Chapter 484: Qin Lingyan’s Invitation!

Chapter 484: Qin Lingyan’s Invitation!

After getting rid of the unwanted people, the meal between the Student Community’s executives became pleasant. With Bai Xiaofei’s insider news, this meal could be said to be the best one that Fei Hong and others ever enjoyed, especially since they weren’t paying.

On the way back, Fang Ye tactfully excused himself so as to avoid disturbing Bai Xiaofei and Hu Xian’er’s two-person world.

“You plan to use this opportunity to attack the royal clan?” Hu Xian’er became direct after there was no outsider around, her face serious.

“It’s a rare opportunity. Why not make good use of it?” Bai Xiaofei asked back. Hu Xian’er’s frowned.

“I am afraid that you will regret it in the end.” There was hesitation in her voice.

“Regret?” For once, Bai Xiaofei didn’t understand what she was implying.

“Although we had the upper hand last time, it was because they were caught off guard. In the past six months while you were away, the situation in the Endless Mountain Range has changed a lot,” explained Hu Xian’er. “In the beginning, your plan was indeed successful. Friction sparked between Kuang Ta and Yelu, but before it escalated, those two had a meeting.”

Saying this, Hu Xian’er looked reluctant.

“After that, the two sides reached a truce and expanded their search for the Fox clan. Our side had been developing smoothly, but Uncle Feng had to stop temporarily because of this. Our Fox clan that was nearly united was broken up again!”

Hu Xian’er’s voice lowered in dejection.

“The power of the royal clan isn’t as simple as you think. Once they realize and bring all their forces together, the effect of one plus one is far greater than two. Even Starnet will have to pay a big price if it makes a move against them at the moment! And what I fear the most is that you won’t be able to accept the final result. Even the best arrangement can’t avoid casualties, and I know you, you will definitely take these responsibilities upon yourself.”

Here, she paused again briefly.

“I’m in a hurry, but I don’t want my affair to trouble you.”

Finishing her words, Hu Xian’er looked at Bai Xiaofei closely. In her eyes, he saw deep concern.

In fact, Hu Xian’er couldn’t care less about everyone else. What she feared was that she would get Bai Xiaofei involved…

Moreover, there was something else that she didn’t disclose.

By now, Bai Xiaofei’s existence had been realized by the Endless Mountain Range. Kuang Ta and Yelu had released word that whoever found this special human would get the highest rewards from them!

“You finished? Then it’s my turn, listen closely.” After being the audience, Bai Xiaofei smiled and took Hu Xian’er’s hands in his. “No matter how tragic the ending will be, I will bear it. I told you that your business is my business. What’s the use of me if I can’t help lighten your burden? I’m not here to hold you back!”

With determination in his eyes, Bai Xiaofei stroked her head.

“As for those redundant ideas, you can put them away. Didn’t you say you know me very well? Then you should know that no one can change my decision after I have made up my mind!” His tone allowed no argument.


“No buts. I know what you are worried about, but believe me, I will be fine!” Bai Xiaofei interrupted Hu Xian’er. He might feel a little guilty to say this before he learned the Spiritualization Art, but he now had absolute confidence.

“What about others? Even if you’re sure you will get out safely, can you guarantee the same for everyone else? Once you are fully involved, the people around you will definitely try to keep up. Even if you don’t consider strangers, you have to consider them!” Hu Xian’er used her last resort to persuade Bai Xiaofei.

“Just like how you are willing to believe in me, I am willing to believe in them. What’s more, don’t you know me? If I am not absolutely certain, I will not put them in danger!” Bai Xiaofei smiled and stroked her hair again. “So, you just have to wait at ease. Whether it’s Kuang Ta or Yelu, even if I can’t win this time, I’ll still make them suffer one way or another!”

Hu Xian’er didn’t say anything this time. Looking at the resolute Bai Xiaofei, she fell into a long silence.

“Am I disturbing?”

Just when the couple had their whole attention on the other, an unhappy voice interrupted their silent communication. Looking in that direction, they saw Bai Ye, who wore a serious expression, standing not far away.

Damn, Senior, can’t you see how well I’ve built up the mood! I’m so close to reaping the benefits, and you just had to interrupt! Don’t you know karma will get you if you keep doing this kind of thing?!

Despite bitterly cursing Bai Ye in his heart, Bai Xiaofei had collected himself.

“It seems that you have something to do. I won’t bother you two.” Hu Xian’er had always been considerate for Bai Xiaofei. Without any intention to make it difficult for him, she simply excused herself.

“Senior, what’s so urgent that you’d look for me in the middle of the night?!” Bai Xiaofei’s tone was full of complaints.

Too bad, Bai Ye seemed to be immune to his grievances. Rolling his eyes, he mumbled to himself, “No wonder Lingyan refused to come. She must have predicted this scene…” Then, he indifferently explained, “Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t come to see you specifically. I just bumped into you on my way back and happened to have something to tell you.”

Bai Xiaofei didn’t believe a word. So it wasn’t you ruined my good affair just now? Who do you think you are fooling?

“Alright. Go ahead and tell me, Senior.” Bai Xiaofei didn’t show the heavy grievance in his heart. No matter what, Bai Ye had fought alongside him in a life and death battle. He could tolerate something this trivial.

“This is for you. Lingyan is having her coming-of-age soon. According to Violethorn traditions, she plans to invite everyone she knows in a small get-together.”

To put it bluntly, Qin Lingyan was going to make her presence even more known at the coming-of-age ceremony.

As for why she’d especially find him for such an occasion, Bai Xiaofei didn’t know. However, there was nothing bad that he could think of.

“Okay, I will go!” Straightforward to agree, Bai Xiaofei successfully found another thing to do…

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