Chapter 505: All Because The Food Is Too Good!

Chapter 505: All Because The Food Is Too Good!

Bringing his mighty women group, Bai Xiaofei hurried to the gate with a bitter face. Although there were few students out around in the morning, anyone who was out, would without fail, notice Bai Xiaofei’s eye-catching team.

The girls were obviously divided into three small groups. Xue Ying and Lin Li formed one while Hu Xian’er was closer with the girls from the Demon of Illusions. Rui Mengqi alone was the third group. She was a straggler that ran everywhere because she didn’t divide others into categories.

Being naive had its advantage sometimes.

No matter how many groups there were, Bai Xiaofei being caught in the middle was the most uncomfortable one. He did wish for everyone to be one harmonious family, but to be able to maintain this peaceful state with no quarrels was already thankworthy. There was no such thing as being perfect in this world!

Jing Cheng was already waiting at the entrance with a frosty face. Bai Xiaofei thought he was early enough, but he still wasn’t earlier than Jing Cheng.

“I’m sorry, Vice Principal Jing, something happened and we were delayed a little,” Bai Xiaofei pulled a random reason and said it in a serious manner. Jing Cheng wouldn’t bother to ask anyway.

“The principal said to take the fourth-years. You agreed but are now defying his words.” Jing Cheng’s business-like attitude wasn’t a joke. He didn’t intend to give Bai Xiaofei face at all and directly pointed it out.

From another aspect, Jing Cheng didn’t want the Leng triplets to go into the Infinite Mountain Range. If he had to be honest, if they really encountered a situation that couldn’t be solved, whether he could protect himself was already a problem. Having too many people to keep safe and he would be helpless.

“Godfather, you can’t look down upon us! The fourth-years may not be better than us!” Leng Liuli stepped out just as Bai Xiaofei was feeling troubled.

Since the person he faced changed, his expression also changed accordingly. His serious face instantly turned placating and helpless.

“Liuli, the Infinite Mountain Range is no laughing matter. If anything happens to you, I won’t be able to explain it to your father!”

However, Jing Cheng’s words weren’t able to convince Leng Liuli at all and she immediately retorted.

“You don’t have to explain to him, we’re not going for fun. Didn’t you always tell us that strong flowers can’t grow in a greenhouse? If you are so protective of us, how are we any different from when we were back in the Snow Kingdom?” Leng Liuli made a good argument. She even quoted what Jing Cheng had said to their father before he took the three of them out of the Snow Kingdom.

This rendered Jing Cheng speechless. In the end, he let out a long sigh.

“Alright! But you must follow me closely. If anything goes wrong and I tell you to leave, you must listen!” Jing Cheng yielded.

“I knew it! Godfather loves us the most!” Leng Liuli didn’t listen to whatever Jing Cheng had to say next. She only knew that she could go out with Bai Xiao as she wished…

Leng Liuli returned to Bai Xiaofei’s side with a happy smile and smugly raised an eyebrow at him. See, isn’t it useful to bring us with you?

Bai Xiaofei understood her eyes and nodded approvingly. Indeed, if it wasn’t for her killer move just now, he might not even be able to take Hu Xian’er out, or even if he could it wouldn’t be as simple as it was now.

“You heard what I said to Liuli just now, it’s also for you all. If there is any situation, you must listen to my command!” Jing Cheng swept a look at everyone and finally fixed his gaze on Bai Xiaofei, a hint of threat in his tone, “Especially you. I know you have a lot of tricks, but in the Infinite Mountain Range, you’d better choose to obey, or else even I won’t be able to protect you!”

Although this was in good intentions for Bai Xiaofei, he still felt a little uncomfortable. He could be said to be a frequent visitor to the Infinite Mountain Range and Jing Cheng might not know the area as well as he did. It wasn’t too much to say that Bai Xiaofei was half a resident of the Infinite Mountain Range.

Despite thinking this, however, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t voice it, or Jing Cheng would never let him go out.

“I’ll listen to Vice Principal Jing!”

I’ll be good for now, but if something really goes wrong, it’s not up to you!

The Infinite Mountain Range was such a magical place that even Exquisite Ranks might be worthless in there.

“If you are all ready, let’s go.”

With Jing Cheng’s announcement, the group of ten people officially set out toward the depths of the Infinite Mountain Range.

After stepping into the area, their advancement slowed. Although the final gathering point for the grand celebration activity would be deep in the Infinite Mountain Range, safety along the way was also important. It wasn’t impossible that one or two high-ranked magical beasts would appear in the periphery, so they had to eliminate any hidden dangers and kill those that could not be avoided.

Since the peripheral wasn’t the core territory of the royal clan, they wouldn’t be angry enough to act over one or two magical beasts.

“You are familiar with the periphery, choose a direction.” Here, Jing Cheng could only rely on Bai Xiaofei. Although he was powerful, he hadn’t visited the Infinite Mountain Range in a long time. After all, this place bore the title of a forbidden area!

Bai Xiaofei inwardly smiled. He was waiting for this sentence!

Walking past Hu Xian’er, he patted her on the shoulder and motioned for her to rest assured. After their discussion last night, he had roughly outlined the target area. What he needed to do now was bring Jing Cheng there.

“In the southeast direction was where I once went on a mission. There is a river over there that’s frequented by low-level magical beasts, so the area can be used for the students to warm up. I have never met any high-rank magical beasts in this direction,” said Bai Xiaofei with confidence.

In fact, he didn’t know the original situation there, but last night Hu Xian’er and Uncle Feng had contacted and arranged for this road to be cleared according to distance. From the outside in, the level of magical beasts would rise in turn. Any existence that went against this rule would not have lived past last night.

Sure enough, the group confirmed this result as they followed Bai Xiaofei’s lead. Even so, their speed still gradually slowed even more. One reason was that Jing Cheng didn’t want to disturb the magical beasts, and the other was because their search area expanded horizontally.

With so many students in Starnet in addition to the returning alumni, it was impossible to stick to a small area, so they had to draw out a larger range. By this point, Bai Xiaofei also understood why Lei Shan sent Jing Cheng instead of Chu Qingtian or Luo Xi.

It was because Jing Cheng could fly effortlessly.

His title ‘High Sky Eagle’ wasn’t just for show. Bai Xiaofei was only responsible for planning the path, and then Jing Cheng would fly out to check, and it wouldn’t be long before he brought back accurate news.

Despite how fast Cheng was, however, the sky had darkened after the group determined the range of activity in the middle ring.

“We won’t move at night. I found an abandoned cave for us to rest for the night.”

Returning to Starnet was out of the question, and it was not wise to explore the Infinite Mountain Range at night as magical beasts wouldn’t follow their normal patterns when foraging, which meant the probability of coming across advanced magical beasts would greatly increase.

This didn’t matter to Jing Cheng, but he had to take care of the students.

Jing Cheng led everyone to the cave, which was located on a bare mountainside. The view from the cave was excellent while it was difficult to spot from below. It could be seen that Jing Cheng was not only fast but also had good eyesight!

Bai Xiaofei started a fire after throwing out a black ball that covered the mountainside in a black barrier. Everything had become easy to handle after he had money. This kind of useful prop hadn’t been available when he and others came to the Infinite Mountain Range before.

Thanks to Bai Xiaofei, the group didn’t have to eat dry rations that night.

“Vice Principal Jing, have a little rest. If something comes over, Blackie will tell us,” Bai Xiaofei said and pointed to Blackie, who was on the mountainside looking like it was taking a light nap.

Glancing at Blackie, Jing Cheng was reassured and came over.

Compared with Huskie, who only knew how to eat, Blackie was much more reliable. But so far, Bai Xiaofei hadn’t tried Spiritualization on it, so he sometimes would check the cat out with odd eyes…

Back then, when the Heart Devourer had made a mess in his sea of consciousness, Blackie’s spirit size was no smaller than Huskie. Since Huskie was so strong now, Blackie should be BUG-level as well!

At least that was what Bai Xiaofei expected…

“Second Sister, come and barbecue!” Sitting next to the fire, a hungry Leng Liuying shouted towards Leng Liushuang. The Roar Boars they had caught during the day were now useful. When a master chef met top-class ingredients, what kind of sparks would they cause? This made people really look forward to it!

Leng Liushuang did not disappoint. Under her skillful hands, it didn’t take long for a tangy aroma to spread through the mountain. Even Jing Cheng swallowed several mouthfuls of saliva.

All beings were equal in front of food.

However, what they didn’t expect was that their food was not only attractive to humans!

While everyone was eating, Blackie woke from its catnap with a start and all the fur on its body stood up.


The shrill cry jolted everyone from their enjoyment, and Jing Cheng was the first to respond. In a light leap, a pair of wings opened up from on his back and he flew up. Looking carefully into the distance, Jing Cheng’s face instantly grew ugly.

At the foot of the mountain, a black mass was climbing up, and this mass surrounded all directions. In other words, they had no place to run! And Jing Cheng’s face was ugly because this mass was too unsolvable.

Spiritual Rank, gregarious magical beasts – Gold Devouring Ants!

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