Chapter 511: Facing Luo Xi!

Chapter 511: Facing Luo Xi!

Lei Shan’s words startled Bai Xiaofei. Although he expected that it wouldn’t be something simple, he was still unprepared for anything that could make Lei Shan talk in such a manner.

“Grandpa, please don’t pull my leg. You mean this is a very serious matter?” Bai Xiaofei grew anxious. He stared fixedly at Lei Shan.

Lei Shan’s expression, on the other hand, actually became normal. Since it needed to be said anyway, being nervous wouldn’t solve anything except to put him at a disadvantage…

“It’s not that serious, but to you, it’s very likely to be catastrophic. Everything depends on what you think and what Luo Xi is planning.”

Upon the mention of the key figure, Bai Xiaofei froze.

“Vice Principal Luo?!” Bai Xiaofei’s pitch was several notes higher than normal. Because of nothing else, he was just terrified of Luo Xi! Thinking about what it might be, Bai Xiaofei suddenly had a look of disbelief. “Could it be that you…”

“That’s right. I told that little girl Luo Xi about your father. She knows about the relationship between you two now.”

With Lei Shan’s answer, Bai Xiaofei’s face darkened.

It was no different than a lightning bolt on a clear, sunny day for him. Along with the previous matter, Bai Xiaofei already felt like he had repeatedly been struck into a lump of meat…

What an accurate use of the word ‘catastrophic’!!!

Having been in Starnet for such a long time, Bai Xiaofei had roughly known from various people’s mouths why Luo Xi hated people with the surname Bai so much. Who told his father to forsake and desert her love, right?

Of course, it was just everyone’s guess, but it was a fact that his father left without her!

Children would inherit their father’s debt. Now that Bai Xiaofei was delivered to Luo Xi’s door and she already knew his identity, what would happen next would be an unfriendly unknown for him.

“Gramps, can I just drop out now?” Gulping hard, Bai Xiaofei thought of the only way to solve the problem…

“It’s too late. Qingtian should have spread the news that you are alive by now. He is very efficient,” said Lei Shan seriously. Bai Xiaofei felt dead inside.

Why couldn’t you say this earlier! I’d rather really be dead! Now I’m going to suffer a life worse than death!!!

“Gramps, is there a deep hatred between us or what? I even helped you. How could you do me like this?!!” Realizing that he could not save himself, Bai Xiaofei began to pressure Lei Shan, his only hope.

“I thought you were dead. After all, you were surrounded by Gold Devouring Ants, who would have thought that you could get away? And if you’re dead, Luo Xi should be the closest to you in terms of relationship in Starnet. How could I not tell her?” Lei Shan had a justified reason for his actions, but only on the premise that Bai Xiaofei was really dead.

Unfortunately, Bai Xiaofei was alive and kicking…

But he shouldn’t be far from death now…

After Lei Shan finished, Bai Xiaofei really couldn’t think of anything to refute, because the old man was right. Luo Xi was really the most appropriate one to pick up his body and handle his funeral!

“How do you think Vice Principal Luo will react after she knows that I’m still alive?” Bai Xiaofei kept swallowing as he asked a question that was destined to get no answer. If Lei Shan knew, he wouldn’t be so weak and passive in this confrontation…

“You’ll have to rely on yourself on this…” Lei Shan’s answer wasn’t different from Bai Xiaofei’s expectation at all.

A pained smile crept onto Bai Xiaofei’s face.

How is this lord’s life so plenteous that another thing comes before the previous one even concludes!!! And it’s a gigantic one at that!!!

With this thought, Bai Xiaofei didn’t know what to say at the moment. Fortunately, Heaven didn’t let him continue this struggle…

Because the door to Lei Shan office was kicked open!

“Bai Xiaofei! Get out here!!!”

Bai Xiaofei bitterly turned around. Standing at the door was indeed Luo Xi.

Lei Shan had minimized his existence into that of air, having no intention to plead for Bai Xiaofei at all. As the principal of Starnet, he knew how heavy Luo Xi’s grievance was. Anyone who dared to intervene would definitely have an undesirable end.

After knowing that Lei Shan would never step out to die with him, Bai Xiaofei bit the bullet.

“Vice Principal Luo…”

“Did you not hear me? Get out here!! Or do you think it’s better that I handle this in front of others?!” Luo Xi cut him off with exceptionally unfriendly words and a twisted expression, but neither Bai Xiaofei nor Lei Shan dared to talk back.

They were like fish on a chopping board, and Luo Xi was the sharp knife that could chop as much as she pleased.

“I’m coming.” Bai Xiaofei had never been so well-behaved in his life, and furthermore in a situation where he was being yelled at.

It couldn’t be helped. Who told his father to create such a debt…

Watching Bai Xiaofei and Luo Xi leave, the big stone weighing down on Lei Shan’s heart finally lifted. Since he knew that Luo Xi wouldn’t kill Bai Xiaofei, he couldn’t care about the rest nor did he have the ability to. After all, he couldn’t even guarantee his own safety…

That year, when Bai Longfei left Starnet, Lei Shan played a huge role in helping him. Luo Xi had always remembered this, she just didn’t have a chance to pay him back yet. If Lei Shan stood out now, she would definitely settle this with him!

Therefore, Lei Shan chickened out.

It was better to sacrifice one Bai Xiaofei than two people together. Moreover, Lei Shan felt that Bai Xiaofei could handle this matter well, which would conveniently fix another regret of Lei Shan. Back then, he did owe Luo Xi a lot when he let Bai Longfei go…

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei was following behind Luo Xi, never looking more on edge as his mind flashed with various imagined scenarios of his fate, each one worse than the last…

Luo Xi took Bai Xiaofei all the way out of the academy. Arriving at the edge of a cliff overlooking the mainland, she stopped.

“You are a really good actor, huh?” With a cold voice, Luo Xi’s first sentence made Bai Xiaofei feel ashamed. The moment when a lie was exposed was the most painful time for a liar, especially when it was a big lie.

“Vice Principal Luo, I had no choice, it was my only…”

“Call me Aunt Luo!”

Bai Xiaofei hadn’t finished his words when Luo Xi suddenly had a change in her manner. Her tone actually eased. The sudden change stunned Bai Xiaofei, and all the thoughts in his head turned into a mess.

What’s going on?!

“Didn’t you hear what I said?” Luo Xi spoke again. Bai Xiaofei hurriedly gathered his wits.

“Aunt Luo!”

Hearing this, Luo Xi revealed a small smile. However, this smile was full of bitterness…

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