Chapter 518: Turnaround, Han Xing!

Chapter 518: Turnaround, Han Xing!

Running up to Teacher Han, who was waiting at the entrance to the compound, Bai Xiaofei hurriedly greeted again. She looked like a completely different person from just now!

“How much do you know about Luo Han?” Teacher Han’s voice couldn’t be colder. Her gaze on Bai Xiaofei was full of vigilance and disdain.

She had naturally heard about Bai Xiaofei, especially gossip about his love affairs. In her opinion, Bai Xiaofei was still a child whose character hadn’t fully shaped, and any girl who approached him would have no good ending except being hurt.

She didn’t care how he hurt the others, but Luo Han was her proud student, she couldn’t watch Luo Han jump into such a trap!

Yesterday, when Luo Xi told her about it, they had quarreled. If it wasn’t for Luo Han that reconciled them, the two might have already broken off their relationship.

Since Teacher Han couldn’t handle Luo Xi, she set her sight on Bai Xiaofei. Therefore, she immediately headed to the Demon of Illusions with the intention to make Bai Xiaofei back out!

What she didn’t know was that Bai Xiaofei himself wanted that.

“A ranker on the Blossom Ranking; excels at assisting in operations; introverted, kind to others and uncontested. This is all I know about her.” Realizing that Teacher Han didn’t want him to approach Luo Han, Bai Xiaofei grasped this lifeline and made his answer as short as possible.

“Humph! Any student would know that. What is the difference between your answer and having no understanding of Luo Han at all?!” Teacher Han snapped with a cold snort, her face full of contempt at Bai Xiaofei’s answer.

Yet this disdain filled Bai Xiaofei’s heart with joy. Hate me! Please hate me! If you can screw this up, I will be thankful for the rest of my life!

“There’s no difference, but I have a heart that is willing to get to know Luo Han, not to mention that she likes me, right? After a long time of contact, we’ll naturally become familiar with each other.”

Bai Xiaofei laughed like a pervert as he began to play dumb. The smug look on his face couldn’t be more authentic. This coupled with his reply was extremely consistent with his image of a playboy in Teacher Han’s impression.

I must not let this kind of person have anything to do with Han’er!

Determined, Teacher Han quickly brainstormed for ways to make it difficult for him.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei was looking forward to it. He was expecting Teacher Han to give him a reason to withdraw from this task. As long as there was a chance, he would definitely seize it and run away so far that no amount of horses could pull him back!

“It seems that the rumors are right. You are really shameless!” Teacher Han was very direct. This kind of open bashing completely shattered any possibility of having goodwill between them.

However, this was exactly what Bai Xiaofei wanted, and he even thought that this degree was still far from enough. He could not wait for Teacher Han to beat him up until he couldn’t get out of bed, and then he’d have a good reason to bargain with Luo Xi!

“Thank you for your praise, Teacher Han. In any case, Luo Han is definitely mine!” Bai Xiaofei continued to talk big, constantly testing Teacher Han’s bottom line, trying to trigger it.

“Luo Xi should have a good look at your face now!” Teacher Han gnashed her teeth in fury. From her expression, it wasn’t hard to see that she wished to slap Bai Xiaofei to death. Unfortunately, she couldn’t…

The more she was like this, the more excited Bai Xiaofei was! This was his dawn of hope!

“This has nothing to do with you, Teacher Han. I maintain a very good image in Vice Principal Luo’s impression, your words won’t be enough to change anything. The most important thing is that even Luo Han feels the same way about me. Anything you say to them will be regarded as slander!” Bai Xiaofei seasoned his speech with an evil smirk, vividly interpreting the image of a bastard.

Erm, friends who say that Bai Xiaofei is already a bastard can sit down. That kind of bastard is different from this one!

“Bai Xiaofei!” Teacher Han trembled at the peak of her fury as she pointed at him, out of words to say.

“Wake up, Teacher Han. You can’t change anything even if you’re angered to death. Also, you came to take me to see Luo Han, right? So lead the way, won’t you?” Bai Xiaofei sneered and stared fearlessly at Teacher Han. However, what was going on in his head was different.

You must record this! Make sure to record my criminal evidence! Bai Xiaofei prayed over and over again. Unfortunately, Teacher Han didn’t think of this. She was not the type for sneaky scheming…

Except for the Gorge of Heroes, there wasn’t a second place that could cultivate talents of being low like Bai Xiaofei.

However, being low had its pros! Not to mention that Bai Xiaofei was low in a magnanimous way. He knew all kinds of ways he could harm others, but he never had the intention to really harm someone!

“People like you will show your tail one day, sooner or later!” lashing out with the most terrible insult that she could think of, Teacher Han marched out.

She didn’t want to see him at all now. He had overturned her understanding of students. She had seen her fair share of trashy students, but she had never seen trash with high IQ. People feared educated scoundrels, and Teacher Han categorized Bai Xiaofei as one, the ringleader at that!

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei planned to uphold this image through to the end. Teacher Han had only taken a few steps when he already caught up and tried to stick to her like glue.

“Stay away from me, or I can’t guarantee what I’ll do!” Teacher Han coldly said. While she couldn’t kill Bai Xiaofei, she could still teach him a lesson using rank suppression.

“Teacher Han, don’t be so hostile. Seeing how you care so much about Han Han, you should have an unusual relationship with her, right?” Bai Xiaofei chirped along the way, as if not knowing how much he was hated.

“She is my last disciple1!” Teacher Han turned around and threw him a ruthless glare.

“Oh, so we’re all family!” Bai Xiaofei smacked his own head in enlightenment, then acted like he wanted to befriend Teacher Han. She naturally wouldn’t let him near her.

“Get away! Who is your family?! Don’t even think of laying a finger on Luo Han, ever. Also, Han Han is not something you can say. If I don’t mess this up, I, Han Xing, will resign as the head of the faculty!” Han Xing vowed with utter seriousness.

Bai Xiaofei was moved to tears. This was the sentence that he had gone to all those lengths to hear!

1. Last disciple (literally in English is close-door disciple): the last disciple that a master decides to take in to inherit their personal teachings.

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