Chapter 519: Hope Falls Through, Resolute Luo Xi!

Chapter 519: Hope Falls Through, Resolute Luo Xi!

Following Han Xing, who was on the verge of exploding, Bai Xiaofei felt both happy and guilty. He was happy that this ordeal was likely going to be handled by Han Xing and guilty for angering someone he had only just met to such a state. However, he had his priorities. He would make it up to her later, but he really needed her help on this.

Soon, the two arrived at the office area. In Luo Xi’s office, a timid Luo Han sat in a corner while Luo Xi was wearing a faint, elusive smile.

Match-making Bai Xiaofei and Luo Han let her relive her feelings of the past. Imagining them together filled her with a sense that all her regrets were fulfilled. However, this didn’t mean that Luo Xi was sacrificing Luo Han’s life to resolve her regrets. She had asked Luo Han for an official answer: She indeed had feelings for Bai Xiaofei…

Therefore, why not kill two birds with one stone?

“Luo Xi!”

Han Xing’s roar reached the office, jolting Luo Xi from her daydream about the future. She had known Han Xing for many years but had never heard her even shout before!

What’s going on?!

Just as Luo Xi was confused, Han Xing stormed in with Bai Xiaofei. Anyone who wasn’t blind could see what kind of state Han Xing was. Simply put, she was so furious that she was about to explode!

“Lil’ Sis, what’s going on? If there’s anything, we can talk it out…” Luo Xi spoke as softly as she could after realizing that something about the situation was wrong. She even used the address that the two normally used in private.

“Talk it out?! OK, I’ll talk it out! This brat must not be with Luo Han!” Han Xing pointed at Bai Xiaofei while staring intensely at Luo Xi, her tone had no room for rejection.

“Lil’ Sis, we asked Luo Han about this matter. Now that you’ve suddenly changed your mind, you must give us a good reason!” Luo Xi’s tone abruptly grew cold. She could yield anything else, but not this!

“He is a scoundrel! A bastard! A real lowlife! He tricked you all! His true face is far more hateful than you think!” Han Xing’s evaluation was certainly very ‘high.’

The pair of mother and daughter were dumbfounded. While Bai Xiaofei was a bit sleazy, it was still very far from what Han Xing had said…

After some thought, Luo Xi immediately understood. She shot a glare at Bai Xiaofei, who was making an innocent face, then looked at Han Xing.

“Lil’ Sis, I think you’ve misunderstood something. Although he isn’t agreeable, he is definitely not what you said.”

It was rare for Luo Xi to defend Bai Xiaofei, although this was the last thing he wanted right now.

“Misunderstood?” Han Xing sneered and recalled the confrontation she had with Bai Xiaofei just now. “I’m afraid that you’re the one who misunderstood! Do you know what he just said to me?”

Han Xing was ready to reveal Bai Xiaofei’s disgusting face. Unfortunately, Luo Xi did not give her this opportunity.

“That’s not important. I believe that my evaluation of people is never wrong! Moreover, I also believe in Luo Han’s judge of character. You should have confidence in your disciple as well.”

Luo Xi knew that Bai Xiaofei must have done something, but she couldn’t expose him because it would hurt Luo Han.

A girl had already put aside her pride to take the initiative and confess her feelings. If she knew that the guy tried to reject her, the damage would be immeasurable, especially for an introverted and vulnerable person like Luo Han.

“So, you mean that my eyes are not good? That I saw him wrongly?!” Han Xing refused to let go, seemingly intending to argue with Luo Xi to the end. “Do you know how many girls are around him? How many of those have a clear relationship with him? Are you so heartless to let Luo Han become one of so many girls? Are you sure she will be happy like that?”

Every question accurately hit where it would hurt most. Han Xing had lived for decades, and she knew full well how to steer human emotions. Only this time, she was facing the wrong person. Luo Xi had considered those same questions for decades.

“Since you know that there are many girls around him, you must also know their backgrounds. If he’s really like what you said, so you’re suggesting that those girls of extraordinary backgrounds are all stupid?”

Han Xing’s expression finally had a change. Luo Xi continued.

“Moreover, whether Luo Han will be happy depends on herself. She feels that she is happy, then she will be happy. We will always be outsiders on this issue, and outsiders have no right to decide. Finally, take a look at me. I insisted on my choice, but what did I get after decades of persistence? I didn’t even have a chance to see him again. Do you want Luo Han to be the next me?”

Having made up her mind to pair Luo Han with Bai Xiaofei, she spared no effort to persuade Han Xing. Using her own heartache as an example just went to show how strong her determination was!

This time, Han Xing was indeed swayed. As Luo Xi’s closest friend, she knew how sensitive Luo Xi was about this topic, and yet she took the initiative to mention it…

Bai Xiaofei naturally noticed Han Xing’s reaction and all his hope was dashed. He had considered all the possibilities but missed one, which was how seriously Luo Xi regarded this matter.

Meanwhile, Luo Han’s face was beet red to her ears. Unlike the rest, her only focus was the part when Luo Xi mentioned her attitude. Although she did confess her feelings, it was really too embarrassing to be exposed in front of Bai Xiaofei…

“No matter what, how about giving these two a chance? If this smelly boy is really as unbearable as you said, I don’t think Luo Han would be so stupid to keep going, and I also will step out to stop it right away. Let’s all take a step back, how about that?”

At Luo Xi’s words, Han Xing had no refusal.

“Brat, I’ve got my eyes on you!” Han Xing uttered between gritted teeth, her eyes full of warnings and threats as she glared at Bai Xiaofei.

Yup, go for wool and come home shorn. And now there’s one more person keeping watch on me!

Despite thinking this, Bai Xiaofei didn’t let anything show.

“Please rest assured, Teacher Han and Vice Principal Luo. I won’t let you down.” Bai Xiaofei had no other choice but to promise…

“Alright, that’s enough talk. Luo Han, take him on a walk. Haven’t you always wanted to check out the Vivid Wing Chamber’s shop? I found you a bill-payer,” Luo Xi said, her tone full of joy.

With this, the matter was swiftly concluded.

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