Chapter 491: How Lonely Being Invincible Is!

Chapter 491: How Lonely Being Invincible Is!

Seeing that Bai Xiaofei eliminated one so quickly, the onlookers immediately broke out into cheers. However, it was also this round of cheers that incited the remaining fifteen people. In an instant, everyone used their best skills!

And then, Bai Xiaofei also got serious!

“Spiritualize!” he slowly stressed the word. A burst of light gushed out from his purple wings and a turbulent fluctuation spread out from his body.

Under everyone’s intent gaze, Bai Xiaofei’s hair turned purple little by little, his black eyes gradually turned blood-red as his nose bridge grew visibly higher, and his ears became sharper.

On his arms, a fine layer of scales slowly emerged. Under the scales’ faint golden light, sharp nails were revealed.

At the same time, a few violent memories flooded into Bai Xiaofei’s mind, which was different from the complete memory of Husky. Because Purple Luan was only a pair of wings and was thus incomplete, the information Bai Xiaofei got from it was also fragmented.

However, the main, powerful abilities of the Goldclaw Luan were retained, and this was enough!

Bai Xiaofei’s transformation had just completed when the bombardment of more than a dozen people came crashing down. Unlike the probing just now, they went full-on this time!

However, after the smoke cleared, Bai Xiaofei was unscathed under the tight cover of his wings!

The Goldclaw Luan’s wings were the strongest defensive parts of its body. Bai Xiaofei already had Invincibility in his normal state, not to mention now when he had used Spiritualization.

At the moment when the view was clear, Bai Xiaofei shook his wings and vanished on the spot. This time it wasn’t teleportation, he was simply moving super fast! Amongst flying magical beasts, the speed of the Goldclaw Luan of the physical type was definitely one of the best.

Unable to keep up with his movements, all the Ranged Stream launched their defensive skills. However, they got it wrong as Bai Xiaofei’s purpose wasn’t them. Appearing in front of the duo, the senior who was blown away and the one who aided him, Bai Xiaofei’s golden claws were less than two centimeters away from their necks!

The two seniors activated their defensive barriers at that critical moment. Their response could be said to be quick, but the claws of the Goldclaw Luan could ignore any shield. Grabbing their necks, Bai Xiaofei threw them out of the combat circle. After falling to the ground, they voluntarily quit.

If Bai Xiaofei had used more force earlier, their bodies would be cold by now…

After handling the two Melee Streams, only three people of that stream were left. Bai Xiaofei swept them a glance and the hearts of those three jumped in fright.

They felt like they were being targeted by a beast!

The trio immediately moved closer to each other and assumed defensive postures. They could see that Bai Xiaofei was aiming for a quick victory. As long as they delayed him and didn’t get one-hit KO’d, they would have a chance to counter!

The idea was smart, but whether it could be done depended on Bai Xiaofei.

His wings trembled, however, someone was prepared for it this time. The eyes of one of the Energy Stream puppet masters flashed with a blue glint and he lifted one hand. An ice wall then appeared in Bai Xiaofei’s flight path!

Bai Xiaofei had to change his route and made a 90-degree turn, barely avoiding a collision with the ice wall. However, he also became a clear target. At that time, all kinds of lights shot into the air towards him.

However, once again, the seemingly sure-hit group attack failed. This time, it was teleportation!

“Ice Shield!” The Energy Stream senior was quite aware that his action just now was equivalent to a taunt. When Bai Xiaofei disappeared, he used a protective skill without hesitation and turned into an ice sculpture.

This time, he had Bai Xiaofei really figured out. Facing an ice sculpture the moment he reappeared, he didn’t even know what to do. Let alone attack, he felt slower just nearing it.

Right at this time, the next wave of attacks rained down. Just when everyone thought that he could not escape, a scene that made them despair occurred.

Bai Xiaofei took all the attacks head-on, and the energy ones once again became his nourishment. As for the long-range physical ones, they left several wounds, but these wounds weren’t fatal and healed fully after two seconds!

Ice Shield was not a skill that could last for a long time, otherwise, the caster himself would be hurt by the cold. After reaching the limit, the senior undid Ice Shield and then was greeted by a bombardment from Bai Xiaofei…

He successfully created an opportunity and delayed quite some time, but he didn’t expect that his ‘teammates’ would let him down…

After handling the only one that could catch his movements, Bai Xiaofei started a slaughter, and no one could keep up. From that moment on, both melee and ranged were as helpless as babies. Watching him send one person after another out the ring was the only thing they could do…

Finally, when Bai Xiaofei stopped, only the three Melee Streams were left. By then, they had no intention of resisting anymore.

Originally, they thought Bai Xiaofei would run out of energy, but he had repeatedly launched pure energy punches without any sign of exhaustion until now, and even looked more energetic than the three of them!

How is this possible? How can a peak-grade Master Rank possess so much energy?! Even a Grandmaster can’t afford this kind of energy consumption!

Besides this shock, the people who had seen his duel with Zhu Guang were even more floored.

A person can be strong, but it’s just wrong to be this strong in two completely different ways.

The style Bai Xiaofei displayed this time was completely different from the last. One used absolute strength to crush everything while the other was used an appalling speed, not to mention several heaven-defying abilities!

What about being an Illusion Stream puppet master?! How can a person have so many abilities?! Did he link several dozen puppets or what?!

All kinds of horror surged from the bottom of their hearts. Even Bai Xiaofei’s acquaintances were dumbfounded. This battle gave them the feeling that they didn’t know him at all…

“Do you want to continue?” asked Bai Xiaofei softly as he stood in front of the remaining three people. Facing those who had completely lost fighting spirit, he just couldn’t attack.

“We… admit defeat…” one of them murmured.

With this, Bai Xiaofei successfully completed the feat of cutting down sixteen!

Starnet would go crazy again!

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