Chapter 503: Heheh, Scared Silly Aren’t You?

Chapter 503: Heheh, Scared Silly Aren’t You?

“Old Gramps, you didn’t call just to satisfy your craving, did you?” asked Bai Xiaofei as he sat down and watched Lei Shan savor the wine. At the same time, he secretly started to scheme something. Lei Shan definitely didn’t know as much about the situation of the Infinite Mountain Range as him!

“Smelly boy, still as wily as ever, aren’t you?” Lei Shan chuckled and looked at Bai Xiaofei praisingly. Communicating with Bai Xiaofei was easy as he always knew what you were planning, and he could solve it as long as you brought it up.

“The matter with the Infinite Mountain Range has been finalized. I have already talked it through with the people outside as well. The only thing left is to decide which area to carry out the activity. This requires field study. Your Savage Class trained in there before, right? So…” said Lei Shan as the smile on his face gradually grew crafty.

“I will go to inspect, but our previous training was only in the outer area. I will need manpower to go in deeper,” Bai Xiaofei agreed right away. Even if Lei Shan didn’t let him do this, he would find a way to take it over.

It was highly important to push the situation of the Infinite Mountain Range in favor of Hu Xian’er using the grand celebration.

Moreover, Bai Xiaofei’s reply was prepared flawlessly to avoid arousing doubt. In fact, the so-called manpower was just a cover. With his current strength plus Hu Xian’er and Uncle Feng, dominating the Infinite Mountain Range was impossible, but it wasn’t a problem to walk around wherever he wanted.

“Vice Principal Jing will join you. If this is not enough for you, you can also choose a group of fourth-year students.” Seeing how Lei Shan had all of his speeches ready, he seemed to have expected that Bai Xiaofei would agree.

“Old gramps, when did you learn to fling your work away and be an idle boss?”

This feeling of being schemed made Bai Xiaofei a little uneasy. His eyes swirled around as he planned his payback…

“What do you mean by idle boss?! Do you know how much effort it takes for me and your seniors to communicate with those outsiders? They are all heads of various organizations. Can’t you see that my beard has turned all white from fatigue!” Lei Shan exclaimed with a serious face, but he couldn’t hide the guilt in his eyes.

In fact, his so-called communication was just writing a few letters. With his influence, nine out of ten people who received his letter would jump around happily. How could they turn him down…?

Bai Xiaofei didn’t know about this, but it didn’t affect him from extorting Lei Shan. Who told him to be so low, right?

“That’s your business, grandpa. It’s you who put forward the anniversary celebrations, not me. I’m just a student going out to contribute to the academy. You can’t let me work for free!” Bai Xiaofei had sufficient reasons. Instead of being the reason for his lack of confidence, his identity as a student had actually become his killer move!

“Then what do you want?!” His beard blown up in anger, Lei Shan still yielded. He had tried seesawing with Bai Xiaofei before but was never able to beat him. Therefore, he decided to be more straightforward this time.

“I heard that a batch of new puppets just arrived at the Exquisite Pavilion and my old classmates have made progress recently, so they may need new puppets soon. You should encourage those who make progress right, grandpa?”

A bold extortion indeed! There were more than a dozen people in the Savage Class. The price of their new puppets altogether would be enough for Lei Shan's lifetime of Blossom Wine…

“Only 20% of the price! This is the limit!” Lei Shan stated his bottom line, and Bai Xiaofei agreed immediately.


Bai Xiaofei stood up from his seat, while Lei Shan felt cheated again. 20% might have been too much… However, it was still acceptable. After all, they had to pay the remaining 80%. How much money could a student have, right? They wouldn’t choose anything expensive… right?

While Lei Shan comforted himself, Bai Xiaofei had left his office.

The others really didn’t have much money, otherwise, they would not have delayed buying new puppets until now. But Lei Shan had overlooked something.

That was, Bai Xiaofei was not stingy with the Savage Class members, and Fang Ye was at the top of the Wealth Ranking!

A delighted Bai Xiaofei returned to the Demon of Illusions and saw Chu Liuyun sitting on the steps at the door. The way she looked while waiting quietly made him feel like a warm current was flowing through his heart.

This kind of simple happiness was sometimes the most touching…

“You are back! What did the principal find you for?” Seeing Bai Xiaofei from a distance, Chu Liuyun immediately greeted him with joy.

“It’s about the grand celebration. It’s decided. He told me to go out and choose a place,” Bai Xiaofei said lightly, but Chu Liuyun became a little worried.

“You’re going into the Infinite Mountain Range?!”

“Don’t worry, it’s just a quick trip. Vice Principal Jing will be with me, there will be no safety problems.”

Bai Xiaofei was smiling, but Chu Liuyun didn’t seem to be satisfied with his explanation.

“I want to go with you!” Her tone brooked no room for refusal.

Bai Xiaofei smiled wryly. Fortunately, Lei Shan said that he could bring others, otherwise, he really wouldn’t know how to explain this. He just could not miss this opportunity. Anyway, Chu Liuyun didn’t know what Lei Shan said.

“You can come with, but…” Bai Xiaofei frowned and hesitated.

“But? Is there a problem?” Chu Liuyun nervously asked.

“You have to kiss me! And you have to take the initiative!”

Hearing this, Chu Liuyun was first stunned, but she quickly reacted. There was no problem, this brat just wanted to take advantage of her!

“It seems that I really haven’t moved my hands for a long time!” Her voice instantly grew icy and the air of a big sister quickly surfaced. Bai Xiaofei, who had been extremely smug one second ago, instantly realized that he was in trouble and turned to run.

“You’re not staying?” A frail voice came from behind. Bai Xiaofei immediately lost control of his body and slowly stopped in a daze.

The Illusionary Symphony Physique was already terrifying by itself, and even worse when used by a beautiful woman, because one wouldn’t be able to refuse her at all…

When Bai Xiao returned to his senses, he had several pigtails on his head, and his clothes had become a snow-white dress. The scariest thing was that his face was painted with thick makeup…

The only thing to celebrate was that he was in his room! If this got out, his life would be ruined…

Heaving a sigh in fear for what could have happened, Bai Xiaofei hurriedly tidied up. Obviously, Chu Liuyun just wanted to scare him, but if there was a next time, he might become an exhibition…

“This can’t do! I must think of a way to counter the Illusionary Symphony Physique!” Bai Xiaofei made a decision while cleaning up. And this was also something that he could not understand.

In Ancient Yue, Tang Bing’s spiritual attack could scare even Grandmaster Ranks, but even that could not hurt Bai Xiaofei. Moreover, he could see through most illusions but was simply powerless against Chu Liuyun’s Illusionary Symphony.

Is this the legendary ‘everything has its vanquisher’?

Shaking his head, Bai Xiaofei cleared out the useless thoughts. Chu Liuyun wouldn’t hurt him anyway…

“Wake up, Vice Principal Jing is here!” Chu Liuyun’s voice rang again.

“So soon?!” Bai Xiaofei hurriedly cried and ran to the door. He didn’t have any strange reaction upon seeing Chu Liuyun, but the arrival of Jing Cheng surprised him.

Is it such a hurry?

“What do you mean ‘soon’? You’ve slept all afternoon.” Chu Liuyun rolled her eyes. It was only a simple hypnosis. It was on Bai Xiaofei that he conveniently continued sleeping.

Sure enough, one couldn’t give this lazy guy a chance to rest, otherwise, he would sleep until they started to doubt reality!

“Err… let’s go, let’s not make Vice Principal Jing wait.” Bai Xiaofei scratched his head in embarrassment.

When Bai Xiaofei arrived at the living room, Leng Liuli was pouring tea for Jing Cheng, while Leng Liushuang and Leng Liuying stood at one side. The rare thing was that Leng Liuying looked like a good girl!

At least Bai Xiaofei was shocked. Who had ever had this kind of treatment from her?

Moreover, Bai Xiaofei hadn’t ever seen Jing Cheng smile once since they first met, but the man was now smiling non-stop at the Leng triplets.

And the scariest thing was that, unknown if it was just his illusion, but Bai Xiaofei always felt that Jing Cheng’s gaze on him was quite odd. It made him feel like he was being targeted by the parents of a girlfriend!

“How are you getting ready?” There was obviously a trace of displeasure in Jing Cheng’s voice, as unlike Lei Shan, he was a disciplined person.

“I will gather people tonight, and we will leave early tomorrow morning. The activity of magical beasts in the morning is relatively low, which will be more convenient for our investigation.” Bai Xiaofei could only play safe since he hadn’t figured out the current situation, with the proper attitude that Chu Liuyun had advised he should have when facing elders.

“As long as you have a plan. I will wait for you at the entrance of the student area tomorrow morning. Don’t be late,” Jing Cheng said coldly and placed the cup in his hand on the table. “It seems that I can’t taste your tea this time, Liuli. Come and visit this godfather when you have time, girls. Your father inquired about your situation several times. If I don’t give any response, he will probably come in person.”

Then, he got up and left. The triplets followed to send him off.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei was completely stupefied…


No wonder that he looked at me with those eyes. Did I beard the lion in his den?!

Bai Xiaofei’s brain had turned into a mess. At this moment, Leng Liuying, who had snuck back, slapped him on the forehead and jolted him awake.

“Heheh, scared silly, aren’t you?”

She had said what was really in his heart…

It was more than just ‘scared silly’!!!

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