Chapter 498: Dimwitted New Student!

Chapter 498: Dimwitted New Student!

After returning from the party, Bai Xiaofei didn’t sleep all night. His girls who originally planned to trouble him also chose to keep quiet. At a time like this, silence would be the best comfort.

However, just because Hu Xian’er and the girls left Bai Xiaofei in peace didn’t mean others also had this kind of tact.

Just as Bai Xiaofei was nursing his sorrow, Fang Ye came running in a hurry. Hu Xian’er and the girls instantly had a bad premonition.

“Is Brother Fei here?” Fang Ye hurriedly asked, his face full of tension.

“Yes, but he is not in a good state right now. What is it? You can tell me first.” Hu Xian’er had a troubled expression. If she could, she planned to make this stop here. It was best to let Bai Xiaofei be alone and quiet by himself at this moment. Otherwise, no one knew what he would do.

After all, the last time she saw Bai Xiaofei like this was the Di Jiang incident. His actions then were still fresh in everyone’s memory.

“It’s the new students. They have gathered all their Master Ranks and challenged us, saying that if we lose to them, we can no longer interfere with their normal life,” Fang Ye said with a hint of reluctance.

“Interfere with their normal life? I see that they don’t know how we all got here before!” Hu Xian’er’s face instantly turned cold. She was really angry. “Since they want to die, I will satisfy them. Take me to them, I alone am enough!”

Hu Xian’er was ready to use her full force. This group of new students could be said to have delivered themselves to the door at a very bad time.

However, in the face of her request, Fang Ye didn’t agree right away. Instead, there was bitterness on his troubled face.

“They said it would be unfair if we send out Grandmaster Ranks.”

Hearing this, not only Hu Xian’er, but even Chu Liuyun and the others couldn’t stand it.

“Did the Grandmaster Ranks stay out when our New Student Community was suppressed by the Student Union? The president of the Student Union was still the number one on the Combat Ranking then!” Leng Liuying slapped the table and stood up in displeasure.

“They said that in a year, they won’t be afraid of the Grandmaster Ranks; that what we are doing now is just bullying the weak.”

“Bullying, huh? Very good, then I will bully them today!”

Hu Xian’er didn’t care that much, she just wanted to vent her anger. For them, Bai Xiaofei pushed through public opinion and banned all the old students from bullying the new students. Yet, not only they were not satisfied, but they now even planned to bite back.

If she didn’t teach them a lesson, she wouldn’t be able to control the fury in her heart!

“Go! Let us all go!”

Hu Xian’er stood up. The rest, in their anger, also followed. Fang Ye wanted to say something but ultimately decided not to.

Except for Bai Xiaofei, no one could stop Hu Xian’er…

Just as Fang Ye was feeling troubled, the girls walking in front of him collectively stopped before they could pass the doorstep.

“Fang Ye.”

Bai Xiaofei’s face was completely dark, but it wasn’t because Hu Xian’er had made a decision without his authorization. He knew that they did it for his own good.

Hearing his voice, Fang Ye hurried over in pleasant surprise and looked at him hesitantly.

“Deliver my words. All Master Rank members of the Student Community are to gather in the new-student area!” Bai Xiaofei didn’t say a word more, but his cold voice said it all. He was even more displeased than Hu Xian’er!

Fang Ye assented and hurriedly ran out.

Bai Xiaofei slowly walked towards the girls. Trying to relax his expression as much as possible, he said his first words to them since coming back from Qin Lingyan’s party.

“I’m so sorry. I will adjust as soon as possible.”

His expression was apologetic. Although all the girls felt that he didn’t need to apologize, they didn’t say anything and chose to accept it.

Maybe it would make him better to say this…

“Nothing else is important, as long as you’re fine. We can’t be absolutely satisfied with everything. No one can force others to do something or view a certain matter with any attitude,” Hu Xian’er whispered.

Standing behind her, the rest of the girls silently agreed. Even Rui Mengqi, who had always been erratic, was very quiet today.

“I understand that it is impossible to have the best of both worlds. I’m already very happy that you guys can accept me. I just don’t want to owe others too much. If there is a chance, I will return her favor.”

These words were equivalent to an indirect statement from him. The girls knew they should feel happy about this, but they weren’t at all. Compared with seeing him like this, they’d rather accept one more person.

But from how things looked…

“Let’s go, let’s deal with the new students first, or it’ll get really difficult to handle when it snowballs,” Mentioning the new students, Bai Xiaofei’s face was icy.

Since you don’t know happiness while you have it, I’ll let you experience the real Starnet!

Bai Xiaofei’s orders were delivered exactly word for word by Fang Ye, and the response demonstrated his influence for the first time after his trip away.

No matter who they were, no matter what they were doing, as long as a student met the requirement of being a Master Rank, they all stopped everything at hand and gathered at the appointed place at the fastest speed possible!

When Bai Xiaofei and the girls arrived, there was already a sea of people in the new-student area.

“Boss Bai is here!!!”

Someone shouted, and the crowd immediately opened up a path leading to the front. As Bai Xiaofei’s group walked through, the noisy crowd immediately quieted down.

At the front of the crowd, Fang Ye was quietly waiting, and standing opposite him was a group of trembling new students.

Except for the thirteen people at the very front, the new students standing behind had already thought of backing out. They had never heard of this kind of scene, let alone experiencing one!

Thousands of Master Rank puppet masters in one place. Who could believe this?!

However, this wasn’t the main problem. The most frightening thing was that all those Master Rank puppet masters were showing respect to those several people!

Who on earth is this guy?!

These poor new students… They didn’t even do any research, they didn’t even know whose territory they were stirring up trouble on, and they still dared to stand up. It wouldn’t be unreasonable if they died here…

“I heard that you challenged the Master Rank students of the Community. I have gathered all the Master Ranks. When are you going to start?” With a sneer, Bai Xiaofei shocked everyone with his opening speech.

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