Chapter 48 Xue Ying’s Preparations!

After this meal, half of the Starnet Stones Bai Xiaofei had plundered in these past two days instantly vanished, and if it wasn’t for Mo Ka and the others having reaped large gains the previous day, Bai Xiaofei might have had to stay back in the Hundred Flavor House to wash the dishes…

After everyone ate and drank their fill, they returned to the classroom, and along the way, the sounds of discussions never ceased. There was only one center of discussion.

What to do about the battle!

Moreover, what caused Bai Xiaofei to be extremely moved was that, even though they were going against seniors, not a single person from the sixteen members of the class backed out. It had become a common view that all sixteen of them would be fighting together!

“Alright, all of you sit down. Class is about to start.” Xue Ying was rather gratified by everyone’s reactions. It was difficult to come by, but Xue Ying’s expression truly eased up before class started.

Everyone instantly settled down and silently looked at Xue Ying about to speak. As far as they were concerned, the outcome of this battle mainly depended on three people.

The first was Bai Xiaofei himself, not only because he was the cause of the matter but also –and more importantly – because of his endless tricks.

The second was Lin Li, a genius of the Energy Stream at the Master Rank! If Bai Xiaofei played the role of intelligence, then Lin Li played the role of force. Let alone new students, even second-year seniors might not be a match for her.

The last was Xue Ying! A single month! If it was before, then perhaps they would be unable to do anything within this month of time. But everyone firmly believed a single thing: with Xue Ying present a tremendous change might occur within them in this one month!

This was exactly what Xue Ying wanted to speak of right now!

“I don’t know what sort of people Qin Lingyan can find to fill her four spots, but if we think of the worst possible situation, each person’s strength would at most be at the Grandmaster Rank just like me.” Everyone couldn’t help but gasp when they heard Xue Ying.

Grandmaster Rank! If it’s really a senior at the Grandmaster Rank, would we have any chance of winning?

“But all of you don’t have to worry. According to my knowledge, there’s absolutely fewer than five people in the entire academy who have broken through to the 3rd stage of the Master Rank. Moreover, all of them are existences that like to keep to themselves. No matter how formidable Qin Lingyan is, she’s only a first-year student, and the possibility of her knowing them isn’t great.

“Coupled with the fact that if this was considered from the angle of an ordinary person, five people of the 1st to 3rd stage of the Master Rank would be enough to deal with all of you.”

The Master Rank was the divide between low-level puppet masters and high-level puppet masters, and only by striding into this rank would one be truly considered to have opened the entrance to the world of puppet masters.

It was from the Master Rank that puppet masters of the same rank were divided into stages, and the Master Rank was divided into three stages.

The first stage was internal sight, and being able to view the flow of origin energy within one’s body was the standard for advancing into the Master Rank. Bai Xiaofei had already taken this step. He only lacked the accumulation of origin energy.

The second stage was origin energy control. In addition to the foundation of being capable of internal sight, someone at the 2nd stage of the Master Rank was capable of casually controlling the speed at which one’s origin energy flowed within one’s body, thereby being able to control the strength of one’s attacks and not need to rely on cultivation techniques to automatically move one’s origin energy.

The third stage was absolute control. On top of the foundation of being able to control one’s origin energy, one would be able to control one’s origin energy a step further. The puppet master would be able to discharge origin energy through the seven origin energy convergence points in the body. Once a puppet master attained this stage, the utilization of origin energy would become varied.

According to what Xue Ying said, people at these three stages would be the main lineup of enemies they would face a month from now!

“If it’s enemies at the Master Rank, all of you still have the chance to fight!” Xue Ying said as an air of arrogance and confidence appeared on her face and caused the members of the class to become excited with her.

Fighting Master Rank experts as new students!

How could they not be excited by this?! But they were bewildered after they calmed down from their initial excitement because they knew their ability clearly. So what exactly does she want to do that gives her such confidence?

For a time, everyone stared fixedly at Xue Ying.

“Originally, the plan for your training was spread out, but now it would seem I can only compress it. I know it’ll be extremely difficult, but this is the only way for all of you!” Xue Ying said, stunning everyone in their seats.

Compress the training plan? Could it be that the training plan from before hadn’t been compressed?!

It can be even harder?!

Most people felt regret at this moment, but they had already jumped in the hole, and it was impossible for them to climb out.

“Big Sister Xue, what should we do?” Fang Ye asked with a light voice, and he just happened to hit the bomb Xue Ying had prepared.

“I would look for you even if you didn’t ask me.” Xue Ying rubbed her hands together as a faint smile containing deep meaning appeared on her face.

“How much is your allowance every month?” Xue Ying asked, and everyone revealed astounded expressions. Even Fang Ye was dumbstruck for a long time before he caught his breath. He had prepared himself for her response, but he hadn’t prepared a way to deal with such a direct question.

“Ten thousand Amethyst Coins.” Fang Ye slowly spat out a few words, and besides Wang Heng, everyone else gasped.

Sure enough, the life of the rich isn’t something the poor can imagine…

“Can you ask for more?” Xue Ying’s subsequent question almost caused everyone in the class to fall to the ground. 

Oh my god, what does she want to do? Smash Qin Lingyan and the others to death with money?

But Fang Ye was rather serious. As far as he was concerned, he was only a Ranged Stream puppet master at the Apprentice Rank, and he was really not of much use, but he wouldn’t act perfunctorily when dealing with money.

“I have savings of 500,000 Amethyst Coins. If I tell my father I have to pay fees, he ought to be able to give me a little bit more. But he told me before I came here that he wants to see my progress before he would.” Fang Ye had already started thinking about how to trick his father, but he never imagined that Xue Ying would be even more direct.

“Just tell him you want to bribe me, and get as much as you can. I guarantee that you’ll at least be at the peak of the Mastery Rank after this month of time!” Everyone was astonished as soon as those words were spoken, and even Fang Ye was almost unable to recover from his shock.

Fang Ye was so shocked by Xue Ying that he was slightly flurried, and he muttered out a few words, “Err, I’ll try my best…” 

But Xue Ying’s promise of allowing him to attain the peak of the Mastery Rank within a month deeply attracted him.

Wasn’t becoming strong exactly one of the reasons he had come here for!?

“Bai Xiaofei, how many Starnet Stones are left from those that you plundered? As of now, they’re confiscated!” After she dealt with Fang Ye, Xue Ying turned to look at Bai Xiaofei. But, unlike the pleasant expression she had when dealing with Fang Ye, Xue Ying used an ordering tone when dealing with Bai Xiaofei.

Due to being deterred by Xue Ying’s might, Bai Xiaofei very unwillingly handed over his jade token.

“All three of you as well!” 

Mo Ka and the others originally thought they had escaped calamity, and they revealed bitter expressions in unison before handing over their jade tokens like Bai Xiaofei.

“If I knew earlier, I wouldn’t have gone to the Hundred Flavor House to eat. It’s only a little over a thousand stones.” Xue Ying let out a long sigh as a trace of a sense of loss appeared on her face, whereas the members of the class that heard her were stunned.

A little over a thousand Starnet Stones?!!

For a time, everyone moved their gazes onto Bai Xiaofei’s group of four, and their gazes seemed to be asking, “What have the four of you done during these past few days?!”

“It still isn’t enough. Looks like I can only think of something else.” Xue Ying’s words pulled everyone back to attention before their previous surprise could pass.

It still isn’t enough?!!!


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