Chapter 475: Reward from the Triplets!

Chapter 475: Reward from the Triplets!

Per the request of the three sisters, Bai Xiaofei didn’t put any of the items they bought into his storage ring and just carried them instead. As the girls bought three of everything, he looked like a small transport truck from afar.

And the triplets seemed to immensely enjoy seeing him like this. Their happy laughter never stopped along the way back to the Demon of Illusions. They ignored the strange stares from the other students as Bai Xiaofei was the only one they could see.

“Wait outside. You can only come in when we call!”

At the door to the triplets’ room, carrier Bai Xiaofei was blocked outside by Leng Liuying with a serious face. Then, the three girls entered their room in a mysterious manner.

Standing outside, Bai Xiaofei only heard something like a quarrel. Leng Liuying seemed to be yelling at Leng Liushuang.

“Just change into it already. The arrow has been fired, you think you can just take it back?” Leng Liuying glared at Leng Liushuang as she held up a skimpy outfit.

Meanwhile, Leng Liuli already started to undress. As a person of action, she wasn’t shy like Leng Liushuang.

“But… but…”

“No buts! The perv is already standing outside. Do you still want him to remember you? It’s YOU who chose him. We are only your background and now even the background is determined. You are the protagonist, you can’t hide!” Leng Liuying cut off the hesitant Leng Liushuang with a tone that allowed no refusal.

“If you don’t change, we will help you.” Leng Liuli, who had finished changing, said in an indifferent voice that destroyed Leng Liushuang’s last defense.

“Fine… I’ll change…” Still with a struggling look on her face, Leng Liushuang slowly took off her clothes. Her snow-white skin radiated a charming halo under the lights of the room.

After a series of rustling, a blushing Leng Liushuang awkwardly covered her body with her hands.

“What are you trying to cover when you are dressed like this? What can even be covered?” Leng Liuying rolled her eyes, then changed into her own prepared clothes.

In the room, the triplets stood with different expressions, which was enough to make any man crazy. And this was just the beginning of their plan!

“Come in,” Leng Liuying’s voice faintly rang out.

Bai Xiaofei, who had been dead bored outside, hurriedly pushed open the door. Although his physical quality was good, he would still be tired after holding so many things.

However, the moment he stepped inside, Bai Xiaofei froze. The bags fell all over the floor as he just stood there like a log. Swallowing his saliva, he felt as if his head had completely short-circuited and there was nothing left in it except for the three girls in front of him.

They were wearing different clothes, but those clothes shared some common characteristics: eye-catching, very sexy, and most importantly, skimpy. To put it simply, they were basically underwear or erotic lingerie.

Leng Liuli wore a light blue skirt that barely covered her butt and the top was only a tube top that fully showed her proud peaks, bottomless ravine, and slender waist. Looking from a distance, one would be enjoying her impeccable body shape.

On another side, Leng Liuying surrounded her waist with a black veil, the slanted hem hanging down to her right knee, leaving her entire left leg exposed below the hip. At her waist were two thin crossed twine connected to a palm-sized cloth piece that barely covered her private area. On her upper body was a black tube top similar to Leng Liuli, but Leng Liuli’s was a full circle while hers ended in two cloth strips tied to the back of her neck. This had more fabric than Leng Liuli, but was tighter and only served to outline her plump bosom even more.

Standing in the center, a blushing Leng Liushuang was the most exciting of all.

A pale pink robe covered her upper body, with only a single tie right above her white mounds. As there was nothing else below this string, so long as it loosened a little, everything would be exposed. Below, there was nothing but a piece of pale pink triangular cloth, the strings of which being exactly the same as that of the robe, giving people a strong desire to untie it. As if it was a punishment for her hesitation, Leng Liushuang didn’t have a thin veil covering her lower body like Leng Liuying.

Blinded by their snow-white skin, Bai Xiaofei suddenly felt like he didn’t have enough eyes…

“What do you think? Is this reward to your satisfaction?” asked Leng Liuying as she puffed out her chest.

The provocation made Bai Xiaofei all hot and dry. As for whether he provided an answer or not, it didn’t matter. His response was already enough!

Leng Liuying, however, seemed to be displeased. She walked to Bai Xiaofei and dragged him onto the couch, then half knelt on the tiny space left of the couch between his legs, her body pressing on his. The familiar touch began to provoke Bai Xiaofei’s senses.

At the same time, Leng Liuli cast Leng Liushuang a glance before slowly walking behind Bai Xiaofei and rubbed his shoulders.

“Comfy?” pressing on Bai Xiaofei, Leng Liuying asked. A thick heat blew on his earlobe.

“Comfy…” Gulping, Bai Xiaofei released a word with difficulty.

This was not an answer, but an instinctive response!

“If so, sit honestly.” Leng Liuying started taking off Bai Xiaofei’s jacket.

When he returned to his senses, his upper body had been stripped bare. At the same time, the shy Leng Liushuang also came up and began to caress his bare skin like Leng Liuying. Since they were wearing next to nothing, the warm, tender skinship would stir his nerves once in a while.

Gradually, the girls’ movements became bolder and bolder. Caressing slowly turned into kneading with a clear division of labor. Leng Liuli was responsible for Bai Xiaofei’s head while Leng Liuying began to touch, no, knead his legs. Leng Liushuang was left face to face with Bai Xiaofei, and the red clouds on her face made him ‘thirsty.’

And this was just the beginning.

“It’s a little stuffy here, let’s move to the bed,” said Leng Liuying suddenly after a while.

Bai Xiaofei’s head went boom. He didn’t know how he got on the bed. When he finally could react, there was nothing on him but his underwear…

Which was the last threshold that the triplets didn’t dare to cross.

“Pervy wolf, don’t you want to touch Sister Liushuang? She has been ready to let you take advantage of her today!” Leng Liuying grabbed Bai Xiaofei’s hand and pressed it on Leng Liushuang’s soft waist. Leng Liushuang instinctively dodged a little, but only a little…

“You are the one who wants to be touched the most!” Trying to hold back her embarrassment, Leng Liushuang also exposed Leng Liuying and returned the favor. For a moment, both of Bai Xiaofei’s hands found a place to enjoy, and the soft feeling made his heart all flutter.

The main show had begun!

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