Chapter 477: Aggrieved Lin Li

Chapter 477: Aggrieved Lin Li…

When the triplets finally calmed down, Bai Xiaofei was driven out of the room. They could go all out last night with the darkness covering them, but during the day, they still couldn’t help but be flustered by Bai Xiaofei’s intent gaze…

After getting dressed, the three happily enjoyed Bai Xiaofei’s love breakfast.

“What do you say if he pushes his luck in the future?” Leng Liuli suddenly said, stunning Leng Liushuang and Leng Liuying a little.

“Reject him, of course! Can’t let him fully take all the advantage!” declared Leng Liuying righteously, her attitude as firm as it ever could be.

“But… it seems that we have already been fully taken advantage of.” Leng Liushuang blushed as she struck Leng Liuying speechless.

Indeed, Leng Liuli already did that kind of thing last night. Even Leng Liushuang had a reaction that she was too ashamed to say aloud…

“Doesn’t matter, it’s still a no! We must keep him hanging after he has a little taste of sweetness, or else we won’t be valuable after he is used to it!” declared a determined Leng Liuying as she continued to play the role of emotion strategist for the group.

“I am afraid that you’d be the first to fall.” Leng Liuli looked at Leng Liuying, her eyes full of doubt.

“Impossible!” Leng Liuying stubbornly retorted. But for once, she blushed, and she inwardly felt a little guilty.



Quite likely…

I really can’t help but tease him. At this rate, I may not be able to retreat if the teasing goes too far…

“Remember what you said. Don’t deny it when it happens,” Leng Liuli coldly said, but there was a strange smile on her face.

“Fine! Keep laughing at me, Big Sis! You seem to forget who took the initiative to help him last night!” Leng Liuying hit where it was weak.

“It’s definitely you who’ll volunteer next time!” retorting, Leng Liuli refused to be oppressed.

“Eh… I’ve finished my meal. You guys continue talking.” Seeing the situation go south, Leng Liushuang intended to flee.

“You can’t run either!” shouted Leng Liuli and Leng Liuying in unison as they pulled Leng Liushuang back. “Come, let’s see how sensitive our little Liushuang is!”

Laughing, the triplets started another sexy tussle…

Bai Xiaofei, who had been driven out, couldn’t appreciate this beautiful fight because he still had more problems to deal with.

Lin Li and Xue Ying…

After coming back for so many days, he still hadn’t sought them for a private meeting. While it was easier to explain to Xue Ying, Bai Xiaofei had a headache when he thought about Lin Li.

Unlike others, Lin Li’s purity could rival Rui Mengqi. Moreover, the girl seemed to have her whole heart on him. Bai Xiaofei estimated that she was close to losing it by now…

Strengthening his resolve, Bai Xiaofei headed towards God Amongst Men. Since it was currently time for early morning courses, he should be able to get Lin Li out.

“Brother Fei!” a familiar voice rang out from behind as Bai Xiaofei was walking.

Looking back, Bai Xiaofei saw an excited Wu Chi running towards him.

“Big Brother Fei! Why did you come here?!”

Ever since becoming a puppet master, Wu Chi had been looking better every day. Expectation for a better future was enough to keep anyone glowing.

“Guess.” Bai Xiaofei kept him in suspense. He wanted to see if Wu Chi’s intelligence had improved after such a long time.

“Eh… You’re going to see Lin Li?” Wu Chi quickly reacted. For some reason, his expression was very strange.

“Not bad. You got it right at once.” Bai Xiaofei chuckled, his tone full of praise. After all, no one wanted to have a fool following them around in the future…

“I don’t think this needs guessing. You may not know Lin Li’s state right now.” Wu Chi hesitated.

“What happened to her?!” stunned, a nervous Bai Xiaofei hurriedly asked.

“This… You should just go and have a look with me. It should have started by now.” With a sigh, Wu Chi also dropped some suspenseful words.

A dubious Bai Xiaofei didn’t ask and simply followed Wu Chi. The two walked all the way to the training area of the God Amongst Men, which was already crowded with people.

“Junior Sister, why don’t we skip this today? If there’s anything making you unhappy, just tell us. We’ll definitely do our best to help if we can!”

In the middle of the field, Lin Li was standing opposite three third-year seniors of the God Amongst Men, and one of them was bitterly trying to negotiate with her.

“Who said I’m unhappy?! I just want to train myself! If you don’t start, I will!” said Lin Li. Her irascible manner that was completely different from the usual soft girl he knew shocked Bai Xiaofei.

“This is…” Bai Xiaofei gulped and asked Wu Chi.

“After you went out for your mission, Lin Li would ask us when you’d come back once every two days. In the beginning, she simply waited, but then she began to challenge the second-grade seniors of the faculty. During the last six months, she has defeated all the second-years, and everyone was beaten horribly,” explained Wu Chi. “This situation reached a peak in the past days after you came back. Lin Li began to challenge the third and fourth-year seniors, a batch at once even, and her fighting keeps getting more and more ruthless.”

Bai Xiaofei gulped even harder. He finally understood the present situation.

She was venting…

“Why don’t these seniors refuse?” Bai Xiaofei asked again, his face full of incomprehension.

“You think they don’t want to? Who would want to be battered? But the head teacher of the God Amongst Men said that everyone must cooperate with her ‘tempering.’ If there’s anyone who refuses, Lin Li can challenge them under any circumstance and the head teacher will take responsibility for the consequences! So, it’s better for them to agree. At least there will be others watching all the time to help stop Lin Li after they admit defeat.”

Wu Chi said with a sigh as if feeling pity for the poor seniors.

In the beginning, some would consider dignity and fight seriously. Later, no one cared about losing face anymore. The more fiercely they resisted, the worse they’d be beaten. The whole God Amongst Men reached a consensus that it was not shameful to be abused by Lin Li…

If nothing else, even Su Yu was beaten by her. This was enough to stop all the derision…

“Now you know why I knew,” Wu Chi said and looked at Bai Xiaofei, whose face was full of shame.

Then, Bai Xiaofei parted the crowd and walked towards Lin Li.

“Lin Li, let’s stop here.”

At his sudden appearance, Lin Li was first dumbfounded, then her eyes quickly reddened. The next second, a scene that shocked everyone happened.

Like a baby swallow returning to its nest, the nightmare of the God Amongst Men threw herself straight into Bai Xiaofei’s arms and without a word, began to wail…

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