Chapter 524: Welcoming the Bosses, Meeting Ling Tianxia!

Chapter 524: Welcoming the Bosses, Meeting Ling Tianxia!

After handling the matter with Luo Han, Bai Xiaofei enjoyed a rare intermission. Barely anyone visited him during this period, but unfortunately, he didn’t really dare to be completely idle because the alumni were coming.

Saying ‘alumni’ was only putting it politely. In fact, it was a group of big thighs1! There were few who returned to Starnet as alumni that weren’t legendary in the outside world, or they’d be too embarrassed to come back!

Bai Xiaofei’s only work during this time was organizing the personnel for preparations. Of course, the personnel he called was Fang Ye… But this time, Bai Xiaofei didn’t wash his hands of everything like usual. He predicted and mapped out the details so Fang Ye only needed to be the executor, which was something Fang Ye had done many times. Not to mention that he wasn’t alone in the Student Community, numerous people would fight to take on this job.

Therefore, Fang Ye’s every order was quickly implemented by a bunch of enthusiastic, happy workers.

This was perhaps what they called the legendary art of managing people! People would work tirelessly for their boss and still felt like they were the ones benefiting.

Just like that, the entire academy was in full swing for the preparations as the date of the alumni’s return approached and those who were closer to Starnet had started to arrive one after another. Executives of mercenary groups, senior officers of kingdoms, famous wanderers and freelancers, elites of major organizations…

There were all kinds of identities that would amaze people when announced, and it was the arrivals of those people that gave Bai Xiaofei a whole new understanding of Starnet.

He had only heard that Starnet wasn’t simple before, and the handling of the Ancient Yue matter was only the tip of the iceberg. Only now did Bai Xiaofei truly feel how terrifying Starnet was. This was what they called ‘pull one hair and the whole body moves.’ Starnet was a special existence that could affect the whole continent. In terms of influence, there wouldn’t be a single organization on this continent that could rival it!

As more and more alumni arrived, Starnet grew busier. All classes were temporarily suspended in order to focus on the celebration preparations. Anyone entering the academy would feel the festive atmosphere, as well as the tension and excitement.

The place seemed to be thriving, but Bai Xiaofei, as an organizer, felt surging undercurrents! Sometimes, it was not necessarily a good thing for too many bosses to get together.

Even if they were all alumni, not everyone had a good relationship with another and there was no lack of tit-for-tats. If it weren’t that they still had concerns for the reputation of Starnet, they would have already started fighting…

As the event coordinator, just figuring out how to properly arrange those people gave Bai Xiaofei a huge headache.

“Brother Fei, there’s a new group coming. There are three people that meet the conditions you set,” said Fang Ye, who was panting heavily as he came in a hurry to find Bai Xiaofei sitting in a pile of files. “Xiong Shou2, leader of the Berserk Bear Mercenary Group. He brought a team of 26 people, the weakest among them are peak-grade Master Ranks and 18 are Grandmasters. All of them are Starnet graduates.”

Fang Ye handed Bai Xiaofei a stack of files before continuing.

“Andre, leader of the Martial Alliance branch in the Cloudveil Empire, has brought 38 martial artists. 21 are Martial Masters and the rest are Grand Martial Masters.”

Handling Bai Xiaofei another stack of files, Fang Ye’s expression became serious.

“The last one is the president of the Globe Merchant Group, Ling Tianxia!”

Upon the name ‘Globe Merchant Group,’ Bai Xiaofei was instantly stunned while in his mechanical working state. The next second, he looked up at Fang Ye with a sharp glint in his eyes.

“It’s him who came?!”

“Yes, it’s him!”

With this, the atmosphere became tense.

Bai Xiaofei had set a condition for Fang Ye to pay special attention to the brains of organizations in the continent. Besides that, he added an extra one: He must be informed if anyone from the Globe Merchant Group arrived, without any delay! Bai Xiaofei was currently extremely sensitive to this overly ambitious business group.

“How many people did he bring?” he asked with a frown.

“He didn’t bring anyone except an ordinary maid who takes care of his daily life,” Fang Ye seriously reported a situation that he didn’t find to be real.

There were many Starnet graduates who worked for the Globe Merchant Group, and they also met the qualifications for a glorious return as alumni, but none of those people had come, which was beyond Bai Xiaofei’s expectations.

However, the more abnormal the situation, the more problematic!

“Where is he now?” asked Bai Xiaofei as he planned to meet this ‘legendary’ figure.

“He went directly to see the principal as soon as he arrived without using the place we arranged for him, and hasn’t come out yet. I’ve ordered people to monitor him. You will know first hand if anything happens.” Fang Ye didn’t know why Bai Xiaofei cared so much about the Globe Merchant Group, but he didn’t ask unwanted questions. He only needed to know what he should do.

Bai Xiaofei’s brows furrowed again into a thoughtful expression.

“Forget it. Tell your people to withdraw, I will go there myself!” Bai Xiaofei stood up.

He was not the kind of character who could wait. There were some things that unless he made clear right away, he wouldn’t be able to sleep well. At the moment, he wanted to know what kind of person this president was!

“But he’s having a meeting with the principal. It’s not appropriate for you to just drop by…” Fang Ye expressed his concern but Bai Xiaofei only smiled.

“Don’t forget that I’m the one in charge of the reception. It’s too easy for me to find a reason to see the old man. Therefore, this will be an ‘accidental’ meeting, not intentional!”

Without some support to back him up, how would he dare to throw his weight around?

Still, Bai Xiaofei was overthinking it this time. He didn’t even have to come up with an excuse. Before he even walked out of the office designated for him by the Student Community, the door was already knocked on.

“Smelly boy, the principal has summoned you. Hurry over!” Chu Qingtian had opened the door before Bai Xiaofei did and barged in, his anxious voice clearly reflecting his present mood. Perhaps only Lei Shan could make Chu Qingtian like this…

However, who Bai Xiaofei was concerned about wasn’t Chu Qingtian. He flashed Fang Ye a smile and went over to welcome Chu Qingtian.

“What a coincidence, I have something to tell grandpa too. I was going to see him even if you didn’t come.” Bai Xiaofei greeted Chu Qingtian with a laugh and they left together.

A confrontation was about to begin!

1. In Chinese, thigh also has the meaning of ‘formidable people who can help/be your background.’ See hug thigh
2. Xiong means bear, Shou means hunt.

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