Chapter 495: Qin Lingyan’s Coming-Of-Age!

Chapter 495: Qin Lingyan’s Coming-Of-Age!

After the new students entered the academy, Bai Xiaofei was not as busy as he had imagined. Everyone had their own duties, and his was to resolve any emergencies, but so far nothing difficult had happened.

His life got back on track with him paying all the ‘debts’ he owed in the past six months, which was accompanying Hu Xian’er, Lin Li, and the other girls almost all day, everyday in different ways…

However, unlike before, he added a new daily task to his schedule: Go to the library and read up on the general history of the continent.

Learning about origins was an important lesson that the trip to Ancient Yue taught him. In addition to absolute strength, sometimes history could determine many things. Just like Tang Bing. Many questions would be left unsolved if Bai Xiaofei hadn’t caught on that he was the son of the former Mighty General.

Therefore, Bai Xiaofei made up his mind that before graduating from Starnet, he would read all the books on the history of the continent over the past one hundred years that its library had to offer!

Moreover, he wasn’t so stupid as to only read books. With Lei Shan, a living history book right there, Bai Xiaofei would run over to ask the old man when he found something out of place in the books. Lei Shan was also happy to tell him stories. He had personally experienced many things that Bai Xiaofei read about in books, which greatly increased the authenticity of information that Bai Xiaofei had learned.

Books were written by people and were inevitably affected by subjective ideas or other factors. Therefore, the saying ‘if one completely believes in books, they are better off not reading at all’ was quite reasonable. Bai Xiaofei managed to find a balance between books and their validity. After all, besides Lei Shan, he also had his mentor Gu Xing.

It was worth mentioning that the meeting between new and old students organized by Bai Xiaofei produced a miraculous effect. In the first half month, the new students did have the tendency of becoming arrogant like Zhang Yun had worried about. Right at that time, the ‘friendly exchange’ began.

All the people that Bai Xiaofei sent were peak-grade Master Rank. All of the Student Community members who were ranked on the Combat Ranking were included.

This first meeting was a complete crushing victory for the seniors. Even some exceptionally outstanding new students failed to stir any waves because they were all taken special care of. Their opponents were all high rankers on the Combat Ranking!

From this exchange, the new students were made fully aware of their own shortcomings and also understood what ‘smashing an egg against a rock’ meant…

However, it could be seen that they had not yielded. Therefore, the seniors all geared up for the second exchange. Since Bai Xiaofei disallowed bullying, these scheduled meetings became a channel for them to vent. In other words, everyone’s power and emotions were all saved for one single fight.

That was the purpose: Beat them into submission at their boiling point!

Bai Xiaofei did not personally participate in all this, mainly because he was too lazy. However, he remembered every new student with outstanding performances. If the others failed to keep these new students in check, he and Hu Xian’er would personally step out.

Also, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t participate in the second exchange because he had something more important…

Qin Lingyan’s coming-of-age ceremony!

Bai Ye had reminded him about it one month in advance. Even after one month’s preparation, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t come up with a decent gift. In the end, he took advice from Fang Ye and ordered a dress at the Vivid Wing Chamber branch…

With this handled, Bai Xiaofei faced another problem – How to tell Hu Xian’er and the others, which was the problem of the century for him.

With an uneasy heart, Bai Xiaofei returned to the Demon of Illusions and was shocked silly by what he saw.

The girls were trying on clothes, all of which were formal dresses!

Gulping, Bai Xiaofei felt that something big was going to happen tonight.

“You guys are…?” asked Bai Xiaofei nervously despite knowing perfectly well what the answer was.

An excited Leng Liushuang walked up and asked in disbelief, “Tonight is Qin Lingyan’s coming-of-age ceremony, but she didn’t invite you? That’s impossible.”

“Ah, indeed! I was so busy that I forgot!” Bai Xiaofei slapped his head with an expression of enlightenment.

His response was a cold snort from Leng Liuying. “Why did I hear that someone had a headache from choosing a gift for her? Or could it be just a rumor?”

Bai Xiaofei’s heart turned cold hearing those words. Only Fang Ye and Yun Sheng knew about this matter, and Fang Ye’s lips were very tight. Therefore, the only one who could have betrayed him was…

He looked over at Yun Sheng. Realizing that he was exposed, Yun Sheng hurriedly looked away. However, he could distinctly feel Bai Xiaofei’s cold eyes on him.

It’s over, he’s holding a grudge again…

Yun Sheng thought to himself, but after a second thought, he quickly calmed down. Bai Xiaofei had held grudges against him many times before, adding one more wouldn’t matter!

As the saying goes, when there are too many debts, one stops worrying about them. This was Yun Sheng at the moment. Meanwhile, the really pitiful one was actually Bai Xiaofei…

“It must be a rumor. I’ve only been with you guys recently. How would I find the time for something like that?” Bai Xiaofei used his life-saving card. So many days of busily running around must be worth something, right?

“Liuying, leave it.”

The voice that stopped Leng Liuying from continuing to attack Bai Xiaofei belonged to Leng Liuli who was walking towards them. At the same time, her storage ring flashed and a brand-new light blue suit appeared in her hands.

“You probably don’t have suitable clothes. We chose this for you,” said Leng Liuli with a slight smile.

Her image in Bai Xiaofei’s heart instantly became grand. With a wife like this, who could ever ask for anything else?!

If the triplets were all like Leng Liuying, Bai Xiaofei might just die young…

“Go and change, we are all waiting for you!” Chu Liuyun added.

Bai Xiaofei hurriedly nodded and ran into his room. While changing clothes, a myriad of ideas ran through his mind. He couldn’t figure out why Qin Lingyan would invite the girls. He just hoped that nothing unpleasant would happen.

Full of worries, Bai Xiaofei finished changing and stood in front of the mirror, appreciating his ‘noble image.’

Mhm, can’t say charming, but more than enough for sunny and handsome. What’s more, I am strong inside!

Inside… Well, indeed. It was impossible to find someone else as shameless in the whole Starnet…

Slowly pushing open the door and enjoyed the admiring gazes of the five peerless beauties on him, Bai Xiaofei was in an exceptionally good mood.

“Let’s go and have that big meal!”

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