Chapter 480: Conflict Arises!

Chapter 480: Conflict Arises!

Bai Xiaofei stargazed with Xue Ying for a long while. Until they left, he still couldn’t guess why Xue Ying had suddenly become so serious.

Whatever the case, Xue Ying’s ordeal was considered passed, which was enough for Bai Xiaofei to be excited…

Back in his room, lying in his familiar bed, Bai Xiaofei suddenly had a feeling of being liberated. It turned out that being able to just lay peacefully was a kind of happiness…

With this thought in mind, Bai Xiaofei fell asleep. When he woke up, the sun was high in the sky.

Overslept again…

Bai Xiaofei had just opened his bleary eyes when there was a slight knock on the door. Then, Leng Liushuang’s gentle voice rang out.

“You should be up. I made lunch. Should I bring it in for you?”

Having thoroughly figured Bai Xiaofei’s schedule, Leng Liushuang accurately predicted his needs. In an instant, Bai Xiaofei was fully awake, and hurriedly responded.

“Up, I’m up!” He hurriedly jumped out of bed and ran to open the door without putting on his shoes.

“How could you come out barefoot, the ground is dirty!” said Leng Liushuang worriedly, blushing when she saw that Bai Xiaofei was only wearing his shorts.

“I can’t let my unparalleled, gentle Shuang Shuang wait, can I?” With a sleazy smile, Bai Xiaofei accepted the tray from Leng Liushuang. The playful address deepened the blush on her face.

“I… I have to go to class. Come out when you have finished eating. Your classmate, Fang Ye, seems to have something to tell you. He has been waiting for more than ten minutes…”

Fang Ye was prepared that Bai Xiaofei would sleep in, but he wasn’t as accurate as Leng Liushuang.

Before Bai Xiaofei could say something to keep her, an embarrassed Leng Liushuang already ran away like a frightened rabbit. Ever since that night, she had been scared to face him, especially alone…

Looking at Leng Liushuang’s back, Bai Xiaofei wore a silly, happy smile. Where else will I ever find such a wife like this…

Meanwhile, there were already a bunch of girls who were about to be his wife. However, such a ‘happiness’ wasn’t something everyone could enjoy.

Feeling very proud, Bai Xiaofei cleaned the plates. The taste had not changed at all, so tasty that it was impossible to stop.

After getting himself tidy and dressed, Bai Xiaofei bolted to the living room of the Demon of Illusions that had now become his own special office space. Every time it was occupied, big things were bound to happen!

“Brother Fei, you’re finally here!” Fang Ye came up as soon as he saw Bai Xiaofei, enthusiastic as if seeing his family.

In a sense, Bai Xiaofei was indeed Fang Ye’s only family, since the latter still hadn’t made it official with Xu Chen yet…

“Let me guess, it’s about the Student Community,” Bai Xiaofei said simply. There was no need to beat around the bush with Fang Ye.

“How do you know?!” Fang Ye was surprised.

“If you are looking for me, it’s either concerning Brother Feng or the Student Community. I just randomly picked one. Moreover, it’s the one that I hope it was.” Bai Xiaofei smiled.

Fang Ye’s response was equivalent to an affirmation of his conjecture, like a pillow that was given when he was feeling sleepy.

“During your absence, the Student Community’s structure has basically stabilized. Apart from the three of us, the high-ranking positions have also been fixed. Now those people want to see you,” Fang Ye chose to stop feeling surprised and directly stated his purpose.

“Alright, tonight, Thousand Aroma Restaurant.” Bai Xiaofei was even more direct to agree.

“Great, I’ll inform them,” Fang Ye said, then took out a Recording Eyeball from his storage ring. “This is their information. Best if you have a look when you have time. Not everyone is well-behaved.” Fang Ye was a little reluctant when he said this. It hadn’t been easy for him during Bai Xiaofei’s absence.

“It’s expected. It’d be strange if all of them are honest. But it’s no big deal, things that you don’t dare to do, I dare!” There was a hint of ruthlessness in Bai Xiaofei’s eyes.

He had seen his fair share of troublemakers, but none ever dared to go further after they compromised. If there was, that kind of person would either be brainless or seeking death.

Don’t they know how to bow when they are under someone else’s roof?

“By the way, you said you hoped it’s about the Student Community. Do you have a big plan coming up?” Fang Ye voiced his doubts after no longer having worries about the Student Community.

“Not me, but the academy.” Bai Xiaofei put on a mysterious expression and didn’t elaborate.

Fang Ye didn’t continue to ask because he knew Bai Xiaofei all too well. If Bai Xiaofei wanted to keep someone in suspense, then they wouldn’t be able to pry a thing out of him. The more one asked, the more curious they would be.

Therefore, it was better to just wait…

“I hope you don’t scare me this time. I’ve just recovered from the Blossom competition, my nerves are very fragile right now,” said Fang Ye with a wry smile.

Despite this, even Fang Ye knew it was a bit unrealistic. How could something that Bai Xiaofei kept him in the suspense about be simple?

In the end, the originally worried Fang Ye left with curiosity. Before he left, Bai Xiaofei had especially reminded him to have a good rest at noon. Thanks to this reminder, Fang Ye was completely unable to fall asleep at noon…

The day quickly passed. When it was time for dinner, Bai Xiaofei informed the people in the Demon of Illusions before leaving with Hu Xian’er.

On such an occasion like this, bringing Hu Xian’er wasn’t only because of her identity, but also her strength – the unshakable No.1 of the Combat Ranking. Her existence alone was already the best threat.

That’s right, threat!

Bai Xiaofei wasn’t showing up to be a gentleman this time. If someone wanted to cause trouble, he would definitely teach them a lesson. He would not tolerate anyone corrupting the Student Community that he had single-handedly built!

When Bai Xiaofei and Hu Xian’er arrived at the scene and followed Fang Ye to the meeting spot, the rest had been seated, and the only two empty positions left were the two main ones.

“Our two managers are very lofty!”

Bai Xiaofei had just sat down when a sarcastic voice broke the silence. Looking in that direction, he saw a third-year student with a pointy mouth and monkey face.


This was Bai Xiaofei’s label for the guy.

However, Bai Xiaofei knew that this moron was definitely not the only troublemaker today, and he only acted so moronic to pave a path.

Unfortunately, Bai Xiaofei would not give him this chance!

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