Chapter 509: Reputation that Lasts for Eternity!

Chapter 509: Reputation that Lasts for Eternity!

Early in the next morning, the group got up feeling all energetic and their speed picked up as they crossed the middle ring. As far as their strength was concerned, they could ignore any magical beast that wasn’t foreign to their current area, not to mention that they were following the safe route mapped out before.

Everything seemed to be going well, but Bai Xiaofei had underestimated something, and this seemingly insignificant neglect had caused quite a stir in Starnet.

The most obvious demonstration was that they saw something that shocked them on the spot when they arrived at the entrance of the academy…

The main entrance was covered with a white silk banner. What embarrassed Bai Xiaofei were the two lines of memorial quotes on it.

‘His reputation will last for eternity,
His grandeur will spread across the world.’

And then in the very center was his name: ‘Boss Bai, rest in peace!’

After Lei Shan brought back the news that Bai Xiaofei’s group had unfortunately encountered the Gold Devouring Ants, all the students spontaneously organized memorial activities in Starnet. Not only the entrance, but the whole academy was currently covered in similar white silk banners…

“It seems that your popularity is still as high as ever!” mocked Xue Ying, resulting in a series of loud laughter from the girls.

Bai Xiaofei was helpless and speechless. He only had himself to blame for going overboard on this one… He had only wanted to fool Lei Shan a little, but he didn’t expect this would lead to a chain reaction. Even if he had considered the possibilities before he acted, he would never be able to imagine such a result now.

Perhaps Xue Ying was right, this popularity was a bit too high!!!

“Don’t laugh, let’s go clarify quickly!” Bai Xiaofei really panicked. Sometimes the unexpected care of others was the most deadly…

There were solutions to problems no matter how big they were, but it was different with human feelings. Emotional debts could never be truly paid!

“Boss Bai?!”

When the group approached the gate, the several first-year gatekeepers cried out upon seeing Bai Xiaofei, their voices mixed with delight, surprise, and fear…

Seeing a ghost in broad daylight?!

“There may be some misunderstanding and discrepancy between the news you got about me and what I experienced…” Bai Xiaofei’s explanation was a little incoherent. He took a long breath and calmed down a little. “All in all, I am not dead!”

Hearing this, the gatekeepers were shocked, then ecstasy washed over their faces.

“Boss Bai didn’t die! Boss Bai is not dead!” they shouted, their arms flailing in excitement.

Bai Xiaofei was like a god for the first-year students. They had thought that their god had fallen, but now he was alive and standing in front of them and told them that he was fine. Nothing could make them happier than this.

“Go and tell others!”

“That’s right! Go and tell everyone to clean up those things!”

“Yeah, yeah! I’m going!”

After the ecstasy was hurry-scurry. The students yelled wildly and ran away without even saying a word to Bai Xiaofei…

When people were over the moon, they often did things that looked a little stupid…

Under normal circumstances, they should have asked Bai Xiaofei for details, then informed him of the situation in Starnet. After all, he was still confused about what was going on in the academy…

“Let’s go back to the Demon of Illusions first!” Bai Xiaofei uttered with difficulty and activated Blackie’s ability. Only after turning into another person did he gain some peace of mind. Otherwise, he suspected that he might not be able to reach the Demon of Illusions…

But even if Bai Xiaofei changed his appearance, his group still attracted countless eyes along the way. He was not the only one who died in the news brought back by Lei Shan. Although the list was not released and different people got different news, the girls were mentioned in most of them.

However, there was still some distance between the girls and ordinary students. Astonished as they were to see them, no one came over and surrounded them like they would with Bai Xiaofei.

Nursing an uneasy mood, the group walked back to the Demon of Illusions, where they saw a scene that struck them dumb again…

Countless bouquets covered the entrance of the Demon of Illusions, and people were still coming to send more. They would place their bouquets on the ground with sadness on their faces.

Now, even Bai Xiaofei felt that he was really dead. This was all too artistic…

Just as the group was in a trance, a clear and crisp sound of porcelain breaking rang out behind them. Turning around, they saw Lei Min standing right there.

“You guys…” whispered Lei Min, feeling as if she was dreaming.

“Sorry, Big Sis Lei, we came back late.”

Changing back to his own appearance, Bai Xiao stepped forward. His familiar voice brought Lei Min back to her senses.

“You’re not dead?! You escaped from an encirclement of Gold Devouring Ants?!”

Her shocked reaction was completely within Bai Xiaofei’s expectations. He sighed helplessly and began a long explanation. By the time he finally finished, Lei Min had completely returned to her usual state.

“Whatever happened, it’s good that you’re back. But remember to contact the academy first next time so that things won’t end up like this. The entire academy is buzzing about your death. Can you imagine how great an effort you have to put in to remedy it?”

At Lei Min’s rebuke, Bai Xiaofei nodded repeatedly. If he retorted at a time like this, it would be basically seeking death…

“Big Sis Lei, I know I was wrong, but you see, about the old man…” Bai Xiaofei hinted with a pleading look. Unfortunately, Lei Min wasn’t buying it.

“Whoever starts trouble should end it. You explain to him yourself,” Lei Min blandly said, having no intention to help. Her idea was pure, without any other emotions – she simply wanted revenge on Bai Xiaofei!

As one of those who had been cheated into shedding tears, she found the idea of Bai Xiaofei suffering very cathartic.

“Well, I have work to do. Best of luck to you.” Without giving Bai Xiaofei the chance to continue asking for help, Lei Min turned around and left while saying, “Liuyun, Liuli, no, you all come and help me. There are many things at hand, no time for you guys to hang around!”

Helpless, the girls hurriedly assented, casting Bai Xiaofei encouraging glances as they left.

“I have to go back to the office. I suppose it will take me a long time to explain this as well,” Xue Ying excused herself as well. The difference this time was that she had always been paying attention to Hu Xian’er!

A bomb had been buried and lay in wait…

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