Chapter 483: Insider Information!

Chapter 483: Insider Information!

“What do you mean?”

The three turned to look at Bai Xiaofei in unison, ready for a fight. Although they knew Hu Xian’er was very powerful, they didn’t think she could take down all three of them in one hit!

“Either leave something behind or leave with injuries like the first two!”

The three had seen their share of direct people, but never anyone this direct. This was outright robbery! Robbing his former employees at that!

Such a boss… really rendered people speechless.

“Bai Xiaofei, are you really not afraid? Making too many enemies will make you die faster!” the leader of the three uttered heavily between gritted teeth. If he could, he would skin Bai Xiaofei alive and rip out his tendons. No, even this wasn’t enough to appease the fury in his heart!

“50 thousand Amethyst Coins each. In any case, this should be worth your ‘hard work’ seeing that you have stayed in the Student Community for half a year.” Bai Xiaofei acted as if he couldn’t hear them and only put forward his own demands.

The three stared at Bai Xiaofei for half a day, their faces twitching and veins popping up on their clenched fists and arms, but in the end, they didn’t make a move.

“Here are 200,000 Amethyst Coins. Keep the change. The extra 50,000 can buy you a coffin!” Slamming a single-use Amethyst Card on the table, the leader of the three glared at Bai Xiaofei as if he wanted to eat him alive.

“That 50,000-Amethyst-Coin coffin is useless to me, but since you want to give more, I won’t refuse. I advise you not to fall into my hands next time, or it won’t end with just a couple hundred thousand Amethyst Coins,” retorted Bai Xiaofei with a cold smile. He was someone who dared to fight the Globe Merchant Group to the end, let alone normal people.

After the three left, the scene completely quieted down, and the dark clouds on Bai Xiaofei’s face dissipated completely. All the people pointed out by Fang Ye had been driven away.

Looking at the rest of the ten-something people, Fang Ye gulped. He didn’t expect Bai Xiaofei to be so efficient!

“These 200,000 Amethyst Coins are yours. Consider it my meeting gift for everyone.” Since the rest were their own people, Bai Xiaofei was very generous.

In a trance, the remaining people accepted the Amethyst Coins that Fang Ye transferred to their cards. Isn’t the contrast a bit too big?

“Nothing to be surprised about. In fact, I’m easy to get along with,” with a smile, Bai Xiaofei said something that no one believed.

Beating someone to a pulp due to one disagreement and casually demanding tens of thousands of Amethyst Coins, you call this ‘easy to get along with’?

“Besides the main purpose of this meeting, which is getting to know each other, I have something important to tell you.”

Hearing this, everyone instantly looked interested. Anything that Bai Xiaofei considered important would certainly be something huge.

“Manager Bai, just tell us. We are duty-bound so long as you need us,” said a fourth-grade senior of the Furnace of Agarwood. The person had the appearance of a harmless, honest gentleman; the true definition of easy to get along with!

“You must be Senior Fei Hong. I’ve heard of your great name…”

Bai Xiaofei was in the middle of his words when Fei Hong’s face had already turned green. This was what Bai Xiaofei had said before Qiu Sheng was beaten half-dead…

“Don’t, don’t, please don’t! I have no such great name, the juniors only give me face because I’m a senior. Don’t say that, Manager Bai, I’m undeserving!” Fei Hong hurriedly interrupted Bai Xiaofei for fear that he would be the next Qiu Sheng.

At Fei Hong’s reaction, Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye helplessly glanced at each other and revealed a pained smile. It seemed they had gone a little overboard with the acting just now.

“Forget it, Brother Fei, you’d better be straightforward.” Fang Ye took the words and dismissed the plan of letting​ Bai Xiaofei gather goodwill. At this point, it was useless no matter how hard Bai Xiaofei tried. Who told him to leave the impression of a villain?

“This year marks the bicentennial of the academy. The principal plans to hold a grand celebration. There’s no specific plan yet, but it has been decided that our Student Community will undertake most of the coordination for this event.”

When Bai Xiaofei finished, everyone stared blankly.

No wonder he dared to drive Qiu Sheng and the others away so aggressively. As long as the news on the celebration spread, the Student Community would become a strong attraction force again. At that time, the students would fight hard for the position of an ordinary member, let alone the high-ranking ones.

As for the threats that those troublemakers had said, they were all useless and harmless now… Simply losers’ words.

“Coordination? Coordinate what?” Delighted as they were, Fei Hong and the others had some doubt. All the celebrations before only had some internal activities organized. Even the grander ones were only at most at the level of the New Student Competition, which was not difficult at all.

“In this bicentennial celebration, the principal’s plan is to call back outstanding alumni so that they will interact with the students and together, everyone will go on a hunting activity in the Endless Mountain Range.” Bai Xiaofei paused a little. Fang Ye and the others were so shocked their eyes and mouths were wide open. “So, there are many things that we have to coordinate, such as the placement of the alumni, the team formations, and the activity locations in the Endless Mountain Range…”

As Bai Xiaofei listed a myriad of things, the sound of gulping rang one after another.

“All in all, once the freshmen complete their entrance test, we will be very busy. We need to be prepared in advance!”

When Bai Xiaofei stated the most important thing in the end, everyone grew serious.

“Manager Bai, just tell me what you want me to do!” spoke Fei Hong, full of excitement.

The rest immediately agreed. They had really struck gold this time. To be able to work with the alumni was definitely a rare opportunity to make their presence known.

Not everyone who graduated from Starnet became an influential person, but those who Lei Shan called back absolutely wouldn’t be small fries. And to carry out the tasks of coordination, dealing with these people was inevitable. Make a good impression on them and there might even be a chance to rise to a high position after graduation.

Therefore, the excitement that Fei Hong and the others were displaying was completely understandable.

“There is no specific plan at present, but you can remind your fellow students to improve their strength and prepare props in the next three months. After all, the ultimate goal is the Endless Mountain Range. If you can’t come back safely, everything will be in vain,” Bai Xiaofei said and picked up his chopsticks, gently drumming a big tray containing dishes. “Bring the food!”

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