Chapter 474: Unexpected Benefit!

Chapter 474: Unexpected Benefit!

Hu Xian’er rested until noon. This was her improved recovery ability after she had risen to the King Rank.

Having been ‘busy’ for a whole night, Hu Xian’er was satisfied. Even though she really wanted to occupy him all the time, she didn’t want to make it difficult for Bai Xiaofei. After all, it was she who had pulled the Leng sisters and others into this. She had to be responsible for it until the end.

At lunchtime, Leng Liuying sitting next to Bai Xiaofei kept kicking him under the table. When he looked back at her, her provocative eyes made him break into a cold sweat.

Nothing’s gonna happen, right? If it really is, should I be just happy or extremely happy…?

The gaze of Bai Xiaofei, who was in a ‘dilemma,’ drifted towards Leng Liuli and Leng Liushuang. From them, he gained equally odd responses. Leng Liuli’s response was shyness mixed with resolution, while Leng Liushuang immediately looked away, but her cute blushing face was no less impactful than Leng Liuying’s provocation.

“Senior Yun Sheng, I remember you said you had something to do today. Why are you not in a hurry now?” asked Leng Liuying abruptly when the meal was about to be over.

Yun Sheng, who was wiping his mouth, was at a loss. When did I say that?!

“What… what something?” asked Yun Sheng, ill at ease as he gulped.

“What is it, do you think?!” Leng Liuying cast him a vicious glare, her tone faintly murderous.

“Ah! I remember now! In the afternoon, I’m going to attend… the history class at the Gods Amongst Men! I have to go!” It suddenly dawned on Yun Sheng. He made up a reason that couldn’t be more fake then got up and ran out.

Staying here any longer and his life would be at stake!

“Mengqi, go shopping with me after this. I’ve decided we should buy the dress we saw last time,” Chu Liuyun said to a clueless Rui Mengqi after Yun Sheng left. This simple invite successfully aroused her interest.

“Okay!! Just right when I’ve just saved enough money!” agreed Rui Mengqi in delight without thinking too much into it.

Bai Xiaofei sighed in relief. He didn’t dare to act rashly whenever Rui Mengqi was present. This was probably what they called ‘everything has its vanquisher.’ He who was best at scheming and tricking was scared of an oblivious girl…

“Sorry, boss, I was going to report the results of my recent study to you today, but I really like that dress!” Rui Mengqi turned to look at Bai Xiaofei with her big puppy eyes.

“Go! It’s nothing, buy whatever you want, I’ll pay for it! As for that report, you can just write it or something, no need to report in person!”

Bai Xiaofei had been desperate to hear those words from Rui Mengqi. As long as she was willing to leave, he would probably agree if she wanted to buy an entire store.

“Yay! I know that boss is the best!” Rui Mengqi jumped in exhilaration. If she wasn’t sitting across the table, she would already have pounced on him. Rui Mengqi had a body that could kill countless men, but in such a body was the heart of a little girl…

Looking at Rui Mengqi’s departing figure next to Chu Liuyun, Bai Xiaofei hurriedly wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. He really didn’t have the guts to provoke her…

“I’m going to report my recent work to Vice Principal Chu. Do your own stuff.” Lei Min also realized what was going to happen. Before the Leng triplets could say anything, she already found a reason to excuse herself.

“I’m going back to the Fist of the Beast. I haven’t finished my elective course over there.” Hu Xian’er was also straightforward.

With the departure of Hu Xian’er, there were now only the Leng sisters and Bai Xiaofei at the table. Under his restless eyes, the three girls exchanged glances, and resolution appeared on their faces at the same time.

The plan started!

“You were away for so long, did you miss your senior sisters?” Sitting lightly on Bai Xiaofei’s thigh, Leng Liuying’s index finger slowly hooked his chin and her beautiful eyes glinted with tantalizing light.

At her bold action, even the other two froze. They knew the plan would be intense, but they didn’t expect to progress so fast! Not to mention Bai Xiaofei, who was feeling Leng Liuying’s soft body right now. As her faint scent drilled into his nostrils, his adrenaline soared to an extreme.

“I’m asking you. Why, I can’t touch you a little now after just one trip out?” Leng Liuying paused a little with a meaningful smile. “Or, is someone so high that he can’t think straight anymore?”

Leng Liuying’s hand moved away from Bai Xiaofei’s chin, slowly sliding from his neck down to his chest. The light as a feather touch triggered his sensitive nerves.

After just some teasing, Bai Xiaofei’s body naturally responded on its own. At that moment, however, Leng Liuying suddenly burst out laughing and jumped off from his lap.

“Humph, what a dishonest guy you are to think about such a thing. I’m punishing you to clean up this place then go shopping with us. A lot of things are waiting for you to pay for!”

Looking at Leng Liuying, who had escaped his ‘attack’ range, Bai Xiaofei instinctively felt a surge of loss. Her scent still lingered on him, and he looked a little disheartened.

He thought there was meat to eat, but he didn’t even get to drink any soup…

“By the way, Sister Liushuang said that if you accompany us today, she will give you a special treat in the evening!” Walking to Leng Liushuang, Leng Liuying grabbed her shoulders and turned her to face Bai Xiaofei.

Seeing Bai Xiaofei swallowed his saliva as he looked at her, Leng Liushuang turned red from her face to her neck and quickly lowered her head. However, she didn’t deny what Leng Liuying said!

Bai Xiaofei was first stunned, then he immediately stood up and began to clean the table.

An unexpected benefit from the triplets…

Just thinking about it filled him with energy!

Cleaning the table at his fastest speed ever, Bai Xiaofei earned a brief kiss from Leng Liuying. This initial reward seemed to wind Bai Xiaofei’s clock. He followed the triplets on a mission to sweep through the shopping district for a whole afternoon.

This afternoon was also the happiest one for the three girls. Not because of how many things they had bought, but because Bai Xiaofei was with them the entire time…

They tried on various clothes, and Bai Xiaofei would exclaim in amazement. It wasn’t flattery, as the three sisters looked charming in anything they wore. They ate all kinds of snacks and drank all kinds of juices and tea. They played everything that was playable in Starnet. This afternoon, Bai Xiaofei spent all his time in the laughter of the three girls.

Looking at their cheerful appearances, Bai Xiaofei suddenly felt that the ‘benefit’ was no longer important. Seeing their smiling faces was already his greatest happiness…

Sometimes, happiness is as simple as staying with someone you like. Only that many people have forgotten this kind of simple happiness.

So, when you get too busy and are tired, try this simple happiness. Maybe you will have unexpected gains…

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