Chapter 482: My Territory, My Call!

Chapter 482: My Territory, My Call!


“Here you should call me Manager Bai!”

Another person stepped out with a rather friendly tone, but Bai Xiaofei still cut him off without any mercy.

“Manager Bai, we can understand your feelings, but don’t you think your actions will have a big impact on the Student Community?” The person’s voice remained amiable despite him being quashed by Bai Xiaofei.

And in the short exchange so far, Bai Xiaofei had matched him with Fang Ye’s description: Qi Baifeng, the most obscure and intelligent one among the troublemakers. According to Fang Ye, he didn’t lose to any genius on the Command Ranking.

To deal with the intelligent, only barbarian methods worked.

“Impact? At the beginning, when there were not so many so-called high-ranking people, the New Student Mutual Aid Community was working fine. Perhaps, you really regard yourselves too highly!” Bai Xiaofei snorted coldly, not wanting to consider even half a word from the opponent. “Don’t try to change my mind using any means. Those who want to make a fuss, you have 30 seconds to leave. If you haven’t left after 30 seconds, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Bai Xiaofei simply messed up their plan, and that included Qi Baifeng!

Motherf*cker, does this brat only have stones in his head? Refusing to make changes to something after setting it up?!

“This is not the same, how can you compare the two? At that time, there were only freshmen in the New Student Mutual Aid Community, but now the Student Community includes all four years…”

“15 seconds,” reminded Bai Xiaofei before Qi Baifeng could finish his words. Hu Xian’er stood up.

The moment she moved, many panicked. What had happened to Qiu Sheng was still vivid in their memories!

Qi Baifeng, who was like a fired arrow, felt even more uncomfortable. He had thought of everything to deal with Bai Xiaofei, but the latter just would not take any bait. The other party’s absolute power put Qi Baifeng into a passive dead-end.

“If you do this, it will arouse public anger!” Qi Baifeng was so anxious that he lost his mind a little. He was nearly shouting when he said this sentence.

However, Bai Xiaofei didn’t bother with him.

“5 seconds.”

At this, Qi Baifeng was out of options. After five seconds, Bai Xiaofei slowly stood up.

“Have you thought it through, everyone?” Bai Xiaofei asked in an unquestionable tone. The standing Qi Baifeng was completely ignored.

No matter how difficult you are, what can you do if I don’t give you any attention?

“If we are lucky enough, may we meet again someday!” A wise man submits to fate. Qi Baifeng was only speechless for a second before he slowly uttered a sentence that shocked the rest of the people present.

Others might not understand, but Qi Baifeng was very clear. If he didn’t say this, he was likely going to be the next Qiu Sheng. And if he was beaten up, all face would be lost!

Looking at Qi Baifeng, who was cupping his fist towards him, Bai Xiaofei revealed a faint smile.

“On your way, Senior. I won’t send you off.” Bai Xiaofei made a ‘go ahead’ gesture without any regret in his manners. He really wasn’t trying to trick these people. He really wanted to drive out the malignant tumors from the Student Community.

“I hope your next work in the Eye of Hawks will go smoothly!” Dropping the last threat, Qi Baifeng left. He hadn’t expected this result, but he could only accept it.

Qi Baifeng’s departure was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Four senior students stood up, and after saying some emotional or helpless words, they followed Qi Baifeng and left the room.

However, Bai Xiaofei still had no intention of stopping after all this.

“It seems that the rest of you aren’t going to move, huh?” said Bai Xiaofei icily as the smile on his face vanished and was replaced by frost.

“You, Zhao Tianyou! Secretly colluded with the third-years of the Shield of Defense to hinder the operations of the Student Community!” Bai Xiaofei pointed at one person, his voice full of malice. Before the words finished, Hu Xian’er already grabbed that person’s collar, pulled up like uprooting radish and threw him.

Another person became a specimen on the wall, but Zhao Tianyou’s situation was much better than Qiu Sheng.

“Manager Bai, everything needs evidence. It’s a bit too much to use violence on us based on your own conclusion!” Zhao Tianyou crawled up. Suppressing his fury, he tried to tie the others to his ship and gather collective strength against Bai Xiaofei.

A wise move, but unfortunately, Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t let himself fall into such a trap…

“There is evidence, of course. Or else, why would I single you out among so many people?” Bai Xiaofei motioned to Fang Ye. “His words are the best evidence. He faced opposition from the third-years of the Shield of Defense, but instead of helping him, you secretly fanned the opposition. What are your intentions?!” Bai Xiaofei angrily shouted.

Zhao Tianyou panicked a little.

“A dirty lie! When did I do such a thing?!” Zhao Tianyou retorted with a last bit of hope, but he underestimated Bai Xiaofei’s determination.

Better to kill one thousand by mistake than let go of one!

There would always be people trying to get themselves into high-ranked positions. Therefore, Bai Xiaofei did not lack people. The only thing he needed to be assured of was the complete unification of heart and mind.

“If so, sorry about that then, senior, but I’ve already wronged you. Since the attack has been made, you must already hold a grudge. I don’t want my people to secretly hold a grudge against me. Therefore, if you don’t leave, I can only help you.”

At first, Zhao Tianyou was inwardly delighted, but the sudden turn of Bai Xiaofei’s speech made his expression completely dark. He had nothing to say against this reasoning!

“Bai Xiaofei, you are very vicious.” Zhao Tianyou sprayed a mouthful of blood from extreme fury. He completely gave up trying to stick around, as only a fool would fail to realize Bai Xiaofei’s intention.

Bai Xiaofei would never retain people like him.

And Zhao Tianyou’s experience also jolted awake the last batch of people. Three seniors immediately stood up and cupped their fist.

“Since there is little common ground, cooperation is impossible. I will withdraw from the Student Community!” The first person found a decent reason to excuse. The other two also said something along those lines in order to spare themselves a beating …

“You’re taking my place for the business district? Coming and going as you like?”

The three had just turned around when Bai Xiaofei’s cold voice rang out behind. They froze on the spot.

What does this fellow want?!

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