Chapter 517: Hu Xian’er’s Confidence!

Chapter 517: Hu Xian’er’s Confidence!

This breakfast was the most relaxed meal that Bai Xiaofei had in a long while. After overcoming his perplexity, Bai Xiaofei resumed his normal rhythm where he led the dance and made the girls want to bite him to death!

Unfortunately, good times didn’t last long.

Before he could even finish his satisfactory burp, a female wearing a teacher’s cloak sauntered in. The Light of Protection logo clearly showed where she was from.

“Hello, teacher!” Everyone hurriedly stood up and greeted. Being respectful to teachers was common sense, and Bai Xiaofei’s group acted accordingly for teachers they had no conflict of interest with.

“No need to be so polite, this is not the classroom and you are not my students,” said the teacher with a smile. Her voice was as pleasant as a spring breeze.

“Are you looking for our faculty director? She went out early in the morning. If you have something, you can tell us. We will deliver your words when she returns.” Chu Liuyun stepped out. She was the spokesperson for the Demon of Illusions when Lei Min was away.

“No, I didn’t come to see Big Sister Lei. I came to see him.” The teacher pointed to Bai Xiaofei as her smile never faded.

A bad feeling instantly welled up in Bai Xiaofei’s heart. Damn it! It actually came so fast?!

“Xiaofei?!” Chu Liuyun cried out in surprise. Everyone instantly turned in unison to look at an embarrassed Bai Xiaofei.

He was planning to confess, but he didn’t expect that Luo Xi would not give him the time to! Does she have to be in such a hurry?!

“Err… How should I address you, Teacher?” Biting the bullet, Bai Xiaofei stepped forward. Luo Xi was from the Light of Protection, so basically everyone in that faculty was her people. Therefore, he had to be careful…

“You can call me Teacher Han. Vice President Luo said that you would know what it’s about.” Teacher Han’s voice was gentle. This seemed to be a common feature of the puppet masters from the Light of Protection. There were very few grumpy people there.

Of course, Luo Xi was an exception…

Or to be exact, the current Luo Xi was an exception. Once upon a time, she was also so gentle that she could melt a person, but who would have thought that fate would play a trick on her?

“I know…” While Bai Xiaofei really didn’t want to say this, he had no choice. He had no doubt that if he didn’t give confirmation, Teacher Han would definitely shake out everything about his agreement with Luo Xi. At that time, he would be at a disadvantage.

“Then, I will wait for you outside, I hope you will hurry.” The smiling Teacher Han then left the room, leaving Bai Xiaofei amidst several pairs of murderous eyes.

“I was going to tell you guys last night, but none of you waited for me.” Gulping, Bai Xiaofei first shifted the blame so at least he wouldn’t have to die too badly.

“Alright, then tell us now. What did Vice Principal Luo send Teacher Han here for?” Hu Xian’er interrogated. Her female intuition told her that Bai Xiaofei was not being called away for punishment.

With a long sigh, Bai Xiaofei planned to start from the beginning and finish the report no matter how long it was, otherwise, he would die without knowing!

From the origin of the relationship between Luo Xi and his father until what had happened yesterday, Bai Xiaofei tried to compress everything. However, he didn’t leave out the important points, especially those that could help lighten his faults. So, the version that all the girls heard was that Bai Xiaofei was totally duped by his father!

That was the charm of language.

If it were Mo Ka or Wu Chi in his shoes, someone could be collecting the body now…

“So, you’re going to see that fragile girl Luo Xi now?” Leng Liuying frowned. She only selectively focused on the last part and ignored the rest.

“If my guess is right, yes.” Bai Xiaofei nodded seriously, then added, “But I will try my best to make her back out!”

It was once again a guarantee that no one believed. Which of them hadn’t seen how Bai Xiaofei acted in front of a beauty? They would already thank the stars if he controlled himself from pouncing…

Yes, this was his ‘glorious impression’ that they had of him.

“You just have to remember what I said to you before. Don’t try to force anything. As long as it’s of real benefit to you, I can accept it.” Hu Xian’er displayed her exceptional rationality after knowing the whole story.

It seemed that Hu Xian’er wasn’t a woman at all when she was like this. She managed not to consider this kind of matter from the perspective of a woman.

With Hu Xian’er being the lead, the rest of the girls no longer had anything to say, which could be taken as they had passively accepted. Who told them to be blind and placed their love on a scoundrel like Bai Xiaofei, right?

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei was so grateful he could cry. Who else in the world could be happier than him?!

Just like that, Bai Xiaofei carried the expectations of the girls and ran out. He didn’t know that after he left the Demon of Illusions, a discussion was in full swing…

“Xian’er, if you keep indulging him like this, I’m afraid this will never end,” Chu Liuyun expressed her concern. She was graduating soon. In other words, she would be the one to be separated from Bai Xiaofei for the longest time. She truly feared that when they met again, he would have so many girls around him that he couldn’t remember who she was.

And Chu Liuyun was confident that Bai Xiaofei was capable of such a thing!

“Xian’er, Big Sis Liuyun is right. He is too capable of attracting flowers. We really should do something about this!” Leng Liuying was the first to agree.

Even the usually unperturbed Leng Liushuang nodded seriously. She possessed a different kind of tenderness. When necessary, she could be more decisive than even Leng Liuying.

“No matter how much effort we put in, we are only wasting our energy if he can’t control himself. Sometimes, indulgence is the best control. Believe me, there will be a time when he stops.” Hu Xian’er paused a little. “And that time will come soon!”

Hu Xian’er’s eyes were firm. She didn’t say all this based on groundless guesses, but on her conclusion that she drew out bit by bit from Bai Xiaofei’s words and actions.

If it weren’t for Luo Xi, Luo Han would never be able to be with Bai Xiaofei because he had begun to deliberately avoid other girls. Hu Xian’er couldn’t be sure about what he would experience after leaving Starnet, but in the academy, he would never accept another girl. Even Qin Lingyan would not stand beside him again!

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