Chapter 506 (1): Fight!

Gold Devouring Ants, a nightmare of the Infinite Mountain Range. They didn’t belong to any royal family, but no royal family dared to provoke them!

There was only one clan of Gold Devouring Ants in the whole Infinite Mountain Range. Most of the time, they were in a dormant state similar to hibernation, and only came out for food when they ran out of energy. However, every time they came out for food, it was a disaster for the Infinite Mountain Range.

Because they ate everything, and they could eat everything!

If there were physical entities, they would eat physical entities. If there weren’t any, they’d move on to energy entities. Moreover, unlike other Spiritual Rank magical beasts, they didn’t have intelligence but only instinct, the instinct to eat everything!

Therefore, there was a consensus in the Infinite Mountain Range that, unless one was truly formidable, they only had one option when unlucky enough to encounter Gold Devouring Ants ––


Run as fast as they could and as far as they could! If they could escape, they lived; otherwise, they could only await death…

However, there was no way out for Bai Xiaofei’s group. Although Jing Cheng could fly, he couldn’t carry so many people.

“It’s the Gold Devouring Ants! Which one of you has the ability to fly, carry the others with me!” Jing Cheng landed with an ashen face.

Looking at the whole Starnet, not a single person could resist the Gold Devouring Ants except for Leishan. Therefore, Jing Cheng could only choose to escape…

Unfortunately, the result was quite disappointing. No one could fly except Bai Xiaofei. If the two of them chose to evacuate the group in batches, someone would definitely be submerged by the surging ant colony!

“It’s impossible for all of us to escape and I can’t abandon anyone, so there is only one way. Vice Principal Jing, you go call for reinforcements, we stay and defend!” Bai Xiaofei made it clear right away. He’d rather die a straight death than make a choice between the girls.

“Nonsense! Do you know what Gold Devouring Ants are? What do you have to defend yourself?!” Jing Cheng directly rejected Bai Xiaofei’s idea and stretched out his hand to grab the girls nearest to him.

The first in the path, Leng Liuli, dodged his grab.

“Godfather, if you can’t take everyone away, the three of us won’t leave. We know very well what these ants are. You’d better listen to Xiaofei now, or you can only wait to collect our bodies,” Leng Liuli paused, her expression firm. “Also, don’t think about using force on us. If just one of us can’t escape and live, the rest of us will never live in peace even if you rescue us. At least, I will choose suicide on the spot!”

This wiped out the idea that had just come to Jing Cheng’s mind. He struggled for two seconds, during which the muscles on his face kept twitching in fury. Finally, he compromised because he had no other choice…

“Bai Xiaofei, before I come back, you must keep all of them safe, or no matter whose disciple you are, I will definitely kill you myself!” roared Jing Cheng as he glared at Bai Xiaofei, gritting his teeth so hard that there was a gnashing sound.

“Rest assured, the first one to be eaten is definitely me!” Looking into Jing Cheng’s eyes, Bai Xiaofei had never been so serious.

The next second, Jing Cheng’s wings shook and he turned into a wind, disappearing in the blink of an eye. At this time, he couldn’t bother to think about other magical beasts. It was fine even if he did disturb them.

Once the Gold Devouring Ants appeared, other magical beasts would run away at just the sound of them!

“It’s time to risk our everything,” Bai Xiaofei looked back at the girls and said a few simple words. As soon as he finished, Blackie jumped towards him.


Since their minds were linked, Bai Xiaofei instantly understood its thoughts. His face was instantly filled with ecstasy. Blackie was actively inviting him to spiritualize it!

Could it be that Blackie’s ability can restrain the Gold Devouring Ants?!

With excitement, Bai Xiaofei shot the light of the Spiritualization Art into Blackie's body and the fusion followed. Unlike the previous times, his body became much slimmer than even his original body and he felt unspeakably flexible.

However, the change of appearance wasn’t what he cared about. What he paid attention to was Blackie’s ability, and as expected, it didn’t let him down!

Unlike Huskie’s varied abilities, Blackie had only one, but it could be described as heaven-defying: Virtual Reality! That was, the wilder one’s imagination was, the more powerful this ability would be.

Of course, the premise was that the user had enough origin energy to support the illusion. The skill Scenery Simulation that he had gotten from Blackie before was only a simplified version of Virtual Reality…

“Just protect yourself and leave the rest to me!” The corners of his mouth slightly raised, Bai Xiaofei looked full of confidence.

If his promise with Jing Cheng just now had been a little far-fetched, it was no longer the case for the current him. He dared not say that he could annihilate the ants, but he was absolutely confident in ensuring their survival until Jing Cheng returned with reinforcements. Talking about imagination, Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t lose to anyone!

Bai Xiaofei didn’t give the girls time to refuse and leaped into the black ant mass like a fish into the sea as soon as he finished his words.

“No!” Lin Li was the first to rush to catch up with Bai Xiaofei. However, Hu Xian’er pulled her back as soon as she took a step.

“You think he’s the kind to rush into death?!”

Awakened by Hu Xian’er’s words, Lin Li abandoned the idea of rushing out, but the worry on her face didn’t decrease at all. The same expression seemed to be copied and pasted on the girls’ faces, but at this moment, they all chose to listen to Bai Xiaofei.

Bai Xiaofei did not let them down. As if to make sure that they could confirm he was alive, he immediately released a dazzling light upon landing and turned into the brightest spot in the night. Reassuring the girls wasn’t his only purpose for doing this. One of the characteristics of Gold Devouring Ants was their extreme sensitivity to light.

Therefore, the vast majority of Gold Devouring Ants surrounding the mountain instantly flocked to him. Those who continued to climb up were only the ones behind the mountainside.

“I heard that you guys can eat anything. Do you eat poison too?”

Catching his breath in the safe zone created upon his heavy landing, Bai Xiaofei quickly emitted a large patch of purple fog. All the ants caught in the fog were immediately slowed, then began to vaporize into purple pus at a speed visible to the naked eye…

Virtual Reality depended on the user’s imagination, but it must not be detached from reality. The wildest imagination could be virtualized, but it was hard to say what the effect would be. Therefore, Bai Xiaofei opted for a more realistic choice. He virtualized Nightcharm’s toxin.

It also demonstrated how extraordinary Blackie was. The origin energy in Bai Xiaofei’s body that did not have any attributes had now turned into a poisonous fog that had the exact same effect as Nightcharm, and the fate of the Gold Devouring Ants around him was the best illustration of the result. Blackie was truly perverse as he had guessed.

The most frightening thing was thanks to this new ability, Bai Xiaofei could now ignore any adverse effects. For example, he was standing safely within a deadly toxin that would kill anyone upon touch. Not only so, but he himself had also turned into a poisonous entity on par with Nightcharm’s flower core!

This time, the Gold Devouring Ants had met their bane. They were resistant to poison to some degree, but Nightcharm’s toxin was not included. Even Monarch Rank magical beasts had to avoid this poison, not to mention these ants that were only Spiritual Rank…

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