Chapter 47 Throwing Down The Gauntlet!

As everyone looked at Xue Ying who was intentionally keeping them in suspense, the entire room went silent. Because they took warning from what had occurred before, none of them dared to relax until Xue Ying finished speaking.

“You’re talking about the matter about the Bounty Ranking?” Luckily, Bai Xiaofei was quick-witted, and he recalled what the “escaping disaster” Xue Ying spoke of pointed to.

“Exactly. The principal called me over this morning, and he has already dealt with your problem. But the method is somewhat unexpected.” Xue Ying poured herself a cup of tea as she spoke. She then took a light sip and completely disregarded Bai Xiaofei’s anticipating gaze.

“Don’t you really want to know what the principal’s method is?” Xue Ying grinned, and not only did she not intend to tell Bai Xiaofei right away, she also intentionally kept him guessing as she aroused his interest.

After he realized Xue Ying’s intentions, Bai Xiaofei’s attitude instantly took a 180-degree turn, and he stared right at Xue Ying and slowly asked, “Do you believe that I’m able to guess it?” 

“Believe you? I would rather believe a ghost than believe you.” Xue Ying grunted coldly as she put on an expression that said “I’ve already seen through you”.

“Then how about we make a bet? If I’m right, you’ll pay for this meal, and if I’m wrong, I’ll pay for another meal next time.” As soon as he finished speaking, everyone besides Xue Ying instantly seethed with excitement.

Whatever happened, they were the people who would benefit, and if the bet was established, it was very likely they would have another feast.

Thus, everyone gazed at Xue Ying because whether the bet was established or not relied entirely upon a single word from her.

“Can I take this as you provoking your headteacher?” After staying silent for a long time, Xue Ying chose to protect herself. Moreover, her method was extremely shameless. But no matter how shameless it was, Bai Xiaofei was helpless against such a method of evasion…

“Big Sister Xue, I was wrong. Go ahead and tell us, I’m unable to guess it…” Bai Xiaofei put on a bitter expression as he instantly withdrew his seriousness from before. At the same time he yielded, he didn’t forget to make Xue Ying regret her actions because when one communicated with Bai Xiaofei, it was possible for one to be schemed against at any moment…

Sure enough, as soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, Xue Ying instantly felt that she had suffered a great loss. She glared coldly at Bai Xiaofei and lost the mood to continue teasing him.

“That Qin Lingyan who had placed your name on the Bounty Ranking was called over first to the principal’s before I went over. Under the principal’s request, she agreed to remove the bounty on your head but expressed that her resentment must be vented.”

Qin Lingyan’s uncompromising expression appeared within Bai Xiaofei’s mind, and he couldn’t help but laugh bitterly.

Sure enough, a sin committed by me must be repaid by me…

“Can’t I just give her a proper apology…?”

“What do you think?” 

A single rhetorical question dispelled Bai Xiaofei’s thoughts of reducing the matter into a small problem because so long as one was an ordinary person, it was impossible for one to accept such a simple method like apologizing.

Based on what he had done that day, a few bashings might not even be able to resolve the problem…

Bai Xiaofei gave up struggling and asked, “Then what does she intend to do?” As he asked, he started to make preparations to greet a storm.

“I don’t know because she intends to tell it to you face to face. This is also the reason why we’re here now.” Xue Ying expressed that she was only a messenger, and she shrugged.

“Face to face? Here?!” Suddenly, Bai Xiaofei had a bad premonition, and then his premonition quickly became reality.

The door to the room was pushed open, and Qin Lingyan, who as cold as ice, walked inside. Behind her were two “colossi” at least 150kg no matter how one looked at them.

“I’ve brought two friends along, you probably don’t mind, right?” Qin Lingyan sneered as she looked at Bai Xiaofei, causing coldness to crawl up his neck.

This was their first meeting since the incident at the dormitory room, and the expression on Qin Lingyan’s face was enough to display her attitude towards Bai Xiaofei at this moment: why haven’t you died yet!

Bai Xiaofei’s current attention, however, wasn’t placed on this but on the “friends” Qin Lingyan had brought over.

Are these two really her friends? Aren’t they two machines for taking revenge?!

In the end, Bai Xiaofei himself was unable to convince himself that the two were her friends because these two large fellows were surely specially found and brought over by Qin Lingyan!

Moreover, this point was proven after the three of them took their seats!

“These two friends of mine have a comparatively healthier appetite. Everyone doesn’t mind that I order more food, right?”

“Of course not. Feel free to order since Bai Xiaofei is paying.” Xue Ying answered in the first possible moment and didn’t give Bai Xiaofei a chance, and her action was even to the extent that Bai Xiaofei felt that both of them had discussed this a long time ago…

After Qin Lingyan ordered at least twice the number of dishes Xue Ying had ordered, Qin Lingyan placed down the menu in her hand with “satisfaction”.

For the first time in her life, Qin Lingyan felt that ordering food was such a delightful thing.

“Where were all of you at? All of you can continue, I can just listen.” Qin Lingyan’s expression could still be considered to be affable when she looked at the others, but as soon as she turned towards Bai Xiaofei, she wore a very unfriendly face.

“We spoke until the part about how Senior Sister Lingyan intends to deal with the matter between us. Others are unable to give an answer to this, and since Senior Sister has come, we won’t guess randomly.” Bai Xiaofei fully displayed the spirit of shamelessness, and he directly ignored Qin Lingyan’s expression and forcefully pushed them to the main topic of business.

“A month! I’ll give you a month! After a month, we’ll have a spar, and I’ll bring along four people, but you can bring as many people as you want. No matter the outcome, the matter between the two of us will be completely resolved! Of course, teachers aren’t allowed to be part of it.”

As soon as she finished speaking, everyone present was shocked.

Fight with seniors?! And even five of them together?!

Is she planning on killing us!?

Before anyone else could escape from their shock, Bai Xiaofei agreed to Qin Lingyan’s proposal as if he hadn’t thought about it at all. “Alright, deal!” 

“I’ll remove you from the Bounty Ranking, but you’re not allowed to use me for anything, neither are you allowed to speak about those fictitious things you had said about me. If I find out that you’ve done so, I’ll put you on the Bounty Ranking again!” A faint trace of red appeared on Qin Lingyan’s ice-like face. She didn’t bluntly say what fictitious things Bai Xiaofei had said, but her expression explained everything.

“No problem.” Bai Xiaofei grinned and didn’t take it to heart, because he no longer required Qin Lingyan’s identity.

“That’s all I want to say. I hope you can fulfill all my conditions.” Qin Lingyan slightly heaved a sigh of relief, and the rock floating in her heart finally dropped to the ground. So long as Bai Xiaofei didn’t talk nonsense, she would be able to eliminate the implications caused in the last few days within a short period of time.

When the two of them were speaking one after the other, the others had watched the entire process with dumbstruck expressions. All of them knew that Bai Xiaofei was extremely bold, but they had never imagined it was to the extent that Bai Xiaofei could actually be so composed when speaking with a senior sister he had infuriated!

Moreover, during this period of time, a table full of dishes had been laid out.

“No matter what, it’s fate that we’re able to sit here together, so how about a toast?” Bai Xiaofei stood up as he grinned and raised his wine cup.

Everyone from the Savage Class raised their wine cups at the first possible moment and shot all their gazes at Qin Lingyan.

“I hope you don’t disappoint me a month from now.” As she spoke these cold words, Qin Lingyan raised her wine cup and emptied it…


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