Chapter 479: Seeing Xue Ying!

Chapter 479: Seeing Xue Ying!

The sky was dark after Lin Li was sent back to her room. Now, there was only one Xue Ying left. Bai Xiaofei suddenly had an urge to go to her place, but Xue Ying wasn’t in her room. He pondered a little and headed towards the square.

Sure enough, in a familiar corner, Xue Ying was hugging her legs and looking up at the night sky. For an unknown reason, Bai Xiaofei could feel a trace of loneliness from her figure. And this loneliness was certainly not because of him.

“You have come,” said Xue Ying without turning around when Bai Xiaofei had just approached.

“How did you know it was me?” asked Bai Xiaofei gently with a hint of doubt.

“I remember your smell, your footsteps, everything about you.”

A simple sentence from Xue Ying shook Bai Xiaofei’s heart.

Among the girls that he knew, there were two who kept him wanting more. One was the striking Hu Xian’er, and the other was Xue Ying, who always amazed him with her words.

She was so good at controlling Bai Xiaofei’s feelings that she could reach the deepest place in his heart with the minimum amount of words.

Such a person, yet Bai Xiaofei felt the most relaxed when he was with her. Because there were many things that he didn’t need to say out loud to be understood.

“I’m sorry, I’ve come late…” said an ashamed Bai Xiaofei with his head down.

“Do you know, you look like a student admitting his mistake to the teacher?” Xue Ying poked fun at Bai Xiaofei and burst into laughter.

“What about it? You are my teacher.” Bai Xiaofei actually went along and bit back.

“That’s right. Ahem. Then tell me, what brings you to your teacher this time?” Clearing her throat, Xue Ying started to act all formal.

“I’m just checking to see how my teacher who I haven’t seen in half a year is doing. Did she miss her smart and handsome class monitor?” replied Bai Xiaofei confidently, without any shame at all.

“I don’t remember having such a monitor. I remember that my monitor was a crafty and cunning guy.” Xue Ying drew blood with her evaluation. Bai Xiaofei’s heart jumped.

“Fine, your cunning student misses you, okay?” Bai Xiaofei gave in. If he continued talking like this, he wouldn’t be a match for Xue Ying. She was different from the Xue Ying in the beginning. She now knew him very well!

“Why don’t I believe this? It’s been a few days since he returned and he only thinks of looking for his teacher now. You call that ‘missing’?” Although Xue Ying could understand his situation, it was impossible that she was bothered by it. She had let him take all the benefits, yet he put her last!

“Because I thought my magnanimous teacher wouldn’t care about such trifles with those little girls,” with a hint of ingratiation in his tone, Bai Xiaofei used all the good flattery he could think of.

“Sorry, your teacher is very petty. You may have the wrong person.” Xue Ying turned her face away with an angry look.

“Sister Xue, has anyone told you that your side profile is very beautiful?” Bai Xiaofei said earnestly, his eyes full of infatuation.

“No!” Xue Ying wasn’t really angry in the end.

“There is now. Even the stars in the sky are not as pretty as you.” There was no limit to Bai Xiaofei’s fawning as his words seemed to pour out from a love story. Xue Ying couldn’t help but be moved.

“Don’t use what you use to fool little girls on me. I’m not buying it.” Although her words were harsh, Xue Ying’s heart was drowning in honey.

“It’s only fooling when used on girls, but it’s the truth with Sister Xue. How could I lie to you?” Bai Xiaofei walked to Xue Ying. After a flash of light from his storage ring, a palm-sized token appeared and was presented to her.

This token was the one that Bai Xiaofei had asked Feng Wuhen to make. After half a year, the products had been delivered and Bai Xiaofei was very satisfied with them.

There were three kinds of tokens created.

One was exquisite jade and inlaid with decorative gold. One side was engraved with ‘Illusion Demon,’ and the other was the ‘Fei’ character in an ancient font. According to Feng Wuhen, this was specially prepared for Bai Xiaofei’s lovers.

However, this wasn’t the point. The point was that Feng Wuhen ordered 30 pieces of these to be made…

Thirty! Just what kind of consideration did Feng Wuhen have to come up with this number…?

Setting this aside, however, the effect it offered greatly pleased Bai Xiaofei. A single-use defensive shield could be formed according to the input energy, and the ratio was 1:2. In other words, any amount of any energy injected would create a shield of double the power!

The second type of token was gold inlaid with silver. The effect was the same, but the difference in material meant it was much weaker, the effect being about 1:1.6.

The last one was even simpler. The color was silver but it was made of an unknown metal, and the effect was reduced to 1:1.2.

But on the whole, Bai Xiaofei’s goal was basically achieved.

Moreover, the puppetsmith of the Ethereal Merchant Group was very satisfied with Bai Xiaofei’s treasure map, saying that if he ever needed more tokens, he could make them at any time as long as Bai Xiaofei paid for the materials.

Accepting Bai Xiaofei’s token, Xue Ying finally had a smile on her face.

“Learning to bribe after a trip out? It seems you have learned quite many things in the outside world.” Although in a good mood, she still didn’t forget to taunt him a little.

“What was meant for you is not a bribe.” Bai Xiaofei chuckled. There was no return for him on the road of flattery.

“You should have heard about the academy celebration.” After glossing over the private affairs, Xue Ying grew serious.

This was the difference between Xue Ying and the others. The latter just wanted to keep Bai Xiaofei by their side, while she would take the initiative to share Bai Xiaofei’s worries.

“Yes, the old man wanted the Student Community to help with this, so I’ll be quite busy in the next period of time,” said Bai Xiaofei bitterly.

But in fact, he was very willing to accept this kind of work. After all, he wasn’t a person who could stay idle. Having something to do was his greatest happiness.

“This celebration is different from what you did last time. You must be very careful!”

Xue Ying’s words stunned Bai Xiaofei.

“You know the old man’s specific plans?” Bai Xiaofei asked in surprise. What Lei Shan had told him was only a rough outline.

“How would I know? But I can guess with my toes that this celebration will not be ordinary. How can a monster with 200 years of accumulation like Starnet be simple?”

Xue Ying’s explanation made sense. At least, Bai Xiaofei was convinced.

“Don’t worry, I am very reliable!” Bai Xiaofei patted his chest and didn’t think much about it.

“I hope so, but all of those who drown are those who can swim. I want you to promise me that no matter what, you will have enough means to get away safely!” Xue Ying’s expression was serious…

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