Chapter 504: Wife Group Forges Ahead!

Chapter 504: Wife Group Forges Ahead!

“I was not hearing things just now, was I?” Bai Xiaofei repeatedly swallowed with disbelief on his face. What had just happened was a bit too ground-breaking for him.

“If you are referring to our godfather, then you didn’t hear it wrong. Jing Cheng and our father are old friends. He was our godfather before we were even born,” Leng Liuying confirmed.

Bai Xiaofei became dumbfounded again.

“Why didn’t you guys tell me…” Thinking about everything before, he suddenly felt a kind of helplessness.

“In the beginning, we felt that there was no need to say it. Later, it was meaningless. After all, you never asked.” Leng Liuying shrugged with an innocent expression. Leng Liuli and Leng Liushuang, who had just returned, reacted similarly. They must have had discussed this in advance.

“This is but a small matter, but yours is different. What was Godfather talking to you about? He refused to tell us no matter how much we asked, but he only said a few words after you came. We are still confused until now.”

The girls were anxious to know, and Leng Liuying once again served as the voice of the triplets.


“Don’t even think about making up stories!” warned Leng Liuying seriously just as Bai Xiaofei hesitated.

They all knew him too well. If this was something that they couldn’t get involved with, he wouldn’t hesitate because he would definitely think of an excuse to refuse in advance. If he hesitated, it meant they had a chance!

With a long sigh, Bai Xiaofei accepted his fate and told them everything. At the end of it, the triplets all looked excited.

“We are going too!” Leng Liuli stated with no room for refusal.

Without any other choice, Bai Xiaofei could only agree. Although Lei Shan had said to choose from the fourth-year students, the strength of the Leng triplets was definitely enough. This kind of thing would have some leeway.

At this point, it was finalized for those four members of the Demon of Illusions.

Hu Xian’er must be taken as well. Not to mention her incredible power, her understanding of the Infinite Mountain Range alone was necessary. And so, basically all the people that Bai Xiaofei couldn’t let go would be present. Since the more debts one had, the less they mattered, Bai Xiaofei decided to call in Lin Li and Xue Ying as well.

The previous time when he had returned and visited them last, he had upset them. If it wasn’t for his thick skin, he wouldn’t be able to excuse his behavior.

This time, he decided it would be better to eliminate all hidden dangers before instead of being passively found out later.

After appeasing Chu Liuyun and the Leng triplets, Bai Xiaofei went to pay them a visit. After hearing about this matter, Lin Li and Xue Ying accepted his invitation with pleasure. It didn’t matter where they went as long as it was with Bai Xiaofei!

As for Qin Lingyan, Bai Xiaofei thought for a moment and decided not to look for her. It was better to have one less thing to worry about. It hadn’t been long since the last incident. He wouldn’t know what to say if he saw her now. Being quiet might just be the best choice…

The last one to know about this was Hu Xian’er. She and Bai Xiaofei discussed many things that couldn’t be made known to the others, and the main topic was the present situation of the Infinite Mountain Range in detail. After all, Jing Cheng would be with them tomorrow. They wouldn’t be able to communicate too deeply.

Lying in his bed with a load on his mind, Bai Xiaofei let out a long sigh and then fell into a deep sleep.

Many men wanted to have this kind of ‘having-it-all’ happiness, but who could understand the exhaustion behind the joy? And this was just the beginning. Even as carefree as Bai Xiaofei was, he didn’t dare to imagine the future…

Early the next morning, an active Leng Liuying kicked his door again. This had become her exclusive way of calling him.

“Lazy pig, we are all packed! How long are you going to sleep?”

For Bai Xiaofei, Leng Liuying’s voice was definitely the best alarm clock in the world, because the way she woke him up was always beyond one’s expectations and experience. From fancy ways of temptation to torture, Bai Xiaofei could be said to have experienced life-and-death ordeals so that he could bounce out of bed no matter how deeply he was sleeping!

“I’m up! I am washing my face, I will be ready soon!”

His reflexes responded before anything else, and Bai Xiaofei bounced up and ran to the washing place while putting on clothes. Then, he rushed out in a flurry after using the fastest speed in history to finish his morning routine.

He was dumbstruck as soon as he came out.

Who wouldn’t be to suddenly see six or seven beautiful women standing in front of them?

In addition to Hu Xian’ers and the girls that he had invited, the disturbing thing was that Rui Mengqi was also among them, looking ready to go!

One Leng Liuying was already scary enough. With the addition of a mindless, tricky Rui Mengqi, Bai Xiaofei suddenly had the feeling that he might not be able to return from the Infinite Mountain Range this time.

“Mengqi, we are going to the Infinite Mountain Range. It is very dangerous there.” Gulping, Bai Xiaofei made a final struggle.

However, Rui Mengqi’s response shut him up and, at the same time, scared him witless.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hold you guys back. I’m also a Master Rank puppet master now!” announced Rui Mengqi proudly with her impressive chest puffed out. Her current image was the definition of haughty and sassy.

That was indeed her current state of mind.

Praise me quickly! How have you not praised me yet for being so good!?

“Master Rank?!” Bai Xiaofei roared. Although he didn’t praise her as she had expected, this reaction could be considered another form of praise.

“Big Sister Mengi is a hidden genius. She may even surpass us in time,” Chu Liuyun lightly commented. This evaluation was quite high.

For now, Rui Mengqi had not been found to have any special physique, but it was ridiculous to conclude that she was a normal person as her cultivation seemed to have no bottlenecks and her speed of accumulating origin energy could rival with that of Wu Chi’s Heavenly Origin Physique.

Rui Mengqi’s spirit was also revealed to be monstrous. Facing people of the same rank, she could basically ignore all illusions except for the special ones.

To sum up, Rui Mengqi was a genius!

Perhaps this was compensation from Heaven. After all, her IQ and EQ were a serious issue…

“Alright then, let’s go!” said Bai Xiaofei nervously as he gulped with difficulty.

He was truly uncertain about this trip…

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