Chapter 496: You Doubt Me?

Chapter 496: You Doubt Me?

Qin Lingyan’s coming-of-age ceremony was held at the Thousand Aroma Restaurant as Bai Xiaofei’s previous renovation of this place had made it very suitable for holding this kind of party.

The arrival of Bai Xiaofei’s group was undoubtedly an additional highlight to the party. Not to mention him who was of VIP status, the appearance of Hu Xian’er and the girls alone was enough to surprise everyone.

People would believe it if someone said this was a banquet held by Blossom Pavilion!

Moreover, to Bai Xiaofei’s surprise, not only his group, but Xue Ying and Lin Li were also invited. Even the frail-looking Luo Han was present…

This heightened his anxiety.

“You have come.”

The dress that Qin Lingyan wore was the one that Bai Xiaofei gave her. Coincidentally, it was also sky blue… To be more precise, the dress and his suit were a couple set from the Vivid Wing Chamber!

Qin Lingyan didn’t know this was a coincidence. She thought Bai Xiaofei deliberately meant for this to happen and was pleased by this. Seeing her expression as well as the couple outfits, Hu Xian’er and the other girls were inwardly annoyed. Who would have thought it would be such a coincidence?!

Receiving their glares, Bai Xiaofei made an innocent face. You guys bought this suit for me!

“We aren’t late, are we?”

Ignorance meant innocence, so no one could complain. Also, no one else should be speaking aside from Bai Xiaofei on this occasion. It wasn’t a problem no matter how weak he was in the Demon of Illusion, but outside, he was a well-deserved center.

“Of course not, it has just begun.” Smiling at Bai Xiaofei, Qin Lingyan looked very different today, with less ice and more gentleness.

“We are good on our own. Go take care of your other guests, we are not strangers.” After some courtesy, Bai Xiaofei tried to give himself some space.

Qin Lingyan didn’t make it difficult for him. She softly assented and left to entertain others.

“You’ve finally come!” A thrilled Lin Li pounced and hugged Bai Xiaofei’s arm as soon as Qin Lingyan left. “Hello Big Sis Xian’er, Big Sis Liuyun, Big Sis Mengqi, Big Sis Lengs…”

Lin Li greeted everyone warmly one by one. Facing this earnest and harmless girl, the other girls really couldn’t harbor any dissatisfaction, even though she did something they didn’t dare to do.

“Long time no see, Lin Li. You have become more beautiful again. I bet someone is very happy,” Hu Xian’er said and inconspicuously glanced at Bai Xiaofei. Because of this, she didn’t notice that Lin Li’s expression grew even happier with her words.

“No matter how beautiful I am, I can’t compare with Big Sis Xian’er, otherwise he would spend at least a day visiting me,” complained Lin Li as she flashed Bai Xiaofei an aggrieved glance that was enough to melt any man’s heart.

“You can’t wrong me, I was too busy to find the time!” Bai Xiaofei righteously quibbled, but in return, the group scoffed at him.

You were busy? You dare prove it?!

The girls then ended up chatting with each other in high spirits, and Bai Xiaofei became redundant and was cast out.

However, he was glad. It had been really uncomfortable to be surrounded by them. Every word he said, he would fear if he’d say the wrong thing…

After Bai Xiaofei left the group, a bunch of seniors immediately brought their glasses and gathered around the girls. The huge group then greeted each other enthusiastically and started chatting about everything.

The essence of a coming-of-age ceremony was, in fact, a social means to bring together people of equal social backgrounds to get to know each other and expand their social circles. Eating, drinking, and flattering each other made up the whole content of this activity.

And Bai Xiaofei was like a duck taking to water in this environment! Not to mention that Bai Xiaofei was now a star-studded existence, his silver tongue that could turn back to white was already enough for him to blend in. After convincing everyone of his charm, Bai Xiaofei pulled out.

Looking at Hu Xian’er’s group who were still chatting together, he summoned the courage to approach Xue Ying. Ever since the start of the party, she had been holed up in a corner and drank wine by herself. With her identity as a teacher, no one dared to strike up a conversation with her.

Moreover, in the view of most people present, Xue Ying had no value to be approached. Aside from being a teacher of Starnet, she was but an ordinary person, while all of the other people present had a certain background within a kingdom or organization. People without some kind of background wouldn’t be invited by Qin Lingyan.

It wasn’t that she looked down on those without power, but that her social circle only included these people. A person’s background determined their field of vision.

“Drinking alone? Isn’t this inconsistent with today’s theme?” Bai Xiaofei said as he filled himself a glass and accompanied Xue Ying.

“I came here because of you. If it wasn’t for the rumors about an unclear relationship between us, do you think I would be invited? Tonight is definitely not as simple as you think. I’m afraid that girl Qin Lingyan is going to do something,” Xue Ying spoke without holding back, gesturing for Bai Xiaofei to look at Hu Xian’er’s group. “All the girls who have contact with you were invited. Don’t tell me you don’t have any guesses.”

Bai Xiaofei sighed.

How could he not see it? He just didn’t want to admit it… However, he could not escape from some things.

“What can I do? I’ll just react accordingly.” Bai Xiaofei drained his glass in one go. He supposed that today he’d pay the price for messing around with too many girls.

“Then let’s talk about something happy.” Smiling, Xue Ying skipped the topic. “How are you preparing for the grand celebration? Have you taken my words into consideration?”

At this question, Bai Xiaofei frowned.

“Didn’t you say ‘something happy?’ What about this is worth being happy…”

In the face of his complaining, Xue Ying snuck a smile.

“I thought you’d like to discuss this kind of thing. After all, you’re always eager to add fun to the show,” teasing him a little, Xue Ying then grew serious. “Let me ask you again, how sure are you about your own safety?”

Bai Xiaofei also became solemn.

“Big Sis Xue, why are you so concerned about this particular matter? Do you know something that I don’t?” Although he hated to ask this, he had to. Xue Ying was a mysterious existence. Considering that she was a teacher, everything about her was really out of place.

“Why? You doubt me?”

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