Chapter 49 New Plan!

As Xue Ying brought along the group who hadn’t recovered from their shock, Xue Ying arrived once more at the square that had overwhelmed everyone with grief to the point they hardly wished to live.

But, unlike before, not only did no one complain this time, all of them carried faint traces of anticipation.

“During one month’s time, the first thing all of you must do is improve your physical strength. Females will be trained as males, and males will be trained as animals. If someone can’t endure it, you can put forward your withdrawal, and I won’t look down upon you.” Xue Ying was exceptionally serious as she spoke these words, but not a single person among the sixteen of them answered her.

“Since no one is withdrawing, we can begin.” Xue Ying took a deep breath, and the devil headteacher Xue Ying officially came online! “Within a single hour, all of you must run two rounds, and not a single person is allowed to fall behind! Time starts now!”

Once she finished speaking, everyone who originally thought they had made enough preparations still felt feelings of resistance coming from the bottom of their hearts, but they quickly digested these feelings.

It’s only two rounds, and it’s much better than yesterday!

As they consoled themselves like this, the sixteen of them once again embarked on a long journey!

Their legs were already sore to the point of being unable to move, but they strode forth one step at a time. Not a single person wailed like before, and all of them gritted their teeth as they persisted because this time they had a target!

The time of a single hour was nothing but a short moment to most people, but to the members of the Savage Class, this one hour of time was simply torturous.

Everyone was drenched in sweat, and when they passed the end, an unprecedented feeling of happiness gushed into their hearts.

“Things like limits have always existed, but its existence isn’t for the sake of being an obstruction to your improvement. It serves as a point of improvement for all of you. Break through a limit and you’ll be slightly stronger.” Xue Ying’s emotionless voice resounded out as she faced everyone gasping for breath.

“Rest for five minutes before running another round! Finish it within 40 minutes!” Everything she said in the beginning was only foreshadowing, and these words were the most important. Moreover, it was precisely these words that allowed many of them to understand the preciousness of a medicine that could cure regret...

Compared to the hour from before, these five minutes simply flew by. Mo Ka even felt that he hadn’t caught his breath, but he had no choice but to set out once more.

“Wu Chi, Shi Kui, Xu Chen, we four will run at the back. Xing Nan, Zhu Sisi, Wang Heng, Qi Wei, the four of you run at the front. The remaining people run at the center, and no one fall behind!” 

Before they started to run, Bai Xiaofei distributed everyone’s positions according to their physical strength. Running was simple, but for them, it already felt like an intense battle and caused them to have no choice but to be serious.

Everyone moved according to Bai Xiaofei’s arrangements at the first possible moment, and the group, which formed a four-by-four arrangement, started its journey to once again conquer the square.

Every single time someone was unable to hold on, the four people running behind them would push them until they caught up to the group. By the time they were almost at the end, Bai Xiaofei’s group of four had already pushed two people each.

But they ultimately passed through the end as a group before the time was up.

This time their physical strength was completely exhausted, and not a single person among them wasn’t like a worn-out blower heavily huffing and puffing.

“Rest for five minutes, and then we’ll go to the next place.” Xue Ying seemed as if she hadn’t noticed everyone’s state, and her icy cold voice didn’t have the slightest bit of pity. It seemed as if she was an entirely different person.

Five minutes once again passed in the blink of an eye, and the group didn’t have the strength to think as they followed behind Xue Ying.

But, luckily, Xue Ying didn’t bring them to a place that could be used for training this time. She brought them to the medicinal district where the Furnace of Agarwood was located. This was also the one and only place of business that wasn’t within the academy’s shopping district.

“Boss, we’re here to buy medicine.” Xue Ying took out a jade token as she spoke, and the Starnet Stones she had plundered from Bai Xiaofei’s group of four became the main funds to buy things this time.

Xue Ying then spoke the names of a string of medicinal materials, and the amount that followed each medicinal material was terrifying.

Bai Xiaofei and the others gulped down their saliva as they heard it, but the boss of the medicine store grew more energetic as time went by.

When Xue Ying led their group out of the medicine store, almost half of the entire medicine store’s reserves had been emptied. Xue Ying had even placed an order for another batch of the same medicine.

Of course, in exchange, the amount of Starnet Stones within the jade token were reduced to zero...

“From today onward, none of you are allowed to use spatial type tools, but you can utilize puppets.” Xue Ring poured down a bucket of cold water right when Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye were intending to place the small mountain of medicinal materials into their spatial rings.

“We’re relying on our hands…”

“To move so many things?!”

Ming One and Ming Two activated their synchronized mode and displayed joint surprise.

“You can carry it on your head as well. In any case, so long as it’s a part of your body, you can use it, and you have the freedom to do so,” Xue Ying said then looked silently at everyone who was bewildered and at a loss. This continued until Wu Chi stood forward and started to place things one by one on his person.

Luckily, the boss of the medicine store had given them sufficient rope, so besides holding it in their hands, they could also carry a lot on their backs.

Moreover, with Wu Chi taking the lead, everyone else walked forward one by one. Following the idea of males carrying more and females carrying less, they quickly shared and completely divided up the small mountain.

“Let’s go, the next stop is the shopping district!” Under Xue Ying’s orders, the sixteen of them returned to her “full of supplies” and followed closely behind her. At the same time, as they thought about the distance between the Furnace of Agarwood and the shopping district, they couldn’t help feeling utterly dispirited.

Another journey through the square began!

Now, if anyone asked the group from the Savage Class about the place they hated the most in their entire life, the square in Starnet Academy would absolutely be blurted out at the first possible moment!

After they arrived at the shopping district, the group in which everyone had almost caught their breath was almost exhausted to death because things like medicinal materials were really heavy. The materials’ weight wasn’t in the least bit questionable…

But, luckily, Xue Ying didn’t buy much at the shopping district, and after they had taken a round through a few shops, Xue Ying had quickly completed her purchase plan.

Moreover, perhaps it was because the sixteen of them couldn’t carry anything more, Xue Ying directly put away all the things she bought into her own spatial ring.

But everyone couldn’t wrap their heads around why Xue Ying wanted to buy so many tents and water barrels…

“All of you wait here for me first. I’ll be back very soon.” Xue Ying gave the group a rare period of rest then vanished from their fields of vision.

“Class monitor, how do you think Big Sister Xue will train us next?” The class seemed to have finally become familiar with each other because another female student besides Lin Li had appeared who would initiate conversation with Bai Xiaofei.

The person who spoke was precisely Qi Wei who would never stop talking.

“I don’t dare to tell you because I’m afraid all of you will be afraid once I do.” Bai Xiaofei wore a bitter expression that even carried a hint of him being unwilling to believe it.

“What do you mean?” The more Bai Xiaofei didn’t dare speak of it, the more interested Qi Wei became. This was a common characteristic of all men and women at her age, and Qi Wei ranked among the top with the most curiosity.

“Tell me, is there any place within our academy where a tent is needed?”


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