Chapter 481: Who Else? Come Forward!

Chapter 481: Who Else? Come Forward!

“You must be Senior Qiu Cheng. Your name precedes you, but this meeting topples my knowledge about you.” Bai Xiaofei chuckled, seeming to have no intention of being difficult.

Qiu Cheng, former branch president of the Student Union at the Shield of Defense, was one of the first to join the Student Community after the fall of the Student Union. It looked like he was being wise at that time, but now it seemed that he had joined for the sake of causing trouble.

However, Qiu Cheng could become a branch president of the Student Union wasn’t due to his ability, but his rank on the Wealth Ranking. In other words, he had bought the position. In the information that Fang Ye had provided, Qiu Cheng was one of the troublemakers, but Fang Ye’s evaluation of him was quite low, the summary of it being ‘stupid.’

“Oh? How should I understand this?” Qiu Cheng sneered.

“Before, I thought those on the Wealth Ranking were all sent by major organizations to be recruiters. In other words, their IQ should be above average. It seems that I was wrong.”

At Bai Xiaofei’s words, the faces of twenty-something people present drastically changed. They had expected suppression from Bai Xiaofei, but no one thought it would come so quickly and directly!

This was no different than starting a fight!

“Bai Xiaofei, aren’t you going overboard?! Do you really think you have the final say in the Student Community?!”

Striking the table, Qiu Cheng stood up. His already hateful face distorted even more.

“Or else? You think you do?” Bai Xiaofei’s voice was icy, as his face sank and his mouth twitched. A faint murderous aura radiated from his ruthless expression. “The Student Community was built up by me. To put it nicely, I let you lot in to help with the affairs. If I am blunt, I hired you to do my work! Now, do my workers plan to go on a strike or what?!”

Everyone’s faces changed again. This was a bit too much…

“Everyone, you’ve heard it, we are just his workers!” Qiu Cheng looked at the others and laughed, trying to pull more to support him. He wasn’t helplessly stupid. Then, he looked at Bai Xiaofei and viciously said, “Bai Xiaofei, the Student Community is not your former New Student Mutual Aid Community. You may be the boss among the freshmen, but it is different now. Do you really think that without us, you can control the student in the other years?!”

However, Bai Xiaofei had no plan to put up with Qiu Cheng. He had already said what needed to be said.

Bai Xiaofei leaned forward slightly. Before he even said anything, Hu Xian’er sitting beside him launched Permanence. When everyone returned to their senses, Qiu Cheng had been pasted flat on the wall by her kick.

“I don’t know if I can control all the students, but I’m confident that I can control everyone here!” declared Bai Xiaofei.

Qiu Cheng, slid down from the wall as he coughed a mouthful of blood. Hu Xian’er had shown no mercy at all.


Struggling to crawl up, Qiu Cheng wanted to threaten Bai Xiaofei, but the latter suddenly stood up and rushed to him, grabbing his neck and thrusting him back to the wall.

Since his body was disabled by Hu Xian’er’s kick, Qiu Cheng had no ability to resist.

“Although I can’t kill you, beating you until you’re half-dead is no problem, and I can guarantee you won’t recover without a grade-seven pill or higher!” said Bai Xiaofei coldly, his murderous intent soaring.

Everyone present instantly felt a chill down their spine. The struggling Qiu Cheng also flopped. He could see that Bai Xiaofei was not joking…

Instinctively, Qiu Cheng looked towards the people who had agreed to support him before this, but he quickly despaired. They all pretended like they didn’t know him. No one had any intention of speaking for him even a little.

“Can’t you see that you’re an abandoned chess piece? What your ‘allies’ promised you was just a lie to make you test the water. Do you really think they will support you unconditionally?”

Bai Xiaofei’s frank exposé made several people's hearts lurch. Where does he get the audacity?!

“I am the young master of a branch president of the Globe Merchant Group. You will regret this!” Qiu Cheng squeezed out these words with difficulty, making the biggest mistake in his life.

“Oh, so it’s Globe Merchant Group!” Bai Xiaofei loosened his grip and let Qiu Cheng slide down.

“Smart choice! But it’s too late… “

Before Qiu Cheng could finish, a rumble resounded as Bai Xiaofei kicked his chin. A mixture of blood and teeth spurted out from Qiu Cheng’s mouth.

“The Globe Merchant Group my nuts!” Bai Xiaofei went berserk. When he stopped, Qiu Cheng had fallen unconscious.

During this violence, no one spoke. Everyone was silent without any intention of interfering. They now firmly believed that if they really stood up, they’d be the next Qiu Cheng!

Therefore, it was extremely unwise to stand up…

“You two, come and carry him out, don’t let him affect our mood. Remember not to let him be sent to the Furnace of Agarwood. I know what I was doing, he won’t die.” Bai Xiaofei pointed to the two nearest people. He didn’t even know their names, but his commanding tone shocked everyone.

Arrogant, too arrogant! Are we going to endure him like this?!

Yet the two people who were picked by Bai Xiaofei endured. Without a word, they stood up, then carried Qiu Cheng out under the gazes of everyone.

Two fourth-year talented bosses, who were high and mighty in the perception of most people, chose to be obedient!

“Is there anything else?” one of them even asked after coming back. It wasn’t hard to see from his face that he was trying to suppress his emotions.

There was no one who sat here today that didn’t have pride, but in front of Bai Xiaofei, they didn’t dare to flaunt that pride…

“Take your seats, of course. Our meeting has not started yet!” A smiling Bai Xiaofei walked back to his position and sat down like nothing had happened, then coldly said, “I heard that there are quite a few like Qiu Cheng just now. If you don’t mind, stand up. I don’t have a habit of keeping worms. If you stand up now, I will give you a chance to leave on your own initiative!”

The atmosphere instantly dropped below freezing point!

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