Chapter 50 Advancing into the Infinite Mountain Range

Bai Xiaofei’s words instantly jolted everyone awake. 

Tents…There seems to only be a single place near the academy that requires tents, the Infinite Mountain Range!

When they thought up to here, a drop of cold sweat couldn’t help but flow down from everyone’s foreheads. Could it be that we’re really going there? Moreover, we’re going to stay outside?!

Pure waiting instantly became a period of waiting for judgment once again, even if there was a very close guess for this approaching judgment. Meanwhile, Xue Ying was very swift, and it wasn’t long after she had left that she ran back beaming with excitement. Based on her expression, her plan ought to have gone smoothly.

“Let’s go.” Xue Ying spat out two words lightly before leading the way, and the direction she went was really towards the academy’s entrance.

“Big Sister Xue, where are we going?” Chen Hui wore a serious expression and gulped down a mouthful of saliva. Bai Xiaofei’s words from before were still reverberating within his mind.

“Haven’t all of you guessed it already? Why do you still ask?” Grinning, Xue Ying didn’t answer him directly and continued walking with large strides towards the entrance of the academy. The hearts of everyone behind her fell to rock bottom.

It’s actually true…

“Hello, Teacher. What are you…?”

Once they arrived at the entrance, a group of first-year students standing guard stopped them. Xue Ying didn’t hesitate in the slightest to directly take out a thin piece of paper. The content of it wasn’t important, but the exceedingly clear words “Lei Shan” at the lower left corner was suffused with a slight fluctuation of lightning element origin energy.

This sort of special signature couldn’t be faked. In other words, Xue Ying had already obtained Lei Shan’s agreement!

“Please go ahead.” As they opened up a path, the seniors that stood on guard at the entrance sized up Bai Xiaofei and the others who were exiting in single file with curious gazes. They couldn’t help but reveal slight shock when they saw that the people in this group were still wearing the uniforms of new students.

F*ck! Are these people going out to throw away their lives?

Under the focused gazes of the seniors, the members of the Savage Class, whose hearts were filled with bitterness, were really going out to become savages this time…

After they exited the academy entrance, Xue Ying scanned her surroundings as she walked ahead. After almost two hours, Xue Ying stopped at a place where the group couldn’t see the academy at all.

“Right here.” Feeling extremely pleased, Xue Ying let out a long breath of air as she sized up the surrounding environment. She then retrieved the tents she had bought earlier from her spatial ring. There were a total of twenty tents, and they were piled up into a large heap on the ground.

“I’ll give all of you an hour to set up the tents because we have other things to do later. Of course, all of you can delay. But if that happens, all of you will have to gaze at the stars as you sleep tonight. As for the academy, all of you can dream of going back. I’ve already notified the principal that the classes for the next month have already been strung together.” Xue Ying directly cut off their way of retreat and sent all of them into an impasse where they had no choice. The only way to survive was to listen to her.

Just as she had said, so long as they chose to follow her to train, they couldn’t dream of giving up halfway! For the sake of not sleeping out in the open, all of them acted immediately even if their limbs were currently weak right now…After burying themselves in work for another hour, twenty tents were set up by the time everyone stopped working, and this was something that even they didn’t dare believe.

Ming One and Ming Two had to be given great thanks. For some unknown reason, the two of them were actually familiar and skilled in setting up tents. There was a clear distinction between the finished tents on the two sides. One side belonged to the males while the other side belonged to the females and were also used to store the medicinal materials. Two tents were empty, and they were temporarily unaware of what Xue Ying wanted them for.

“Next is the benefit segment, and all of you will surely like it,” Xue Ying said and retrieved an entire twenty water barrels from her spatial ring.

“Place six within the forest on the left, ten in the forest on the right, and place the remaining four at the center of our campsite. Now, everyone go fetch water and fill up all the water barrels. Bring all of them to the center of the campsite once they’ve been filled. Mo Ka, you stay behind.” Xue Ying once more activated her commanding mode and successively gave out orders that caused all of them to be unable to discern the benefit.

Despite this the group of people, who already had no choice, acted immediately. Mo Ka stayed behind and felt perturbed. If he could choose, he would rather be manual labor like Bai Xiaofei and the others because staying behind alone with Xue Ying was truly too tormenting…

“You intend to be an Alchemist, right?” When faced with such a simple question from Xue Ying, Mo Ka couldn’t help but be stunned because he had prepared himself for an extremely difficult assignment…

“Right…” Mo Ka’s tone carried a trace of a lack of confidence, and he was deeply afraid he had said something wrong.

“Then the first puppet you chose must be a medicinal cauldron, right? Take it out and let me see.” Xue Ying grinned as she gave him a simple assignment.

Mo Ka still hadn’t realized what Xue Ying intended to do, and he very obediently took out his palm-sized medicinal cauldron from his pocket. When he poured his origin energy into the medicinal cauldron, the medicinal cauldron suffused a yellow glow and gradually grew to the size of a person. 

The expanding and shrinking of size was a basic function of all puppet medicinal cauldrons. Mo Ka’s yellow-grade medicinal cauldron was purchased with all the wealth he had accumulated, and it was already rather rare for a newbie.

“What’s the biggest it can become?” Xue Ying’s face revealed a trace of joy when she saw that Mo Ka’s medicinal cauldron was actually at the yellow grade, but her subsequent question caused Mo Ka to be somewhat stunned.

Mo Ka still hadn’t figured out the situation, and he said some basic knowledge of Alchemists, “If it becomes too big, it will become difficult to control the heat…”

“I know, and it’s fine. Just make it bigger.” Xue Ying hurriedly urged him while carrying a trace of anticipation on her face. The helpless Mo Ka could only follow as she said, and he poured in his Mastery Rank origin energy, causing the medicinal cauldron to expand madly. In the blink of an eye, Mo Ka’s medicinal cauldron expanded to the extent it was as tall as a two-floor building.

“I can only make it this big for now. Making it even bigger isn’t a problem of heat, but I won’t be able to maintain it.” A layer of fine beads of sweat emerged on Mo Ka’s forehead, and he had really tried his best already.

“Mmm, you can make it slightly smaller because it would still be large enough.” Patting Mo Ka’s medicinal cauldron, Xue Ying revealed a satisfied smile because everything was moving according to her plan!

Originally, Mo Ka wanted to ask Xue Ying what she wanted to do, but he refrained from doing so in the end because he wasn’t fearless like Bai Xiaofei…But before long, he knew why he didn’t have to go collect water – he had an even more “arduous” assignment…

As the other fifteen students completed their assignment and returned with barrel after barrel, they gaped at Mo Ka’s medicinal cauldron and entered a “staring blankly mode”.

What’s this about?

“Alright, leave four barrels of water behind and pour the others into the medicine cauldron!” As soon as Xue Ying finished speaking, Mo Ka suddenly had a bad premonition…


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