Chapter 507 (2): Extinction; Relaxed!

In extreme rage, Lei Shan reached his top speed. It didn’t take him long to arrive at the destination. The moment he landed, around a hundred of huge Gold Devouring Ants emerged from the ground. From their sizes, it was clear that they were not small fries, and unlike those Gold Devouring Ants that only followed instinct before, these ones obviously had intelligence because they hesitated!

In other words, they were afraid when facing Lei Shan!

There was no record of Enlightened Rank Gold Devouring Ants, but the ones here were indeed at this Rank. Still, it made no difference. To Lei Shan, they were all cannon fodder!

“You should be the last line of defense!” Lei Shan gritted his teeth and his eyes were filled with unprecedented murderous intent. At this time, nothing mattered besides annihilating this race to avenge Bai Xiaofei!

As if realizing that there was no possibility for reconciliation, or perhaps urged by something, this group of around a hundred Enlightened Rank Gold Devouring Ants started attacking Lei Shan.

Like eggs against a rock…

In less than half a minute, Lei Shan became the only standing creature in the area. Around him were the burnt remains of the Gold Devouring Ants. After killing the final ant, he took two steps forward and looked at the ground.

“Damnable insect, still not coming out?!” roared Lei Shan as countless lightning arcs shot out from his feet. Although they were weakened to some extent being grounded, the land was still conductive after all. Lei Shan’s lightning could even pierce through the whole continent if he was strong enough. However, such a thing was unnecessary at the moment. He just wanted to force his target out of the ground!

And he was successful.

With a tragic scream, a huge head poked out from the ground, followed by a huge body… The final one to emerge was the queen of the Gold Devouring Ants!

The front half was like a Gold Devouring Ant, but the back was more like a huge bloated worm monster. When you saw it, you would feel it was forcefully pieced together.

“Human, I did not provoke you, why did you kill all my children?!” The queen could actually speak, which showed that she was at least at the King Rank!

“Not only your children, but I will kill you as well! The reason? Ask your children after you die!” Lei Shan had no intention to talk with the queen any further. In a lightning flash, he instantly appeared above her. The next second, countless lightning spears stabbed at the queen ant’s bulky body…

Another chirping scream echoed as the queen ant desperately struggled, but the especially big body that made her the queen now became her burden. Dragging this body, her fastest speed couldn’t even compare to that of a child!

Meanwhile, a lightning pike that was a dozen times bigger than all the previous ones had already formed in Lei Shan’s hand. In a hard throw, it pierced through the head of the slowly fleeing queen ant…

In the face of this attack, all beings were like grass.

However, even after the queen and last ant was killed, his anger did not subside one bit and even more regret surfaced. He regretted letting Bai Xiaofei and others go on this dangerous mission. If he hadn’t been too lazy to do it himself, they might not have been ‘eaten.’

The more Lei Shan thought, the more antagonized he felt, but there was nothing else for him to vent on at this moment.

Jing Cheng and the heads of the faculties arrived a little after. Seeing Lei Shan leaning against a tree in a daze, everyone was stunned and only Jing Cheng walked over.

“Principal, we can’t bring back the dead…”

“Who says they are dead?! Did you see the bodies?!” Lei Shan cut Jing Cheng off. He didn’t want to accept this cruel fact…

Thinking carefully, if Bai Xiaofei’s group was really killed by the ants, how could there be a body left?

“Everyone here will carry out a search. Alive or dead, we must see the bodies. I don’t believe that smelly boy just died like that!” Lei Shan comforted himself using his understanding of Bai Xiaofei, but even so, he didn’t have much hope.

“Principal, they can’t come back.” Lei Shan refused to believe it, and Jing Cheng didn’t want to either. His red eye rims spoke for itself. But whether he believed it or not, ‘reality’ was right in front of them. A desperate ‘reality.’

At Jing Cheng’s words, everyone fell silent, especially Lei Shan, whose face had turned ashen. There were just things that one could not deny.

However, Lei Shan was really right this time…

“We’re still not returning?” Chu Liuyun was frowning as she looked anxiously at the area where thunder had kept echoing.

Bai Xiaofei’s group had noticed when Lei Shan began to clean up the ant colony on the mountain. The girls wanted to go back to help, but Bai Xiaofei stopped them. Even after the thunder stopped, he did not have any plan to return.

“Why do you want to go back there? Do you think we will be as free as now with Vice Principal Jing Cheng in the group?” Bai Xiaofei had his reasons. Sometimes, it was quite inconvenient with Jing Cheng following them.

“So you mean…?” Chu Liuyun hesitantly voiced the doubts of most of the people present.

Only Hu Xian’er was calmly watching all this. She knew Bai Xiaofei so well that she could guess his thoughts even when he didn’t say anything.

“Continue our mission, of course. It is not a good habit to give up halfway.” Bai Xiaofei nonchalantly shrugged.

“But if we don’t go back, Godfather and them will be anxious.” Leng Liuli was considerate as always. She didn’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

“They sure will be. But being anxious for two or three minutes is the same as two or three hours. They will be used to it, while this opportunity for us to act freely is very rare. I don’t believe this Infinite Mountain Range has a second army of Gold Devouring Ants!”

After getting a new ability from Blackie, Bai Xiaofei had become full of himself like never before, even though the ability was now on cooldown.

Moreover, he had his own intentions. He had a plan of ‘borrowing chickens to get eggs’ that he wanted to thoroughly implement, which was why he urgently needed this opportunity. Otherwise, it would be likely to fall through if Jing Cheng followed them. Therefore, Bai Xiaofei didn’t intend to return at all.

“Seize this time to rest. We need to continue our search tomorrow. If we don’t bring some achievements back, the old man will skin us…” Bai Xiaofei was quite aware. He could imagine how Lei Shan and the others would be feeling right now.

People who had been through a sharp change were likely to act out radical reactions, even someone as experienced as Lei Shan might not be completely unaffected.

Resting for the night, Bai Xiaofei used his silver tongue and all the girls finally chose to support him and prepared to complete Lei Shan’s mission.

This time, Bai Xiaofei deliberately guided the group towards the royal domain! And because Jing Cheng was away, he naturally took over his role and became the errand boy who kept flying out to check the situation.

His speed couldn’t compare to Jing Cheng, but Bai Xiaofei had help! Fearing that Uncle Feng and her people might have been hurt by the Gold Devouring Ants, Hu Xian’er summoned them. After making sure that they were all right, her worry was set at ease, but Bai Xiaofei didn’t intend to let them go.

After a long discussion, Bai Xiaofei figured out the current situation of the Infinite Mountain Range, and at the same time, mentally planned out all specific arrangements!

With this, Bai Xiaofei relaxed, and the so-called investigation mission became just a cover. He began to wholeheartedly accompany the girls to wander around the inner circle of the Infinite Mountain Range. Uncle Feng had listed all of the areas where there were targets that couldn’t be provoked. He just needed to avoid them.

Leaving out all the threats in the Infinite Mountain Range, it was really a place that could make people feel relaxed and happy. Everything there was primitive and natural.

Whether it was Chu Liuyun or the Leng sisters, they had all seen bustling cities, but rarely this kind of nature without any impurities, let alone being in it…

Gradually, not only did Bai Xiaofei let go, but the girls also grew relaxed. Without the tense atmosphere, teasing Bai Xiaofei became the main topic of the girls’ chats. Occasionally overhearing them, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help but get nervous.

He’d rather the situation be a little more tense!!!

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