Chapter 523: Discussing Xue Ying!

Chapter 523: Discussing Xue Ying!

Seeing Hu Xian’er waiting for him this late, Bai Xiaofei grew nervous. If there was no surprise, she should already know what happened. After all, he and Luo Han had walked around playing for a whole day and Starnet was only so big. The girls would know what he was doing without having to deliberately look into it.

Even so, however, they didn’t find and bother him at all. Since Bai Xiaofei didn’t take the initiative to tell them, it meant he had his own plans, and interfering would only be counterproductive.

“Chu Liuyin and the others…?” asked Bai Xiaofei in an uneasy tone. Hu Xian’er smiled.

“They wanted to wait with me, but I told them to rest. I was afraid that you wouldn’t be comfortable and completely open if there are too many people,” she said lightly. The smile on her face remained unchanged as she showed no intention to question him at all.

However, the more Hu Xian’er acted like this, the more Bai Xiaofei panicked. He didn’t think it was possible for her to have nothing to ask if she waited for him past midnight!

Just as Bai Xiaofei was still speculating on what she was going to say, Hu Xian’er spoke first, “Did Xue Ying notice something?”

Bai Xiaofei was dumbstruck. Originally, he was going to talk about this within the day, but Han Xing came and disrupted his plan. Now that he had returned, Hu Xian’er actually already knew.

But how does she know?

“Indeed, she seems to have seen you with Hong and Xing in the Infinite Mountain Range,” replied Bai Xiaofei reluctantly. Although he was sure that Xue Ying wouldn’t tell anyone, this discovery would inevitably lead to a gap between the two girls, and what he feared most was exactly this kind of estrangement.

“No wonder she’s been looking at me so strangely now.” Getting Bai Xiaofei’s confirmation, Hu Xian’er was not nervous and actually relaxed.

“Aren’t you worried?” Bai Xiaofei hesitantly asked. When Xue Ying had talked to him about this, he had been stunned for half a day. Why did Hu Xian’er, the concerned party, not seem to care at all?

“What’s the use of worrying? Since she told you, it means that she won’t tell anyone else. On another note, this actually reminds me that I should be careful during the grand celebration. There are more than just a few people who are good at discovering secrets in Starnet,” Hu Xian’er nonchalantly mused as if she had full control of the situation.

The reason why magical beasts had been suppressed by humans wasn’t that they were inferior in terms of strength. On the contrary, if all the magical beasts in the Infinite Mountain Range were united, no force on this continent would be a match for them.

Unfortunately, magical beasts lost due to their lack of knowledge of human beings. They didn’t know all the humans’ scheming nor did they know how to exploit the hearts of other beings.

However, Hu Xian’er was gradually smoothing out this disadvantage!

“If you think so, then I’m relieved. Big Sis Xue did promise me that she would not tell a single person.” Bai Xiaofei didn’t think too much into it. As far as he was concerned, Hu Xian’er’s change was a good thing. After a brief pause, he dubiously asked, “You waited just to ask me this?”

Waiting so long for just this matter? That can’t be!

“Or else? Did you think I would interrogate you about your whole-day date with Luo Han? Or were you worried that we’d do something stupid out of jealousy?” firing off with a pondering expression, she rendered Bai Xiaofei speechless. Staring on as embarrassment took over his face, she revealed a shallow smile and continued, “However, I do have something to discuss with you, and it happens to be related to Xue Ying.”

“What is it?” Bai Xiaofei was stunned, then he grew serious.

When it was something that involved the people around him, he always got nervous in an instant. He was too sensitive to these problems… to the point that he was a little touchy about it!

“While you were away, I read up on the information of all the teachers and students in order to kill time, and I also entrusted Big Brother Feng with investigating them.”

Pausing, Hu Xian’er’s eyes flashed with a sharp glint. Bai Xiaofei grew even more solemn upon seeing this.

“Everyone around you has a clear background, except Xue Ying. There is no useful information about her outside of her ability introduction, and the references in her file cannot be traced at all. In short, her life before coming to Starnet can be said to be blank!”

Bai Xiaofei was stunned. This information was a bit too hard to swallow. He frowned as he recalled Xue Ying’s various acts. He never thought to investigate this matter, but now that Hu Xian’er pointed it out, he had to think it over.

Xue Ying’s resume indeed had some discrepancies, but Starnet had its own method in recruiting teachers. Since Xue Ying had passed, it meant there wasn’t a big problem with her. But while Bai Xiaofei didn’t know about their recruiting methods, he knew that there would be some loopholes…

“You mean…” Bai Xiaofei gulped nervously. He really didn’t dare follow Hu Xian’er’s information and delve deeper into it. He didn’t want to face this kind of possible problem.

However, some things could not be escaped from.

“From Xue Ying’s description in the file, she couldn’t have evaded Hong’s notice with her ability, yet she found and observed us without being found out. Therefore, she must have hidden something. We just don’t know what she is hiding.” Hu Xian’er’s analysis was clear-cut. Xue Ying’s discovery of her had actually become the basis of her deduction.

At this conclusion, Bai Xiaofei fell into silence, and Hu Xian’er didn’t go on. She had said enough, the rest depended on him!

“I know about it, but I believe that she won’t hurt us,” he slowly said, his voice firm.

This was not trust, but confidence. Confident that he would not misjudge a person!

“I’m not saying that she has ill intentions towards you. It’s just that we better be careful about certain things. If you don’t prepare yourself at all, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to stand the blow,” Hu Xian’er finished with a smile followed by a long stretch. Her lazy look actually exuded a different kind of appeal.

“Don’t worry, your husband is very strong mentally!” With a sleazy laugh, Bai Xiaofei pounced, but how could he be as fast as Hu Xian’er?

“I’m tired, so you’ll just be hungry today! Think of it as a punishment for throwing us aside for a whole day!” Leaving a captivating smile, Hu Xian’er disappeared from his field of vision without giving him a chance to ‘justify’ himself.

Because she knew that she wouldn’t be able to leave if she gave him this opportunity…

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