Chapter 486: Endless State!

Chapter 486: Endless State!

As soon as Gu Xing finished his words, Bai Xiaofei’s eyes shone. Endless State, the name alone was interesting!

“What’s the use of it? Can it change my current state and improve my combat ability?” Bai Xiaofei swallowed in expectation and excitement.

“Simply put, the Endless State of Devouring the Heaven and Earth will make you an immortal cockroach!”

Gu Xing’s reply stunned Bai Xiaofei.

“How could my Fourth Father not teach me such a powerful ability?” Bai Xiaofei said, his brow creased.

His foster parents never held back anything when teaching him. If it wasn’t that he hadn’t been able to use origin energy since childhood, he would have become a genius by now just from their knowledge. So, there was no reason for his Fourth Father to hide anything that could be taught.

“Because the Endless State has a terrible side effect. Your Fourth Father must be afraid that you will risk your life to use it, so he didn’t teach you.” Gu Xing stroked his beard with an all-knowing expression.

“Side effect?” Bai Xiaofei gulped and his expression became heavy. A side effect that could make his Fourth Father avoid teaching him should at least be at a life-threatening degree.

“Once Endless State is activated, the practitioner will enter a state of slow self-cannibalism, which will continue to consume their energy until it’s insufficient, then start to consume their life force, and then drain the body dry.”

At these words, Bai Xiaofei remembered his Fourth Father. No wonder he ate 24 hours a day and even sacrificed his sleep to eat. He should be at Endless State already…

Indeed, such a state was extremely uncomfortable. Whenever Tu Bujin1 had spare time, he’d be busy accumulating energy. Ten normal people didn’t eat as much as he did in a day, and this unstoppable eating had affected even his daily life.

“But you may not have this concern,” added Gu Xing just when Bai Xiaofei was hesitating. “First of all, you practice a rare special technique on par with the Moongod Technique, and you have been baptized by the Nirvana Pearl. This combination gives you a terrifying self-healing ability. Even if this self-healing ability isn’t enough to completely offset the consumption of Endless State, you still won’t need to supply too much energy.”

Gu Xing didn’t employ an affirmative tone, and the word ‘may’ made Bai Xiaofei’s heart tighten.

“However, this little trouble isn’t worth mentioning compared with the improvement brought about by Endless State.”

Having introduced the side effect, Gu Xing began to throw out bait.

“Once you enter Endless State, you will be able to continuously absorb energy from the surroundings. This energy won’t be used to supplement your consumption, but to strengthen and repair your body continuously. Simply put, you will be in a constant mode of self-repair and reinforcement.”

“In addition, once Endless State is on, you will be a nightmare for Energy Stream puppet masters since their attacks can be counted as external energy for you. As long as they don’t exceed your limit, all energy attacks will be absorbed by you!”

Gu Xing grew emotional when he said this. This BUG level ability was enough to tempt anyone!

However, this was far from the end!

“Not only that but once you accumulate a good amount of energy, you can either use it over a short period of time, all at once in an attack or as a one-time consumption for your other abilities.”

Gu Xing paused a little, then continued.

“So, Endless State is the true essence of Devouring the Heaven and Earth. Only by activating it can you truly swallow heaven and earth! You may think it is a support technique, but in fact, it’s not inferior to any offensive skill of the Spiritualization Art. In addition to these basic abilities, many advanced abilities of Devouring the Heaven and Earth can only be used in Endless State.”

When Gu Xing finished his speech, he looked at Bai Xiaofei, whose face was still full of hesitation.

Never once had Bai Xiaofei struggled as much as he did now. Gu Xing’s explanation successfully tempted him, but he was a little scared when he recalled his Fourth Father.

He was still too young. He didn’t want to be fat like Fourth Father…

Swallowing food only absorbed energy, and fat would only be used when excessively consumed. Therefore, it was very possible to become fat from all that eating!

“But all of this has nothing to do with the Spiritualization Art, right? How will it affect my choice of puppet?” The topic went back to the third puppet, which was also Bai Xiaofei’s last hesitation.

“Yes, there is a great influence! In Endless State, the duration of the Spiritualization Art will be extended, greatly extended! As long as you have enough energy, it can even last forever!” Finally getting to the point, Gu Xing was so excited that his beard trembled. “So, there will be no such combat power insufficiency like you fear. Three puppets will be enough for you to switch back and forth to cope with any situation, and the flying ability will allow you to escape when fighting doesn’t turn out in your favor!”

After a thorough explanation, Gu Xing looked fixedly at Bai Xiaofei. What happened next would depend solely on his decision.

“But… Fourth Father didn’t teach me that. Even if I want to enter Endless State, I can’t.” Bai Xiaofei frowned deeply with a helpless sigh.

“Endless State doesn’t need to be taught. Have you tried using energy accumulation to actively initiate self-cannibalism?”

At Gu Xing’s words, Bai Xiaofei’s eyes opened wide and he gulped hard. He hadn’t tried this, but Fourth Father had warned him very sternly that this was forbidden, that if both abilities were used at the same time, he’d die miserably!

Now that he thought about it, it might have been a lie made up by Fourth Father so that he wouldn’t touch Endless State.

“I’ll stop here. If you make up your mind to follow this path, choose your third puppet per my advice. If not, from the perspective of a normal person, you should choose a puppet with offensive ability.”

Gu Xing’s tone calmed down. He didn’t want to force Bai Xiaofei.

“Thank you, grandpa. I’ll think about it!” After a long silence, Bai Xiaofei failed to make this final decision. He chatted with Gu Xing for a while before leaving God Amongst Men.

Back in his room, Bai Xiaofei didn’t sleep at all for the next several hours. Gu Xing’s introduction to Endless State endlessly echoed in his mind.

This was definitely a shortcut to becoming stronger, but Bai Xiaofei didn’t know what was at the end of this shortcut…

“Throw a coin! Heads be yes, tails be no!” Troubled until the morning, Bai Xiaofei sprang up from his bed. A glittering gold coin appeared in his hand.

Let’s leave it all to fate!

1. Tu Bujin: name of Fourth Father. Bujin also means endless.

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