Chapter 478: I Don’t Mind!

Chapter 478: I Don’t Mind!

“Classes are starting! Let’s disperse!”

Seeing that the atmosphere was wrong, Wu Chi hurriedly broke up the crowd while casting a look at the three seniors who had been facing Lin Li.

“Why aren’t you leaving? Waiting to continue the fight with her?”

Seeing the three pieces of logs having no intention to move, Wu Chi lowered his voice and reminded them. The three instantly returned to their wits and sent Wu Chi a grateful look.

“All scatter, scatter! Don’t you have classes! Or are you waiting to duel with our junior sister?” The senior brother among the three who had tried reasoning with Lin Li joined Wu Chi and shouted.

The crowd of onlookers quickly dispersed. While they wanted to watch the show, it was obviously more important not to be beaten. Lin Li was really too scary, she fought like she wanted to kill her opponent!

“Brother Fei, I have to go, too. I’ll leave Lin Li to you.” Wu Chi had made progress and had become tactful. If this had been in the past, he wouldn’t have moved one step until the matter was concluded.

Bai Xiaofei nodded at Wu Chi. Wu Chi left, leaving only two people in the huge training field. Lin Li was still crying, never sounding more plaintive and pitiful than she was now.

“What happened? I was only gone for half a year, and our cute little Li Li has turned into a violence enthusiast plus cry baby?” asked Bai Xiaofei.

Lin Li immediately stopped crying. She looked up and simply stared at Bai Xiaofei with big sparkling eyes without a word…

“If you don’t say anything, I’ll just go,” Bai Xiaofei plausibly added as he wiped her tears. Hearing this, Lin Li quickly hugged him.

“You’re not allowed to go!”

Bai Xiaofei held Lin Li and patted her back. His voice grew gentle. “Okay, okay, I’m not going. But you are not allowed to cry, and you can’t not say a word.”

At his two requirements, a tearful Lin Li looked up and quickly agreed, looking no different from a little child.

“Did you not need Little Li Li anymore?” Lin Li stared at Bai Xiaofei and asked seriously with a face full of grievance.

“How is that possible? Even if the sky is falling, the sea dries up, and the rocks rot, I won’t leave my Little Li Li. Where else will I find such a good girl?”

Bai Xiaofei might get a scornful look if he had said this to someone else, but Lin Li was different. She fully believed whatever he said.

“Then, why didn’t you come to see me after so long?” she complained with a deadly question.

F*ck, how do I answer this? Not like I can really say I was with the others!

“I have to figure out what to say to you before I come to see you. What would I do if I say something that makes you unhappy, right?” Bai Xiaofei wasn’t lying when he said this. He did come after careful consideration…

“I’m just happy that you came. You don’t have to consider anything.” Lin Li didn’t hide her thoughts at all, saying whatever that was on her mind.

This made Bai Xiaofei feel ashamed. In fact, he should have come to see Lin Li first…

“Aren’t I here now? Don’t worry, you’ll be the first I see upon my return if I ever leave in the future.” Bai Xiaofei lovingly stroked Lin Li’s head.

“If you ever leave again, you have to take me with you. I don’t want to have to wait. I can’t wait!” said Lin Li with a resolute expression.

“Alright, alright. I will take you with me wherever I go in the future. You can be my little tail. Is that good?” Bai Xiaofei simply promised. He really couldn’t refuse when Lin Li was like this.

“Good!” Having his promise, Lin Li finally smiled through her tears.

“Shall we go and have your favorite ice cream? I heard that the Little Princess’s House is pushing out new products again.” Bai Xiaofei was like a shady uncle trying to trick a little girl, and Lin Li was indeed like a little girl, one who was willing to be tricked at that…

“Yeah!” Lin Li was happy like a child when she instantly agreed.

Holding Bai Xiaofei’s arm tightly, Lin Li was skipping all the way as she couldn’t restrain her joy, which, on the other hand, ‘tortured’ Bai Xiaofei. Although Lin Li had the heart of a little girl, her body was not!

With his arm being held like this, the soft touch constantly tickled his senses and reminded him of last night’s madness, only that the figure in his head had turned into Lin Li…

Amitabha, o’ great Buddha! What is wrong with me? Why is my control getting worse and worse?!

Indeed it was getting worse and worse. Having experienced the taste of coition in addition to his frequent use of the special energy in his origin core causing side effects, now every time Bai Xiaofei mobilized his origin core, his physique would become more sensitive!

Fortunately that he was a man, or the loss would be big…

Bai Xiaofei spent the rest of the day accompanying Lin Li. Unlike the other girls’ interest, Lin Li’s happiness was the simplest. She only needed Bai Xiaofei to play with her…

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei had a completely different experience when he was with Lin Li. It was like finding his childhood again. Everything became simple and pure.

“Are you dating that Hu Xian’er, and that Chu Liuyun, and those triplets? Also that Rui Mengqi who sticks to you every day, and that Qin Lingyan that accompanied you out last time? I also heard you are very close with Teacher Xue Ying…” On the way back to Lin Li’s room, she suddenly stopped and looked at Bai Xiaofei seriously as she counted the women around Bai Xiaofei one by one.

Bai Xiaofei felt a headache coming. Where is this all coming from? How can there be so many! At least Rui Mengqi and Qin Lingyan aren’t…

Qin Lingyan…

Forget it, Rui Mengqi is definitely not!

“Don’t listen to their nonsense, there are not so many…” Bai Xiaofei didn’t deny it because he didn’t want to lie to anyone about this matter.

“If they all do, why can’t I? Isn’t that Hu Xian’er the same age as us?!” Lin Li inquired, rendering Bai Xiaofei speechless. He could never guess that this would be her point!


“Didn’t you say you’d marry me when I grew up? Did you lie to me again?” Lin Li interrupted Bai Xiaofei and brought up what he had said back at the performance.

“I didn’t lie to you. As long as you don’t mind me having other girls around and are willing to marry me, I will marry you!” Bai Xiaofei’s face was solemn. This was his attitude toward Lin Li.

“I don’t mind!” said Lin Li without hesitation. Before Bai Xiaofei could react, she already tiptoed and kissed his lips…

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