Chapter 46 Escaping Disaster With Money!

The night was peaceful; and as soon as Bai Xiaofei got on the bed, it seemed as if the world was unrelated to him, and he slept exceptionally comfortably.

“Big Brother Fei! It’s time to get up!!!” A familiar voice sounded out once again, and Bai Xiaofei jumped right up from the bed this time because the “addition” from the previous day was unforgettable!

After he hastily got ready, Bai Xiaofei and the others charged into the classroom before the class bell started ringing. The instant he sat down, Bai Xiaofei felt release.

Not having to suffer punishment was really fortunate and delightful…

“Mmm, not bad. No one was late today.” Xue Ying looked extremely terrifying to the sixteen people below as she stood at the lectern with a smile on her face. “How is it? Are your legs sore today?” 

As soon as Xue Ying finished speaking, everyone revealed pained expressions because their legs weren’t just sore. Ever since the students had slept and woken up, they had all wished for nothing more than for their legs to be on another’s body.

“Big Sister Xue Ying, you said yesterday that we wouldn’t be running today!” A voice of complaint sounded out as Mo Ka spoke what was in the hearts of everyone. Someone would really die if they ran again today…

“Of course, I keep my word. Moreover, I’m not the one who’ll be teaching all of you this morning. A teacher in charge of teaching the history of the continent will come over later. Even though it’s boring, don’t let me find out that any of you were uncooperative during the class!” Xue Ying spoke with a cold expression, causing everyone to instantly cheer up because so long as they didn’t have to run, they were willing to do anything!

Right when Xue Ying finished speaking, a white-bearded old man walked in and greeted Xue Ying. He then replaced Xue Ying under the anticipating gazes of everyone present in the classroom.

“Hello, everyone. I’m the teacher in charge of the history classes, Hu Sanduo. I hope we can get along happily with each other during the next three months.” After he spoke some courteous words, Hu Sanduo started his lessons. But because of the reputation of the Savage Class, he didn’t have a very good attitude towards the sixteen of them, and his courtesy was only limited to carrying out his duty.

But to Hu Sanduo’s surprise, there actually wasn’t a single person among the sixteen people in the class who wasn’t listening and concentrating on his teachings. Their gazes, which seemed as if they were looking at their savior, were especially baffling to him.

“Teacher Hu, there’s something I don’t understand about the battle between Soarwind and Violethorn.” Bai Xiaofei raised his hand to interrupt Hu Sanduo’s speech. Hu Sanduo, however, wasn’t displeased because it was a good thing for a teacher when someone asked a question because it displayed that at the very least someone was listening…

“Go on.”

“The Infinite Mountain Range lies between Soarwind and Violethorn, and it’s impossible to pass through. Moreover, the only pathway is the Gorge of Heroes at the center of the Infinite Mountain Range. But I heard restrictions exist all throughout the year there, so it’s impossible for a large army to pass through. How did the battle between them occur?” The bewilderment on Bai Xiaofei’s face wasn’t faked in the slightest. But all of this wasn’t something he had learned from hearsay as his understanding of the Gorge of Heroes was absolutely deeper than anyone present here.

“By sea. The Soarwind found a safe route through the Dead Sea. They went past the Thousand Island Kingdom on the Dead Sea, conquered a few small kingdoms on the way, and then started the war.” 

Bai Xiaofei sat down after he obtained a satisfying answer, and the entire classroom instantly became lively after he had taken the lead. Question after question caused Hu Sanduo to beam with smiles because something like this might not even happen in the “rich district”.

An entire morning worth of time couldn’t be said to be long or short, and the Savage Class basically spent the entire time amid sounds of discussion. After they had experienced the “tempering” from the previous day’s morning, the history of the continent that others felt was extremely boring seemed simply like a blessing from the heavens to them.

On the other hand, a tremendous change occurred within Hu Sanduo’s impression of the Savage Class by the time he left.

“Big Brother Fei, how nice would it be if we have such a class every single morning!” Mo Ka sighed emotionally from the heart as they circled around Bai Xiaofei’s side. Wu Chi and Shi Kui seconded his words at the first possible moment.

“You wish. If you only learn history, aren’t you afraid of becoming like Teacher Hu Sanduo in the future?” Bai Xiaofei glanced at Mo Ka disdainfully. He then stood up because he saw Xue Ying.

“Teacher Hu Sanduo is extremely pleased with all of you, and I’m a person who always makes a clear distinction between faults and merits. So, we’ll go to the Hundred Flavor House for lunch later!” Xue Ying said, and the sounds of cheers rose and fell in the classroom.

The academy did indeed provide food. But when compared with paid food, the free dishes were truly a bit too difficult to swallow. However, a man without money is incapable of everything, and besides Fang Ye, not a single person in the Savage Class was wealthy.

So, everyone practically raised their hands in approval when someone was treating them to food.

“Right, I’ll take this opportunity to announce that Bai Xiaofei obtained the honor to become our class monitor. Moreover, for the sake of displaying his thanks towards the support of everyone, he has decided to pay for this meal.” 

A second ago Bai Xiaofei was shouting along with everyone, but a second later, Bai Xiaofei’s face turned black.

He originally thought he could have a great feast and store up some energy for the World Devourer technique, but in reality, not only was he unable to get a free meal, he had to bleed out a massive amount of money…

He was unable to refute the reason Xue Ying had given…

Thus, under Xue Ying’s proposal, the disappointed Bai Xiaofei led the vast group towards Hundred Flavor House and took his time to get there because a place like the Hundred Flavor House would never be filled with people like the other places serving food.

Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help but sigh emotionally in his heart when coming back to this familiar place, but Huskie, who was in his arms, was excited to the extreme.

“What are you barking for? You better take it easy when you eat this meal today. Otherwise, you won’t have any dog food next month if you make me poor!” Bai Xiaofei slapped Huskie on the head and directly destroyed Huskie’s dreams of having a feast.

“Hello, may I know how many of you there are?” After they walked into the Hundred Flavor House, a beautiful young woman walked directly towards them. Those that were able to become attendants here were actually students of the academy, and this could be considered to be one of the academy’s unique features. For the sake of earning enough money to pay for student expenses, many students had become workers within the academy.

Moreover, there was no need to be courteous to seniors in these kinds of places…

“Seventeen people and one dog.” Bai Xiaofei was pushed to the front, and he felt his heart bleeding as he spoke. The attendant was stunned when she saw Bai Xiaofei.

“You’re that person from two days ago that…!” The senior sister swallowed back the words she was about to say because during that meal where Qin Lingyan treated Bai Xiaofei, it wasn’t just Qin Lingyan who had taken note of Bai Xiaofei, even the attendants of the Hundred Flavor House had committed him to memory.

This was because a person who could eat that much was really something they had never seen or heard of…

“Don’t worry, we won’t be eating so much this time. There’s no need to worry as it won’t exhaust all of you.” After he “consoled” the attendant, Bai Xiaofei entered into a private room under the attendant’s lead. Xue Ying completely made herself at home, took up the menu, and ordered a large pile of food without holding back in the slightest…

“Alright, we’ve finished ordering. Let’s get to business.” Xue Ying’s expression suddenly turned solemn, and everyone else instantly had a bad premonition.

Bai Xiaofei, the class monitor, gulped down a mouthful of saliva then represented everyone in asking, “What is it?”

“Aren’t you paying now? So we’ll discuss how to help you escape disaster!”


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