Chapter 493: New Students; Examiner Bai Xiaofei!

Chapter 493: New Students; Examiner Bai Xiaofei!

As the legendary stories of Bai Xiaofei’s 1 versus 16 slowly faded, the arrival of new students made everything else secondary.

Under the single-handed planning of Jing Cheng, the entrance examination remained tricky as always. Fortunately, this time Bai Xiaofei had turned from participant to audience.

Perhaps inspired by Bai Xiaofei, this year’s entrance exam adopted the integral system as a whole. Like the previous ones, it was a comprehensive assessment of the overall quality of students and the top 50 scores would be admitted. However, there were no loopholes to take advantage of like the previous year. Everything required actual capability!

Per Lei Shan’s request, Bai Xiaofei, as the leader of the Student Community, was the examiner of the IQ and EQ assessment, and the contents would be decided upon by himself.

The method he decided on was quite simple and crude – Chatting!

“I ask questions, you guys compete to answer them. Everyone has only one chance to answer. We move on to the next question once someone gives me the answer I want. You get 20 points for each correct answer. Since there are 20 of you, I’ll ask a total of 20 questions.”

Bai Xiaofei paused a little. Said twenty people all wore different expressions.

“Alright, the first question is over. Congratulations, you got the first 20 points!” Bai Xiaofei said, pointing to a person with a calm expression.

Everyone was dumbfounded, even the student who Bai Xiaofei pointed at.

“The second 20 points are yours.” The surprise hadn’t passed when Bai Xiaofei pointed to the only person who looked calm at this juncture.

After two tests in a row, most of the 20 people caught on to his intent, but some refused to accept it.

“Didn’t you say you’d ask questions? What do you mean by giving points directly without an explanation?!” After missing out on 40 points, one person lost his temper and stood up, staring at Bai Xiaofei resentfully.

“You can leave. You won’t get a single point from me,” Bai Xiaofei said and motioned for the person to leave. The indignant examinee froze in the spot.

Without any points, he could basically say goodbye to entering the academy this year…

“Based on what?!” This person put up a final resistance, but unfortunately, what Bai Xiaofei said was law.

“Nothing, just because I don’t like you, and I am the examiner of this test.”

As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished, Wu Chi sitting next to him stood up. His burly appearance was intimidating.

“What? Do you have any other comments?” Wu Chi plausibly asked.

The person in question immediately chickened out. With deep resentment on his face, he turned and left.

“Alright, let us continue…” Bai Xiaofei got back on track and questions were thrown out one by one, each weirder and trickier than the last.

As a result, when the test was over, the remaining 19 examinees had the feeling of being liberated. There was too much pressure facing Bai Xiaofei!

What they hadn’t noticed was that under Bai Xiaofei’s deliberate maneuvering, all of them had earned 20 points except for the hopeless one who had been asked to leave. In fact, if Bai Xiaofei could, he didn’t want anyone present to leave with regret, at least not in his test.

That one exception was purely too moronic…

“Let me give you guys a piece of advice as a parting gift,” said Bai Xiaofei with a smile after the question part was done. “If you join Starnet, you must remember that upholding the justice in your heart will take you further in this academy. If you fail to join Starnet, still don’t forget that justice. Good and evil have their own karma, Heaven watches and looks after that.”

Not caring if his words were understood, Bai Xiaofei waved his hand and dismissed the first batch. He had to hurry. Thousands of people were waiting in line…

In this way, Bai Xiaofei, bearing the ‘heavy responsibility,’ spent a whole day passing all the examinees. In other words, except for those who had received the special invitation letter to enter the academy, the rest with ordinary backgrounds had to face him.

Perhaps this was Lei Shan’s intention when he made Bai Xiaofei an examiner…

At the end of the day, some examinees left a deep impression on Bai Xiaofei. Gold would shine everywhere, not to mention that they would shine radiantly…

“You must be dead tired. How was it? I heard that the examinees this year are quite interesting!”

Bai Xiaofei was surrounded the moment he returned to the Demon of Illusions. Unlike the ‘torture’ last time, they were honestly trying to make him feel better this time. The triplets pinch-massaged his shoulders and legs. Even Leng Liuying’s tone when questioning him was exceptionally friendly.

“There are some Illusion Streams, but not many.” Bai Xiaofei knew what they wanted to know, so he got straight to the point. He didn’t dare to beat around the bush with the Leng triplets anymore, otherwise, he might die before he realized…

“Yay! I told you there would be!”

Leng Liuying jumped in joy. Leng Liuli and Leng Liushuang looked delighted as well, they just didn’t react as intensely.

“I’ll go cook. We should celebrate this tonight!”

“I’m going to tell Big Sis Liuyun the good news!”

Leng Liushuang and Leng Liuli ran off. Only Bai Xiaofei and Leng Liuying were left in his room.

The atmosphere instantly became strange, and Leng Liuying's heart couldn’t help but tighten nervously. As the saying goes, karma is a boomerang.

You are finally alone, Leng Liuying!

“Eh… well, Yun Sheng called for me just now. I have to go and check on him!” Leng Liuying pulled a random excuse and wanted to run.

But how could she be faster than Bai Xiaofei, who had ulterior motives? Grabbing Leng Liuying’s hand, Bai Xiaofei jerked her into his arms.

“We haven’t had any in-depth communication in a long time, right Big Sis Ying?” The corners of his mouth slightly raised. Seeing his expression, Leng Liuying inwardly panicked.

“You… What are you doing?! I will scream!” she viciously threatened.

“You can try. Everyone will definitely think that it’s you taking the initiative. When you scream, I bet that those who come to see me will turn around.”

Hearing this, Leng Liuying felt her blood turn cold. This was indeed the truth…

As she considered countermeasures, Bai Xiaofei lifted her up in a princess carry, and when she returned to her wits, she was already lying on the bed.

Then, Bai Xiaofei-style revenge began!

Leng Liuying ‘fought’ half-heartedly at first, but as time passed, a sensual atmosphere gradually filled the room…

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