Chapter 510: Smelly Boy, This Old Man Is So Sorry

Chapter 510: Smelly Boy, This Old Man Is So Sorry…

The one who caused trouble should end it. When Bai Xiaofei realized that the news of his ‘death’ had spread throughout the whole academy, he brooded for half a day without coming up with a viable solution before he thought of Lei Shan.

If Bai Xiaofei were to explain this himself, there definitely would be many people asking questions that he, having only one mouth, couldn’t answer; but it would be much easier if Lei Shan stepped out instead. And it just happened that he needed to discuss the grand celebration with Lei Shan as well. Therefore, after resting for a while in the Demon of Illusions, he ran to the principal’s office.

Like the others, Lei Shan was shocked still on the spot upon seeing Bai Xiaofei, letting the cup in his hand fall to the ground.


“I know that you all think we were dead, but we aren’t. I suddenly mastered another ability that night and escaped with everyone.” Bai Xiaofei really didn’t want to hear the same question anymore, so he interrupted Lei Shan and briefly described the situation then.

Lei Shan swallowed several mouthfuls, his face still dull. It was as if that besides the matter with Bai Xiaofei still being alive, something else was troubling him.

“Old gramps? Are you listening?” Bai Xiaofei realized that something was wrong and waved his hand in front of Lei Shan’s face.

“Ah! It’s all good! It’s all good as long as you’re back!” Lei Shan’s reaction when he returned to his senses was totally inconsistent with Bai Xiaofei’s imagination.

They all knew that Lei Shan annihilated the Gold Devouring Ants in his wrath over what had happened to Bai Xiaofei. According to common sense, his reaction now should be more explosive than that. So, something was definitely fishy!

However, no matter what, it wasn’t as important as solving the immediate problems, so Bai Xiaofei skipped this for the time being.

“Grandpa, you know why I came.” Bai Xiaofei didn’t say it directly, but this was actually what made Lei Shan nervous.

This boy is not going to condemn me, isn’t he?!

“Why… did you come?” Gulping, Lei Shan’s face was full of tension and his expression looked weirder and weirder.

“The academy’s memorial for me, of course! If you don’t step out now, how am I going to solve this? Now everyone thinks that I’m dead because of the news you brought back. Whenever I go out, someone will ask me why I’m not dead!” Bai Xiaofei grew emotional as he spoke, but Lei Shan’s expression relaxed.

“Ah, so that’s why! Scared me to death…” Lei Shan muttered the last few words, so Bai Xiaofei couldn’t hear them very clearly.

“Grandpa, what did you say?” Bai Xiaofei inquired with a frown.

“Ah! I said this is not a problem!” Lei Shan hurriedly glossed it over and led the conversation away, “What do you need me to do? Just say it and I will definitely do it!” Lei Shan patted his chest generously and seriously with an expression that screamed ‘whatever you want.’

Bai Xiaofei felt something was more and more off, but he didn’t know what. Still worrying about his own problems, he didn’t delve into it.

“I need you to issue an announcement that there was a mistake during our investigation and we lost contact, but I still went on to lead the group on the mission. After you clarify, I will come forward,” said Bai Xiaofei smoothly as he had already thought of a solution.

“Okay, good! I will do as you say!” Lei Shan snapped his fingers, and there was a muffled thunder outside the window. Moments later, an anxious Chu Qingtian rushed in.

“What’s the matter, Principal! Have you…” Halfway through his words, Chu Qingtian saw Bai Xiaofei, who was turning around to look at him, and was dumbstruck. “You didn’t…”

”No, I’m not dead!” Bai Xiaofei already wished that he really was dead, so that everyone wouldn’t ask this same, speechless question…

Seeing that Bai Xiaofei was getting impatient, Lei Shan hurriedly cut in. He was already scared that Bai Xiaofei would criticize him about the mission. He didn’t want to add more to his plate.

“Qingtian, go and update the previous notice that Xiaofei had been investigating the situation of the Infinite Mountain Range, and it was I who misjudged the situation!” said Lei Shan as his expression grew serious. “Use your fastest speed! There must be no ambiguity!”

Stunned by Lei Shan’s sudden seriousness, Chu Qingtian responded with a clueless look then rushed out.

Sending me an urgent call for such a trivial matter?! What’s wrong with the principal?

Chu Qingtian had this thought all the way without reaching an answer, but he still did as Lei Shan had ordered.

After Chu Qingtian left, Bai Xiaofei heaved a sigh of relief. As long as the new notice spread, the storm would soon pass. Regaining his calm, Bai Xiaofei looked at Lei Shan, who wore an ingratiating expression.

This was the first time he ever saw Lei Shan like this. Something was definitely off!

“Grandpa, are you hiding something that concerns me?”

Lei Shan, who thought that he was safe, tensed up and was at a loss of what to say.

Do I tell him or not? This is a serious problem!

“Erm… I got this when I killed the queen ant. See if it’s useful to you.” Lei Shan chose to hide it and tried to please Bai Xiaofei as he did. A hexagonal crystal appeared in his hand.

The magic core of the Gold Devouring Ant Queen!

Under normal circumstances when magical beasts couldn’t beat their opponents, nine out of ten would choose to blow themselves up. The queen of the Gold Devouring Ants was also one of the nine, but unfortunately, against Lei Shan, she didn’t even have that one-thousandth of a second to detonate her magic core. Or to be precise, Lei Shan didn’t even give her a chance to realize that she was no match for him!

Without any hesitation, Bai Xiaofei accepted the magic core.

Not to mention the core of the Golden Devouring Ant Queen, something that no one had ever gotten before, even if it was just an ordinary King Rank magic core, he’d also take it. Only fools refused free benefits.

As for using this to influence Bai Xiaofei’s judgment, there was no such thing. He wasn’t the kind of person whose heart softened after a gift!

“Don’t try to buy me off, what should be said still needs to be said!” Bai Xiaofei’s attitude was unusually firm. He looked like he wouldn’t leave if he didn’t get the answer.

Once again, Lei Shan fell into hesitation.

In the end, he let out a long sigh. Paper couldn’t hold fire, Bai Xiaofei would know about this matter sooner or later. It was better to confess it now than be questioned later…

“Smelly boy, this old man is so sorry…”

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