Chapter 5 Starnet Academy

Bai Xiaofei once more experienced the feeling of soaring through the sky as Old Man Revelation sent him to the Infinite Mountain Range’s outer area. 

During this time, Bai Xiaofei completely adapted himself to the changes in his body according to the geezer’s guidance.

Firstly, Bai Xiaofei was now capable of utilizing origin energy like an ordinary person, and now the volume of origin energy within his body matched that of a peak-level Proficient Rank puppet master!

Moreover, this was merely the outcome of utilizing the origin energy emitted by his origin core. If he used his entire strength to mobilize all of the core’s energy, his strength could compare with a Grandmaster Rank puppet master’s!

Presently, the puppet masters on the continent were divided into nine ranks: the Apprentice Rank, the Mastery Rank, the Proficient Rank, the Master Rank, the Grandmaster Rank, the Exquisite Rank, the Legend Rank, the Timeless Rank, and the Eternal Rank. The lattermost rank existed only in theory.

Bai Xiaofei could be said to have ascended the heavens with a single step, but the geezer had unfortunately and explicitly forbidden Bai Xiaofei from utilizing the origin energy within his origin core. This was because Bao Xiaofei had carelessly mixed the pink-colored energy into his origin core. Therefore, if Bai Xiaofei utilized the origin energy within his core to an excessive level, the pink energy’s aphrodisiac effect would activate...

This was also something the geezer envied a lot, as it was equivalent to carrying a storehouse of “medicine” wherever one went!

Just think about it, when you wanted to do that thing, all you had to do was casually utilize your origin energy, and then you’d instantly—

Cough…cough…that’s gone a bit indecent…

All in all, Bao Xiaofei was an explosive barrel of medicine capable of “exploding” at the slightest carelessness, and he was the type that would hurt both himself and others!

Besides Bai Xiaofei’s origin energy, the geezer had also given Bai Xiaofei a comprehensive explanation of the Lunisolar Brilliance technique. The explanation had caused Bai Xiaofei to wish for nothing more than to return what he had obtained.

The Lunisolar Brilliance was an upgradeable cultivation technique, and it was in theory capable of being a top divine-grade technique. But under the circumstance that the technique hadn’t been upgraded, it was ranked at the lowest origin grade. Furthermore, the method of its advancement was to use women as cultivation vessels... 

Moreover, the women must be virgins for it to be effective, and their strengths couldn’t be too weak!

Old Man Revelation had consoled Bai Xiaofei about the technique’s advancement criteria, explaining that every man on Starnet Continent had a few wives, which made this not a problem, and that Bai Xiaofei’s luck with women was very good based on his divination.

Of course, Bai Xiaofei didn’t believe the geezer’s so-called divination…

Additionally, once the cultivation technique advanced, it would not only increase the speed of recovery and the condensing of origin energy, but would also allow Bai Xiaofei to control an extra puppet for each new advancement!

This was very terrifying.

After all, besides a special case like Bai Xiaofei, ordinary people had to do two things if they wanted to control more puppets: solidify their spirits and split their minds!

The firmness of the spirit dictated the amount of puppets one could simultaneously bind, and the flexibility of the heart dictated how many puppets one could concurrently control!

Solidifying the spirit and splitting the mind were the acts of improving the spirit and the mind. They were the hardest to improve among a person's essence, energy, body, spirit, mind, and origin energy. Numerous people were unable to go further and enter the ranks of high-ranked puppet masters due to these two things.

To the current Bai Xiaofei, however, these thresholds were nonexistent, and he only needed enough women!

Of course, the precondition was that there were women who satisfied the technique’s requirements and were willing to give themselves to him – and if Bai Xiaofei wasn’t worried about conflict among his women…

But Bai Xiaofei felt relieved after a quick thought: even if he was unable to upgrade the cultivation technique, he was still very satisfied with being able to possess his current strength. After all, he couldn’t even utilize his origin energy prior to practicing the technique.

A man can’t be too greedy. Bai Xiaofei held such a mentality and felt that his encounter with Old Man Revelation this time could still be considered a good thing…

“Alright, take this. Continue walking forward, and you’ll see a school called Starnet Academy. That place will accept you, but you have to pass a test,” said Old Man Revelation as he passed an invitation letter to Bai Xiaofei. The letter was almost the same as the one Revelation had given the young magical beast woman, but it was made of extremely ordinary paper.

“Master, didn’t you say you’re one of the three great Legends and possess a deep relationship with Starnet Academy? Why is your invitation letter so low in level?” Bai Xiaofei frowned and wore an expression of dislike as he received the invitation letter.

“Err…” After thinking for a long time, Revelation was unable to come up with a suitable explanation. He couldn’t say that he had previously taken out the wrong one and had given the high-level invitation letter to another, right? “What the f*ck do you know? Starnet Academy’s entrance invitations are in great demand, and it's not bad that you’re able to obtain one. What’s with all the nonsense, carry the f*ck on!”

Revelation kicked Bai Xiaofei on the butt then leapt onto his golden arrow. “Master has brought you here, and it’s up to you whether or not you can achieve anything!” 

When the geezer had become a black dot in the horizon, his voice still hadn’t finished resounding through the air. He had left readily without the slightest thought of cherishing this “one and only disciple” of his…

“F*ck! That old fellow has finally left!” Bai Xiaofei heaved a long sigh of relief as if a heavy weight had lifted off his shoulders, and it wasn’t just him. Even Huskie recovered his vigor and leapt out.

“Huskie, do you think that old fellow went looking for a lover of his?” As he revealed a sly grin, Bao Xiaofei patted Huskie, who was now at least two sizes larger. Huskie coordinated will with him and barked twice.

“You haven’t grown for over ten years, yet you’ve grown so much in the first day we came out here. Looks like leaving was really the right decision!” After Bai Xiaofei found another satisfying reason for running away, he walked in the direction the geezer had pointed out for him.

“Let’s go. We’ll go experience this Starnet Academy!”

Thus began the “brilliant” phase of Starnet Academy’s history...


“Over here, over here. All those who have the ordinary entrance invitation line up here. Those with high-level and top-level entrance invitations enter the passageway on the right.” 

At one side of Starnet Academy’s high and grand entrance was a line whose end couldn’t be seen and, to its other side, was a passageway where few people occasionally entered. 

But no matter which side it was, both sides shared a common characteristic: they were exceedingly quiet, and there wasn’t a single person who dared to act rashly.

“Sorry, fellow student. Your invitation requires you to line up on the left.” The person on duty stopped Bai Xiaofei and Huskie outside the entrance. The expression of “I refuse to comply” covered Bai Xiaofei’s face. 

“How could that be possible?! This was given to me by Old Man Revelation! Do you know Old Man Revelation? He’s one of the remaining three Legends! How could the thing he gave me be low leveled!?” Bai Xiaofei spoke as he squeezed forward, but no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to break through the final line of defense.

“Sorry, fellow student. Numerous people over there have said that various great figures have recommended them, and even if your words are true, we have no way to prove it. So, we only recognize the invitation letters. Yours is a low-level invitation requiring you to participate in the entrance tests. You must register yourself over there.”

During the stalemate between Bai Xiaofei and the person on duty, a student with the word “Starnet” embroidered on the breast of his clothes approached.

The group of people on duty before the entrance respectfully withdrew to both sides. 

“Senior,” they said.

Seeing this, Bai Xiaofei also grew slightly more quiet, because no matter how he looked at the student who had walked over, the student didn’t seem like someone easy to deal with.

“Nevermind, nevermind. Since all you little lackeys can’t make a decision, I’ll just take the test. In any case, it doesn’t make a f*cking difference to me,” said Bai Xiaofei as he awkwardly walked towards the end of the line. Huskie, on the other hand, turned and fiercely barked at the group of people before hurrying off to catch up to Bai Xiaofei.

As this happened, the Fox Clan young woman from yesterday sauntered over with the golden invitation letter in her hand. Her “injuries” from yesterday seemed to have completely recovered.

Her body visibly shuddered when she saw Bai Xiaofei grinning at her, but it was only for an instant. Bai Xiaofei, not knowing the situation, didn’t think too much about it. In the blink of an eye, he ran to the back of the line.

A wisp of an indescribable feeling flashed through the young woman’s eyes when she saw his indifference. She then turned to walk through Starnet Academy’s entrance…

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