Chapter 492: All Hail, Unifying Starnet!

Chapter 492: All Hail, Unifying Starnet!

The news of Bai Xiaofei’s 1 versus 16 spread like wildfire. Originally Bai Xiaofei was already in the limelight, so the speed this information was passed on was beyond everyone’s imagination.

All kinds of rumors spread again, something like Bai Xiaofei obtained some great inheritance in the last six months, or that Bai Xiaofei was actually a descendant of a mysterious family and now the bloodline in him had awakened…

In a nutshell, Bai Xiaofei was deified again.

Because of this, Qiu Sheng and the others – those who were chased out of the Student Community – that were planning to cause trouble for him, chose to lay low. Making a fuss now was no different from seeking death…

However, them deciding to be honest didn’t mean that Bai Xiaofei would give them a break!

Using this momentum, he announced that the Student Community would undertake the task of coordinating the academy’s grand celebration, and at the same time sent invitations to all students. One purpose was to invite those who had not joined to join, and the other was to recruit talents for the vacant positions that Qiu Sheng’s group previously occupied.

Everyone was instantly astounded.

The members of the Student Community were as excited as looting treasures, while those who had been observing with a wait-and-see attitude were vexed at themselves and started using their connections to sign up.

As for the positions left behind by Qiu Sheng and the others, Bai Xiaofei got several hundreds of applications in less than one day. Everyone who applied seemed outstanding at first glance, but Bai Xiaofei immediately disqualified half of them.

Anyone who only praised themselves and only mentioned the Student Community without mentioning him, Bai Xiaofei rejected.

Ability was only second, what he needed most now was obedience!

This was also the first thing that most leaders looked at when choosing subordinates. Ability could be cultivated, but obedience was not as easy. No one wanted to use an ungrateful traitor.

Bai Xiaofei had only recruited Qiu Sheng’s group before because he hadn’t known them at that time, and moreover, he needed to speed up the integration of the former Student Union into the Student Community, so he had turned a blind eye.

However, after half a year’s development, the Student Union had completely become history, and there was no existence that could compete with the Student Community in Starnet. Bai Xiaofei could naturally be as rampant as he liked!

The word ‘heyday’ was the best interpretation of the Student Community at present. In the same way that a rising tide lifts all boats, Bai Xiaofei had become an unshakable existence in Starnet. Except for the bosses such as Lei Shan, his position in Starnet was completely above the faculty heads. Even in some cases, his words might carry more weight than Leishan!

However, Bai Xiaofei wasn’t stupid, he knew exactly where his place was. Without the support of Lei Shan and the academy, he was but a mere student, so he would never do something that offended them.

Of course, he had no reason to anyway. On a personal level, Bai Xiaofei had a good relationship with the principal and vice principals!

Lying leisurely on a bamboo chair, Bai Xiaofei ate lychees peeled by Leng Liuying, enjoyed a satisfying massage from Leng Liushuang, and watched Leng Liuli seriously making his tea. Not far away drifted Chu Liuyun’s elegant music.

At this moment, Bai Xiaofei looked like he had reached the peak of life!

Unfortunately, this peak was but a facade…

“Eh… Can you guys stop being like this? You’re scaring me. If there’s something, let’s just say it straight out, okay?” Cold sweat seeped out on his forehead and a chill ran down his back.

“Not bad. Leaving for less than a year and you already know how to hide your true strength from us. What else are you going to hide in the future?” said Leng Liuying as she delivered a lychee to Bai Xiaofei’s mouth. Peeled lychee skins filled the table, and he had become hoarse from eating too many…

But he still had no choice but to open his mouth!

“I didn’t hide it from you guys, I really just got this ability. The previous one was still in the experimental stage and I didn’t know how it would turn out either,” Bai Xiaofei explained truthfully, but no one believed him…

Ah, his pitiful credibility!

“Alright, let’s say you really just got the ability, yet you really couldn’t find a chance to tell us in advance? Do you know how worried we were about such a big battle?!” Leng Liuying peeled another lychee. Her hand speed threw Bai Xiaofei into despair.

“I wasn’t going to let you see, because I was thinking of giving you a surprise. Who knew that Big Brother Yun would tell you guys first…” Bai Xiaofei was aggrieved. He inwardly complained about Yun Sheng from top to toe.

If it weren’t for him, how could I be sentenced like this right now!

“So you mean that Yun Sheng was wrong for telling us?” Leng Liuying coldly asked.

Bai Xiaofei’s heart trembled. Damn it, said the wrong thing again!

“No, no, no! Big Brother Yun did an excellent job! This kind of thing should be reported to you first. It was me who thought too much and did all the wrong things!” Bai Xiaofei quickly admitted his mistake and earned a huge eye-roll.

“Say it, will similar things happen in the future?!” Leng Liuying stuffed another lychee into Bai Xiaofei’s mouth. This kind of ‘torture’ was certainly unprecedented…

“No! Absolutely not! No matter what I have to do in the future, I will definitely report as soon as possible!” Seeing the opportunity of liberation before his eyes, Bai Xiaofei hurriedly promised, fearing that he would be marked if he carelessly made another mistake.

“Have some tea,” Leng Liuli said as she delivered a cup to him.

Leng Liuying ended the matter with a cold harrumph. Bai Xiaofei looked at Leng Liuli like she was his savior.

“What are your plans next?” asked Chu Liuyun, in a good mood after knowing that she could stay in Starnet for an extended period of time because of the grand anniversary.

“Try to get familiar with my new abilities as much as possible and enhance your self-protection abilities, then draw in some capable people to prepare for the upcoming celebration.” Bai Xiaofei was exceptionally clear-minded when it came to business. Compared with Leng Liuying, these matters were too simple!

“You’re sure that this celebration will be very dangerous?” Chu Liuyun asked doubtfully.

And this was also the doubt of most people. Starnet had been safe for so long that everyone had a feeling of being invincible, which seemed very unhealthy as far as Bai Xiaofei was concerned.

“I’m not sure, but what if, just what if? Moreover, I always feel that aside from magical beasts, which we must face, there will be some other things happening during this celebration,” saying this, Bai Xiaofei recalled the chaotic situation in Ancient Yue. It seemed that this continent would become turbulent soon…

“What do you mean?” Chu Liuyun frowned. Bai Xiaofei’s words made her feel like she was surrounded by thick fog.

“I mean it literally, and it’s just my feeling, there is no actual evidence. You guys should prepare yourselves well during this period of training new students,” Bai Xiaofei said seriously.

“New students are coming again, huh…” commented Leng Liuli with expectation in her voice.

Would their Demon of Illusions welcome a batch of fresh talents this time?

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