Chapter 514: Dying Right Off The Bat?

Chapter 514: Dying Right Off The Bat?

After leaving, Bai Xiaofei struggled all the way about how to handle the matter with Luo Han and how to tell the girls about it.

Although it seemed like he was forced at first glance, it was still because his refusal wasn’t resolute enough. Perhaps deep inside his heart, he already had a good impression of Luo Han, the gentle and quiet little sister.

Moreover, Luo Han was also an outstanding talent…

“Peh, peh, peh! What the heck are you thinking, Bai Xiaofei?! What you should think about now is how to handle this problem!”

He hurriedly shook his head to shake out the thoughts that he should not have. Then, his face became bitter. He really couldn’t come up with a solution!

However, one thing was for sure, since Starnet was only so big, Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t be able to escape others’ eyes once he had too much contact with Luo Han. Hu Xian’er and the girls wouldn’t even need to pay attention before the gossips stripped bare his secret!

Bai Xiaofei believed Revelation now. He had shown disdain when the old man said he was fated for a lavish love life, but now it seemed that it wasn’t groundless at all…

Just as Bai Xiaofei was feeling troubled, someone slapped his shoulder and a familiar scent drifted into his nostrils.

He was now able to distinguish his girls from their scent alone. Also, there was only one person who liked to stop him on the road.

Xue Ying…

“Big Sis Xue, what rank are you? How come I have made so much progress and still can’t sense your approach?” Bai Xiaofei turned around with a wry smile to see Xue Ying. The intimacy he felt rising in his heart gave him an urge to kiss her.

However, he suppressed his impulses. Although their relationship was clear, Xue Ying’s bottom line still existed and she forbade him from crossing it. In her own words, she wanted to maintain her image of a teacher…

Heh, the image of a teacher, when did you care about that!?

“You still have a long way to go to sense me. You think you are the only one who’s making progress?” Her tone proud, Xue Ying knocked Bai Xiaofei’s forehead. “So, Vice Principal Luo didn’t skin you?” Xue Ying mocked as she looked at Bai Xiaofei with pondering eyes, as if she was happy to see him in a tragic state.

“How do you know that Vice Principal Luo was looking for me? You’re so well-informed?” asked Bai Xiaofei in surprise and there was a hint of doubt in his expression. Xue Ying seemed to be the first to know everything, and this ability was even more intimidating than Yun Jingshuang’s Celestial Eye.

“It was the principal who told me. He asked me to pay attention to your situation and collect your corpse if you were unlucky enough, but now it seems I won’t have that chance.” There was actually regret on Xue Ying’s face. In her opinion, Bai Xiaofei didn’t turn out tragic enough…

“He really said so? Very well, I’ll remember this!” said Bai Xiaofei viciously as he mentally noted down this grudge. If it weren’t for the old man, how could he get into such big trouble and have to struggle so badly now? Yet not only did the old man not apologize, he even sent someone to mock him!

It was not Bai Xiaofei’s character not to take revenge!

“Remember? What’s the use of remembering it? The principal can beat a hundred of you!” Xue Ying delivered a heavy blow before changing the topic, “What did Vice Principal Luo talk about? Since you came out safely, you should have promised her something.” Although Xue Ying couldn’t make precise predictions like Bai Xiaofei, her keen intuition didn’t lose to anyone.

At this question, Bai Xiaofei immediately let out a long sigh. Where should he start…?

“To put it simply, she asked me to take care of Luo Han, that kind of deep care!” Bai Xiaofei had no intention to hide. Since it’d be known sooner or later, it was better to voluntarily confess than to be found out and punished.

“You agreed?” Xue Ying exclaimed in disbelief.

“Can I not agree?!” retorted Bai Xiaofei bitterly, his expression was as if he had suffered a big loss.

Xue Ying instantly countered in disdain, “Tch, don’t pretend. Your heart must be blooming with joy. It’s not like I don’t know that little beauty Luo Han. It’s unfortunate for her to be falling into the hands of such a pervert like you.” Xue Ying’s words hit the nail on the head.

“Big Sis Xue, please let me off. You don’t know how troubled I am now. I admit that I like Luo Han, but I don’t have that kind of feeling at all for her now, and you know my current situation. How can I even handle this…” Bai Xiaofei was telling the truth, and at the same time, he was asking Xue Ying for help.

They all say that outsiders see more clearly, so I’ll just get an outsider for help!

Unfortunately, he was to be disappointed. Xue Ying was not an outsider in this matter. If possible, she wished that Bai Xiaofei didn’t have any other girls around him.

“Don’t ask me this, I can’t give you any good solutions. You can handle it yourself,” Xue Ying dismissed the matter with displeasure.

It would be strange if she was happy about such a thing. People said that the more debts one had, the less they feared, but that was only in the case of debtors. Xue Ying was one of the creditors. The more creditors there were, the lower the possibility of her collecting on her debt…

After all, Bai Xiaofei didn’t even have much time to see her now.

“Big Sis Xue, please don’t be angry! You are the most reasonable one among everyone. If you are angry, what should I do?” Bai Xiaofei flattered with a pitiful, pleading look.

Unfortunately, Xue Ying wouldn’t let herself be pushed around.

“Don’t flatter me. So what you’re saying is that I’m the easiest one? Do you really think I have no backbone?” Xue Ying coldly snorted and turned her head away, anger written all over her face.

At this point, Bai Xiaofei already wanted to die. While there was indeed flattery in what he had just said, it still came from his heart. If Xue Ying was so difficult to appease, then he would be helpless against the others…

“Big Sis Xue, I promise I will handle this matter properly!” Bai Xiaofei raised his hand and vowed. Xue Ying turned back and threw him a glare.

“That kind of oath is just for show. I won’t take it seriously, so you don’t have to worry about it. However, I must remind you that if you don’t pay attention to this kind of thing in the future, sooner or later, the girls around you will explode. That’s when you’ll be in for real trouble!”

In the end, Xue Ying spared Bai Xiaofei and even gave him a piece of advice. The reason was…

“I didn’t come to fuss over this matter. I have something else to tell you!” Saying this, her expression became serious!

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