Chapter 488: Three Conditions!

Chapter 488: Three Conditions!

“A gold rank winged puppet?!” Yun Sheng couldn’t help but exclaim. As a prince of Cloudveil, he had a wide knowledge of things and knew how rare gold rank winged puppets were.

A gold winged puppet meant that the Ethereal Merchant Group had killed at least one Emperor Rank flying magical beast!

“You guys hunted down an Emperor Rank beast!” Yun Sheng gulped.

“My friend, you think too much. Although the materials are indeed taken from an Emperor Rank Goldclaw Luan, it wasn’t hunted by us. In a mission to collect materials, our people came across two Emperor magical beasts in a grand fight and the Goldclaw Luan died to its opponent. We just arrived in time and forced back the other one. A fisherman’s benefit, as you would call it,” Wei Feng briefly explained. Yun Sheng replied with a long sigh of relief.

This is still acceptable…

“A gold rank winged puppet should not only have the ability to fly, right?” Bai Xiaofei didn’t care who killed the Goldclaw Luan. He just wanted to know the abilities of the puppet.

“Of course! We wouldn’t let some low-ranked puppetsmith handle that kind of top-tier material. After being processed by the hands of our divine smith, its value has been developed to the limit!” Wei Feng paused briefly to keep them in suspense, then began to explain, “In addition to flying, this pair of purple wings have two heaven-defying abilities, teleportation and invincibility! They are all the trump card skills of the Goldclaw Luan! “

As soon as those words dropped, Yun Sheng and Bai Xiaofei gasped. There was a firm glint in Bai Xiaofei’s eyes.

This is the one!

“How much is it? I want it!” Bai Xiaofei expressed his attitude without any hesitation. If he missed out on this, he wouldn’t be able to find another one.

However, in the face of his inquiry, Wei Feng revealed a meaningful smile.

“Money alone can’t take away this puppet,” said Wei Feng slowly. Bai Xiaofei’s brow furrowed.

“Big Brother Wei, you won’t sit on it to increase the price, right?”

“No, no, no, this really has nothing to do with me. Its purchase conditions were stated by the puppetsmith who forged it. In fact, if it wasn’t for Feng Wuhen’s insistence, I wouldn’t have shown you this puppet.”

Wei Feng hurriedly clarified, and this once again piqued Bai Xiaofei’s interest.

Just what kind of conditions are they?

“I have been too anxious. Big Brother Wei, just tell me. I’ll definitely do my best to satisfy the conditions.” With a serious expression, Bai Xiaofei lowered his posture. Since it was he who needed something from Wei Feng, he presented his attitude accordingly.

“Very simple. First of all, 10 billion Amethyst Coins!” Wei Feng raised a finger to indicate an amount that was enough to shock normal people. However, this didn’t stir a shred of emotion in Bai Xiaofei and Yun Sheng.

Not to mention that this amount was only pocket change for them, the striking abilities of the purple wings were already worth more than ten billion!

Even gold puppets had different grades. Teleport and invincibility were the abilities of gold puppets that people would kill to have, and when a puppet had both of them, it was simply priceless.

“Money is not a problem. What else?” Bai Xiaofei said, passing the first.

“Secondly, a rare oddity of a certain value.”

Hearing this, Bai Xiaofei and Yun Sheng both showed hesitance at the same time. This standard was difficult to judge… Just what would count?

Bai Xiaofei fell into deep thought, trying to recall if he had anything that met this standard, but at that moment, Wei Feng spoke again.

“When Wuhen left, he told me that this second condition is not difficult for you. Maybe you’ve forgotten something?”

It suddenly dawned upon Bai Xiaofei. Talking about Feng Wuhen, he immediately thought of something that he ‘tricked’ from Zhuang Ming and the others. Scrapping those that he had used, there were only two items that could live up to the phrase ‘rare oddity.’

One was a poisonous flower, and the other was a seed that had never been identified.

Weighing them in his heart, Bai Xiaofei dug out the seed from a corner of his storage ring. He didn’t know if its value was high or not, but one thing for certain was that most people didn’t recognize what it was!

Sometimes, unknown was equivalent to priceless!

“This is a seed I got by chance, a product in the ruins, and I think it can definitely meet this requirement.” Bai Xiaofei handed the seed to Wei Feng.

In surprise, Wei Feng took the seed and entered a long process of treasure identification. All kinds of strange tools were deployed, and Wei Feng’s face kept changing during the appraisal. Finally, his expression stopped at surprise.

He had failed to identify it…

“Now, I can be sure that it is something from the ruins, but the things in my hands are limited, I still can’t identify its use,” Wei Feng said in embarrassment while exhausted and sweating profusely. He felt like he was face-slapped by the seed…

“Do I have to wait until you send it back for appraisal?” Bai Xiaofei asked nervously.

“No, no, no need. The rule is that something I can’t identify is considered qualified, so you’ve passed this second requirement.”

Bai Xiaofei breathed out in relief.

“If there is anything else, please say it all. We are uncomfortable hearing them one by one now!” Yun Sheng couldn’t stand it anymore. He was even more anxious than Bai Xiaofei.

“There is only one last condition left, and in my opinion, this is the easiest one.” Wei Feng looked at Bai Xiaofei seriously. “The final condition is to make a promise that one day when this divine smith is in need, you must help!”

At this, Bai Xiaofei looked troubled. At first glance, this last condition was indeed the simplest of the three, but for people like him, the last thing he wanted was this kind of requirement. The unknown was the most uncomfortable. Once he promised, he wouldn’t know what would happen later.

What’s more, Bai Xiaofei still didn’t even know who this divine smith was.

“I want to know who this puppetsmith is, otherwise I won’t make any promise,” Bai Xiaofei uttered something with a determination that stunned Yun Sheng.

You’re refusing a cooked duck that’s delivered to your mouth?!

However, they didn’t expect that Wei Feng would burst out laughing at this answer.

“Good, very good! Sure enough, that boy Feng Wuhen never misjudges a person. This puppet is yours!” Wei Feng said and put the Purple Luan into the hands of a confused Bai Xiaofei.

Happiness came a little too suddenly…

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