Chapter 502: Lei Shan’s Trick!

Chapter 502: Lei Shan’s Trick!

Feng Wuhen didn’t stay long after informing Bai Xiaofei of what was needed. He left less than three days later, but during those three days, a batch of goods that Bai Xiaofei had forgotten was delivered timely.

The puppets that Shang Youdao had promised!

In fact, even if they really pursued this matter, Shang Youdao no longer had any obligation to fulfill his promise since Bai Xiaofei couldn’t fulfill his part due to the change of situation which completely exceeded his expectations.

However, Shang Youdao still sent a total of 50 spear puppets, even more than the number originally agreed.

Two letters were attached together with this batch of puppets. After reading the letters, Bai Xiaofei understood the reason for the spear puppets.

After being awakened by Bai Xiaofei, Shang Youdao recovered his original sense of self. In addition, Ancient Yue had handed over all of its domestic commercial activities originally belonging to the Globe Merchant Group to his Bright Road Merchant House, so it successfully ushered in its new spring.

In his letter, Shang Youdao expressed his gratitude and said that he was very interested in the cooperation that Bai Xiaofei had once mentioned.

After Shang Youdao’s letter, Bai Xiaofei opened the second one and found that it was from Gu Heng.

After some words of courtesy, Gu Heng briefly described the current situation of Ancient Yue. Everything was progressing well and there had been no further movement from the Globe Merchant Group. As for the extra puppets, they were a small gift of gratitude from Gu Heng.

Finally, in the name of friendship, Gu Heng sincerely invited Bai Xiaofei to visit Nabu City again if he had time. He even said he would abandon his court sessions to accompany Bai Xiaofei.

To receive these kinds of words from the king of a country, Bai Xiaofei could brag about it for a long time.

However, he really had no chance to go again soon, at least not until he graduated. At that time, he didn’t even know if there would be new things to do.

Bai Xiaofei replied to each with a letter and asked the messenger to bring them back. In addition to the courtesy in the letters, Bai Xiaofei added an extra note in both: ‘If there is any news on the Thunderstorm Bandits, please inform me.’

He had also made this same request to Feng Wuhen. Feng Wuhen had agreed right away without questions, but he was very confused about why Bai Xiaofei gave him so many spear puppets.

Bai Xiaofei only gave him two words: ‘Protect yourself!’

After these two words, Bai Xiaofei made another request: ‘Absolute loyalty!’

Feng Wuhen instantly understood the implications and solemnly agreed. Although such a thing was not allowed from the standpoint of a business, looking at the major merchant groups, which of them didn’t have armed forces of their own? Therefore, it was completely understandable and acceptable for Bai Xiaofei to prepare in case of an emergency.

After sending off Feng Wuhen, Bai Xiaofei resumed his busy and fulfilling academy life. The girls also had their own plans. After an intimate period with Bai Xiaofei, everyone got back on track.

The former members of the Savage Class had collectively started to train hard thanks to Bai Xiaofei’s words at the banquet, and their strength was growing at a visible speed, day by day.

Chu Liuyun, who was one of the few graduates in their small circle, was the only exception. She basically had only one thing to do every day – accompany Bai Xiaofei…

All of the girls were accepting of this behavior, even Lin Li was no exception. No one knew when the next time they’d see each other again after saying goodbye at graduation…

Time flew by just like this. Very quickly, three-quarters of the new students’ 3-month orientation period had passed. There were only less than two weeks before the end of the orientation!

At this critical juncture, Bai Xiaofei was summoned by Lei Shan again.

“The principal must have something big to tell you. Although you are very familiar with him, you should be respectful. It is best to change your flippant attitude. Not all elders can understand you,” Chu Liuyun advised as she helped fix Bai Xiaofei’s clothes, looking very much like a housewife.

Compared with the big sister who had teased Bai Xiaofei in the beginning, she was now less sharp-tongued and more mature. The only regret was that she didn’t have the same determination as the Leng triplets…

“I’ll agree if you kiss me.” Bai Xiaofei grabbed Chu Liuyun’s hands with a cheap laugh and stared intensely as she blushed.

As a man, he couldn’t wait for the girl to take the initiative, right? If there was no opportunity, he could always create one!

“You’ve been very overboard recently…” Chu Liuyun wanted to refuse a little more, but she hadn’t finished when Bai Xiaofei had overbearingly sealed her lips.

A long while later, Bai Xiaofei left contented with a fragrance between his lips. Chu Liuyun was left in the room, her face flushed as if having a fever and her heart throbbing like it wanted to jump out of her chest…

Although it wasn’t the first time Bai Xiaofei made a move on her, Chu Liuyun still wasn't used to it. Perhaps it was precisely because of this that Bai Xiaofei always enjoyed teasing her.

Bai Xiaofei maintained a happy mood all the way to Lei Shan’s office. Unlike before, he entered with a serious attitude this time.

Chu Liuyun was right, and what’s more, Bai Xiaofei had already received an advance ‘payment’…

“Grandpa, I’m coming in.” His attitude was serious, but his address couldn’t just change right off the bat. Fortunately, Lei Shan was alone.

“Did you bring it?” Lei Shan’s tone was full of expectation, like a child seeing a candy seller.

Ever since his reconciliation with Lei Min, his mental state was getting better every day. He even quit drinking all because of a sentence from Lei Min.

But it was abstinence, so everyone should know… that sneaking a little to sate the taste buds didn’t violate the rules.

Therefore, Bai Xiaofei didn’t come empty-handed. It wasn’t once or twice that Lei Shan called him to satisfy his cravings.

“Thirty-year-old Blossom Wine,” Bai Xiaofei said and took out a delicate flask. Then, Lei Shan waved his hand gently and the office door was locked.

This was absolute control, the ability gained during the third stage of the Master Rank1. Bai Xiaofei was capable of this as well, but he couldn’t do it as effortlessly as Lei Shan.

For someone like Lei Shan, origin energy was the same as his hands and feet, unlike Bai Xiaofei, who could only use it as a tool. This had something to do with strength but still mostly depended on experience. Bai Xiaofei was still too young.

“Smelly boy, you’ve really started to grow up! It seems that leaving Starnet in your hands is a good decision!” Lei Shan casually dropped a bomb.

Bai Xiaofei’s face was instantly covered with shock. What does that mean?!!

1. Refer back to the three stages at chapter 48.

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