Chapter 476: One Short Step to

Chapter 476: One Short Step to…

Having strengthened their resolution, the triplets used every means to tease Bai Xiaofei’s heart little by little to the limits.

However, they insisted on retaining their bottom line, not letting Bai Xiaofei take the last step. Helpless, Bai Xiaofei settled for second best. His desire was satisfied with the help of Leng Liuli in a way that was compromising for both sides…

When the sun rose and Bai Xiaofei, who had enjoyed a night of benefits, slowly opened his eyes, the triplets were still asleep. Looking at the three identical flawless bodies over himself, he couldn’t help but have a reaction.

However, Bai Xiaofei kept it under control. It was already not easy for the three girls to do what they had done last night…

Pulling out his arm, Bai Xiaofei slowly moved Leng Liuying off his chest with difficulty, then gently put the blanket over the three girls. Of course, it was normal to take some advantage during this process…

Since it was impossible for Leng Liushuang to get up and cook, Bai Xiaofei headed to the Hundred Flavor House and bought everyone’s breakfast. Then, he returned to the triplets’ room, moved over a chair next to the bed and sat there, quietly watching their still rosy faces.

This feeling was truly hard to express in words.

Bai Xiaofei didn’t know how long he watched. When Leng Liushuang opened her bleary eyes and saw him staring, red crept up her delicate cheeks again. She pulled up the blanket and tightly clutched it.

Leng Liushuang’s shy manner put Bai Xiaofei in a daze. Who would have thought that such a shy Leng Liushuang would let him run wild with her last night?

“You’re up. How are you feeling?” Bai Xiaofei asked softly. The question deepened Leng Liushuang’s blush.

“Mhm…” Her voice as weak as a mosquito’s buzz, Leng Liushuang stole glances at Bai Xiaofei in a mix of embarrassment and joy.

What could make one happier than waking up and seeing her own man beside her watching? For a girl of this tender age, there should be none…

“Pervy wolf, why did you get up so early? Don’t you want to take advantage for a little while more?” The conversation had woken Leng Liuying and Leng Liuli. Bold as always, Leng Liuying began to tease Bai Xiaofei.

“I went to buy breakfast. Moreover, you girls are always by my side. I can take advantage any time I want, right?” Bai Xiaofei flashed a bad-boy smile and took out their breakfast.

“Tch, keep dreaming. Do you not know what ‘reward’ means? This kind of opportunity won’t happen often!” Leng Liuying rolled her eyes in disdain, but then her expression became crafty. “But you can with Sis Liushuang!”

Leng Liuying pulled off the blanket on Leng Liushuang. As the latter cried out in surprise, her beautiful bare body was completely revealed to Bai Xiaofei’s shining eyes.

“Your words don’t sound too convincing.” Leng Liushuang hadn’t reacted when Leng Liuli joined the fun and did the same to Leng Liuying, exposing her body as well.

“Big Sis! Don’t think you can escape!”

Leng Liuying’s shout signaled the start of a blanket tug-of-war. Bai Xiaofei just stood next to the bed gawking, the sound of him swallowing echoed every now and then.

He would never forget this scene for the rest of his life!

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