that the brat wasn’t capable of!

However, Lei Shan was just over worrying this time. Bai Xiaofei currently didn’t even have the energy to care about his reaction.

“Senior, I have another question.” Bai Xiaofei put on a serious expression. Now that the appetizer was finished, it was time to get down to business!

“Ask away, I’ll help you solve it if I can!” Ling Tianxia was straightforward as always.

Bai Xiaofei’s brow imperceptibly creased. Ling Tianxia’s reaction so far had been completely beyond his expectations. However, he had to proceed and do what needed to be done!

“I heard that although the nine major merchant groups are giants, they all share a common problem. That is, the interior system is not monolithic and some people may even oppose each other. Is this true?”

As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished, Ling Tianxia let out a long sigh as if his sore spot had been poked. Gradually, the supposed helplessness on his face turned into a trace of supposed sorrow.

“You heard correctly. This is an indisputable fact.”

After a brief pause, Ling Tianxia began to explain.

“No one can completely grasp a behemoth like any of the nine major merchant groups on their own, so it is inevitable that part of the power is handed out. However, once this happens, that portion of power will be extremely hard to take back. Originally brothers and friends begin to disagree, and everything becomes fragile in the face of interests. If you really want to develop your business to this step, then that is what you must face. That’s why they say businessmen never have friends…”

Upon finishing, the sorrow on Ling Tianxia’s face deepened.

“If so, does that mean some people will secretly do things that even you, the president, don’t know?” Carefully probing, Bai Xiaofei kept his eyes fixed on Ling Tianxia in order not to miss any reaction from him.

“Why, little brother? Did you get some unfavorable information about the Globe Merchant Group?!”

How could a person at Ling Tianxia’s position be stupid? Hearing Bai Xiaofei’s question, he immediately realized something, and the surprise on his face came from the bottom of his heart.

“ ’Unfavorable’ is too light for this one. To be precise, it should be enough to ruin the Globe Merchant Group!” A sharp glint flashed in his eyes as Bai Xiaofei continued to gaze at Ling Tianxia…

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