Chapter 507 (1): Extinction; Relaxed!

“The World in the Mirror, Broken!” rang the voices of the Leng triplets in harmony. The huge mirror in the air then started to fracture bit by bit, along with the ant replicas on the ground, which then disintegrated into powder.

With the damage feedback to the real bodies, a large patch of Gold Devouring Ants collapsed. However, this attack also exhausted the triplets’ energy. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have finished with this ultimate skill. Although the World in the Mirror was powerful, the consumption was also enormous. They who were only at the Master Rank couldn’t maintain it for a long time.

The triplets were not the only ones who had exhausted their energy.

Rui Mengqi, who had been enhancing everyone else’s skills, had already backed out to rest. Next to her was a huge pile of drained Starnet Stones. Even so, she still couldn’t keep up her combat state.

Also on the edge of exhaustion was Lin Li. As a Master Rank, her energy capacity wasn’t any bigger than that of the Leng sisters and the others. In addition, both the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress and Thousand Stars were high-consumption puppets while there was no other energy puppet here to share her load. It was not easy for her to hold out until now.

In other words, only Hu Xian’er and Chu Liuyun were still hanging in there.

However, the tide of Gold Devouring Ants showed no sign of retreating at all. They even became more frenzied because of the group’s resistance!

“God says, let there be light!”

A self-aggrandized voice rang out just as Hu Xian’er and Chu Liuyun were at their limit. The next second, Bai Xiaofei with flapping purple wings descended from the sky. At the same time, several bright light sources appeared among the ant mass.

Indeed, they were purely light sources… Bai Xiaofei just wanted to act all mysterious and mighty…

However, these normally ordinary lights had a miraculous effect at this moment. The Gold Devouring Ants quickly flocked over and surrounded the scattered light spots. Bai Xiaofei had truly made good use of the ants’ super sensitivity to light.

Just now, when Bai Xiaofei realized that the girls couldn’t hold out, he decided to stop playing around. It was really impossible for him to bring them out of the ant colony before, but now he could! He snapped his fingers, and a pair of wings similar to his appeared on all of the girls’ backs. Without needing the girls to control them, these wings automatically flapped and flew them up.

Compared to manifesting the poisonous fog, this kind of thing was a piece of cake for Bai Xiaofei now, when his imagination determined how far he could go!

But this was only one of the reasons why Bai Xiaofei stopped fighting and came back. The main reason was that his condition was not optimistic as well…

The Endless State allowed constant absorption of outside energy to supplement his energy, but the total amount of energy in one area was limited while his energy consumption was too horrifying, so he had begun to have a hard time.

He could keenly feel that his Endless State was leaning towards the self-cannibalism effect. If he kept on fighting, he was likely to repeat that situation back in Ancient Yue. Therefore, he had to switch to another place and have a rest.

Of course, the girls didn’t know about this situation. They were still being amazed by the wings behind them.

“I can’t hold on. Let’s run first!” Without wasting time to explain, Bai Xiaofei led them to fly away.

No matter how formidable those Gold Devouring Ants were, they couldn’t fly…

The light spots that he released were quickly eaten up. Being able to eat even energy was something everyone had to give these creatures recognition for.

By the time the ants noticed, Bai Xiaofei’s group had already flown away. However, what he didn’t expect was that his departure would lead to the extinction of the Gold Devouring Ants…

Jing Cheng was really fast. Normal people would need to walk for four to five hours, while it only took him less than 30 minutes. Locating Lei Shan, Jing Cheng briefly explained the situation to him.

“I’ll go first. You go call all of the faculty heads!” said Lei Shan with his eyes wide in consternation. Jing Cheng could swear this was definitely the first time he saw Lei Shan so nervous.

Meanwhile, Lei Shan had turned into a flash and vanished, leaving a burnt hole on the wall of the principal’s office. He didn’t want to waste even just one second!

“You must hang on, smelly boy!”

Lei Shan kept trying to think optimistically, but the more he thought, the more he was afraid that misfortune might happen to Bai Xiaofei. It wasn’t that he feared Revelation would blame him, but that he really liked Bai Xiaofei! Although Bai Xiaofei usually didn’t seem reliable at all…

If Bai Xiaofei really died because of him, Lei Shan would definitely feel guilty for the rest of his life. Not to mention Bai Xiaofei had brought along his wife group of excellent girls!

At his top speed, Lei Shan was even faster than Jing Cheng. Lightning flashed through the Infinite Mountain Range. Wherever it passed, no tree nor magical beast could delay it even for half a second. Those who were fortunate enough escaped while the unlucky ones were directly reduced into ash by Lei Shan’s electricity…

Before long, Lei Shan spotted the sea of Gold Devouring Ants from a distance. His eyes rested on the area around the mountainside cave where Bai Xiaofei’s group had been as he bolted there.

However, he had come late and missed them!

Of course, Lei Shan didn’t know that Bai Xiaofei’s group had fled. Looking at the retreating ants on the mountain, he froze in mid-air. Treading air was, in theory, an ability mastered at the peak grade of the Master Rank. However, even the Exquisite Rank only had a few who could really do this, and they were all geniuses…

Despair, anger, ferocity… Many complex and extreme emotions alternated on Lei Shan’s face. In the end, they all turned into an earth-shattering long bellow!


With insanity on his face, countless lightning bolts surged out from Lei Shan’s body and in just a second, he became a light-blue lightning giant that attracted the Gold Devouring Ants.

Without any delay, the ant colony surrounded him.

“Today is the day of your extinction!!!” The anger being vented was obvious in his voice. Lei Shan raised one hand, and the whole sky darkened. Compared with this, the phenomena triggered when Fang Lei used his skills back then were like child’s play.

At the same time, the lightning giant became the only light source present because the sky was dark. The ants flocking over to him picked up speed. The light sensitivity of Gold Devouring Ants wasn’t due to fear, but disgust! Therefore, as long as they saw a light, they would want to destroy it right away.

However, they met a ridiculous opponent this time.

With a wave of his hand, countless thick bolts rained down from the sky. Any Gold Devouring Ant that was struck instantly vaporized without a chance to eat this energy!

And this was just the beginning. What followed were unceasing roaring bolts and when Lei Shan finally stopped, the sea of ants had completely vanished along with the unlucky mountain. Or, it should be called a basin now…

However, even after all this, Lei Shan didn’t stop. Just eliminating the Gold Devouring Ants here did not purge the remorse and anger in his heart. A small bead appeared in Lei Shan’s hand, and then he rushed out towards a particular direction.

His goal was the nest of the Gold Devouring Ant clan!

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