Chapter 506 (2): Fight!

Having a taste of sweetness, Bai Xiaofei gradually adapted to this new ability of Blackie and completely let himself go. Under his control, the poisonous fog seemed to have a mind of its own. It went from static to dynamic and rolled to surround Bai Xiaofei. This was the second characteristic of Virtual Reality: Absolute control.

A little later, all the poisonous fog that condensed around Bai Xiaofei gradually solidified, and finally turned into a big purple cat.

Perhaps because the ability came from Blackie, Bai Xiaofei chose the image of a cat. Unexpectedly, this image also inherited the cat’s agility!

Situated inside this poisonous mass, Bai Xiaofei became the core existence of the giant cat and drove it rapidly towards the tide of Gold Devouring Ants.

The mindlessness of the Gold Devouring Ants wasn’t just talk. They showed no fear for this monster that had suddenly appeared and even displayed even more aggressiveness, flooding towards Bai Xiaofei like moths to a flame!

As a result, none of the Gold Devouring Ants that neared him had a good end. However, there was one thing Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help but admire. These ants were actually dismantling his giant cat condensed from poisonous fog, tearing it away chunk by chunk. If it wasn’t for Bai Xiaofei’s timely patching with energy, he would have been bitten by now…

Meanwhile, the girls on the mountainside also faced their own challenges. Although Bai Xiaofei being a mobile light source had attracted the attention of most of the Gold Devouring Ants, his size was not enough to affect the entire colony.

“Big Sis Liuyun, you lead the triplets and hold the right side. I’ll take care of the rear!” said Hu Xian’er to Chu Liuyun, then swept a glance at Xue Ying and Lin Li.

Lin Li’s face was full of determination, but Xue Ying revealed a hint of embarrassment. She was helpless against the Gold Devouring Ants. One-on-one, she had the confidence to defeat the majority of puppet masters at the same rank, but her large-scale killing ability was her weakest point…

“Leave the left to me!” Before Hu Xian’er could continue, the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress had already appeared on Lin Li and her shining puppet Thousand Star had also been released. Although Lin Li couldn’t fly out with so many people, stalling for a short period wasn’t a problem.

Rui Mengqi, who had not been called, had a good understanding of her own ability. She knew why she wasn’t appointed to do anything, it was because her ability wasn’t suitable for fighting. However, she would be outstanding at assisting!

Thinking this, Rui Mengqi raised her hand, summoning her puppet – Recording Eyeball…

Yes, it was a Recording Eyeball!

All salespeople of the Babel Merchant House who qualified to be a puppet master were required to link a multi-functional Recording Eyeball as their only puppet. This puppet was much easier to use than those general puppets on the market, but no matter how easy and useful it was, it was still but a Recording Eyeball…

Rui Mengqi had two choices at that time when she became a temporary student of Starnet. One, she could completely abandon the puppet and link other puppets. Although this would have an impact on her strength, it was better than being a salesperson for a lifetime. Two, she could take the road less traveled!

Rui Mengqi chose the second option. She wanted to create a precedent that no one had ever tried before: Strengthen a Recording Eyeball into a top puppet that would be known and remembered by the world!

Facts proved that she made the right choice because it was indeed a suitable method for her, an illusion-type puppet master of the Support Stream!

An unprecedented title, but also so intense and precise that it was jaw-dropping.

Upon its appearance, the Recording Eyeball shot into the air, and the next second, illusions appeared among the tide of Gold Devouring Ants. Moments later, energy was injected into the illusions and they became real energy entities, which then became the new targets of the ants.

“There’s one cycle every three seconds. You guys grasp this chance.” In her combat mode, Rui Mengqi had no trace of her normal confused manner and exuded a rare calm and reliable air!

Hu Xian’er and Chu Liuyun quickly reacted. A surging flame was ignited by origin energy, and a sea of fire instantly engulfed the ant mass in front of them.

Under normal circumstances, this kind of attack was like a tickle to the Gold Devouring Ants. However, when the fire touched the energy entities released by Rui Mengqi, it produced a terrifying chemical reaction – Explosion!

Each energy entity seemed to be a powerful mobile bomb. With nonstop loud rumbles, the originally dense ant colony was blown apart. And the scarier thing was that after the explosions, the residual fire energy slowly gathered from various places and quickly formed new energy entities. This was what Rui Mengqi called ‘cycle.’

These energy entities had no other use besides diversion. However, when interacting with attacks made of origin energy, they actually enhanced the effect of those attacks. In addition, after being used, they could recondense through the residual energy in the air and could be detonated again in the next three seconds. This was the real perplexing part, the essence of ‘cycle’!

The same situation was perfectly replicated on the other side. Chu Liuyun’s music spread like waves and triggered a mass amount of energy entities all at once. The majority of ants surrounding her stopped moving and crumbled.

Her hypnosis, strengthened by the energy bodies, had become spirit shock! And the biggest weakness of Gold Devouring Ants was their fragile spirit defense!

“Combine, the World in the Mirror!”

The ants’ advance met a block, but there was no delay in the girls’ cooperation!

As triplets, the Leng sisters used Combination Puppets like Ming One and Ming Two. In the Blossom Competition, they had once shown this ability, the World in the Mirror, but the situation now was completely different. This was for fighting and not acting, and the true power of this skill could only shine in real combat!

Three identical mirrors were linked by origin energy into a huge round mirror hanging face down in the air, reflecting the ants on the ground. Right after that, countless Gold Devouring Ants fell out from the mirror. They quickly blended in with the real ants but were even more in numbers.

The World in the Mirror: replicate three different targets, and 30% of the damage suffered by the replicas would be directly transferred to the real targets. However, the replicas themselves had no fighting power.

This ability was useless if used to deal with people since the other party would be able to avoid the threat if they figured it out. However, the Gold Devouring Ants could not! However, they could tell keenly that those replicas falling from the sky weren’t their companions, so they attacked!

The frail replicas instantly collapsed under the attack of real ants, but at the same time, a portion of the damage was transferred to the attackers.

Very quickly, Chu Liuyun detonated the energy entities for the second time. The spirit shock attack spread and the weakened Gold Devouring Ants turned into waste, collapsing one by one… This time, none escaped.

On the left side, Lin Li was half a beat slow because she didn’t know Rui Mengqi’s ability, but she quickly reacted after seeing the examples from Hu Xian’er and Chu Liuyun.

Thousand Star sank into the ground, and the next second, countless slender thorns sprang up. The Gold Devouring Ants were about the same size as an adult dog, so they were unable to avoid the dense thorns.

However, Lin Li had met a tough opponent! The strongest point of Gold Devouring Ants was their physical defense. Although the earth thorns delayed their advance, the damage was insignificant.

Of course, this insignificant damage didn’t include the thorns that were near Rui Mengqi’s energy entities!

All the energy bodies pierced by the thorns turned into clouds of dirt-yellow energy. They drifted and once they touched the surrounding Gold Devouring Ants, they were petrified into stone statues, and then were crushed under the unstopping advance of their companions…

“Earth Dragon Churns!” Lin Li immediately changed tactics after realizing that single-target attacks were pointless. On the diversity of element manipulation, no one in Starnet would dare to say that they could best Lin Li!

Ten huge earth tornadoes swirled into the sky, and what happened next proved that her decision was correct. Along with the energy entities, countless Gold Devouring Ants were drawn up into the air. The earth tornadoes alone couldn’t hurt the ants, but it was a different story for the energy entities that exploded when ignited. By the time they landed, the ants had been reduced to broken stone pieces!

This blow also caused the biggest damage to the ant colony since the start of this fight. It cleared out the left side!

However, the consumption was also quite horrifying for Lin Li. Two Starnet Stones appeared on her hand, and Lin Li seized this time to replenish her energy while still keeping a close watch on the left side.

It didn’t take long for a new influx of Gold Devouring Ants to approach…

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